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08-24-2007, 09:05 AM

Trying to learn 3DSM in my free time, so I thought I'd start with something easy. Here's the first half hour of my day. Since we've got a few 3DSM experts out there, and advice for someone starting?

08-24-2007, 09:40 AM
I like the lighting :) I don't know how the original looks and feels, but the lighting and the background are OK.. IMO for the job of presenting the object itslef :) Not much to judge yet, so you better add more detail ;) The shape looks alright to me, but as I have only seen pictures of the product..

I would say study the box, maybe even unscrew it to see how it's made inside and get an idea how to do your unit: make the back part, round it if needed, then do the front bezel, then the mesh looking layer.. in parallel try doing something that resembles the speaker membrane (you make a line tha twill be the cross section then use the lathe modifier, max it from the controls, and add lots of segments from the control box). You can modify it to mimic the surface exactly. Work with different lines (splines) to add different parts: membrane, surround, dust cap, metal parts..

To accurately mimic the shape of the body of the speaker study them more carefully and try different combinations of primitives, modifiers and a mesh smooth in the end. I would do a line to copy the inner shape of the panels, then make another line slightly larger and check the rendering options to visible in view port, check the desired thickness and after you are happy with convert it into a mesh and cut the inner half. Then cut the sides of the previously made side, be sure to align the two objects' surfaces perfectly and then mesh them together. If you put all the vertexes correctly, then you will have an almost, if not, seamless panel :) If you master this, you can combine this skill with other you learn down the road.

Hope I helped.

08-24-2007, 09:54 AM
Thanks for the advice :up:. +rep to you. I would do all of those things if I could, but I don't have these speakers. I was originally going to model my Z-5300es, but they have some pretty strange shapes that I couldn't figure out how to mimic. So, this was from Newegg pictures. Anyways, I think I'm done with this (it was practice anyways, and I actually learned a few things I didn't know earlier). You can tell it's still not done, but I'm done working on it now. Here's the final render.


Oh yeah, and I have another question. How do you make 2 or more things into one mesh? I couldn't figure it out, all I got was grouping them. I tried to do it using Proboolean but it still only affected the top mesh when I did the boolean for the circles. In the original pic, I was trying to cut out spherical shapes from the body, not just cylindrical shapes like is there.

08-24-2007, 10:03 AM
Well, when I said mesh them together I meant 2 things (or now I do ;)):
1. if you have 2 full objects, without any faces missing, use the booleans to compound them. Taking the box and cutting one sphere then the second sphere is what I would recommend you to do, if you don't get any errors.

2.if you have to create some weird shapes, like the one in the pics (googled it) and real life, then do what I said: create parts of the shape, cutting what you don't need (edit mesh>face element>delete them), then aligning the objects so that they almost touch. If you prepare the objects from the start for this operation, you could even match the number and position of the vertexes. Select one object now, which is an editable mesh now, and click on the add or add list. Choose the other parts and now you have one object. Then if the vertexes are aligned, choose a pair consisting of opposites, one from one object part, one from the other, and use the weld vertex to make one vertex from them. Repeat for all vertexes and it is just like stitching skin in real life ;).
That's what I meant. There is almost an infinity of possible ways to do something, but these are just 2 ways I could think of right now..