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09-11-2007, 01:36 PM
So we have a customer that will be purchasing 150 desktop systems. Cheap no-name systems for end user single purpose workstations. We do not have the workforce to configure these systems, so we have farmed out the work to a local company. We had a few last month or so come in for eval and I had to clean up the cable mess. We informed them that our customers expect a "cleaner" cable system that what they provide so I did a quick photo of before and after and sent it to them. This time we ordered 2 more eval's to see what they had learned. Nothing.

Here is a shot of the system they sent us;

...and this is the same system after I spent 10 minutes on it (including paperwork and packaging);

How hard is it to use a few zip ties and pull the wiring OFF of the memory sticks (the extra power cables were pushing on the memory)?

This is just an example of how easy and quick it can be to keep the cables out of the way.

09-11-2007, 06:20 PM
Biggest problem is the company is just looking to make the quick buck. Can't make the money if you have to spend it to fix your mistake. Nice job though!

09-11-2007, 06:56 PM
Yeah we talked with them today and their excuse was that we put in a rush order. Total BS. The order was not a rush order and even if it was it would have only taken a couple of minutes to tie the cables out of the way. It is the people that are putting them together. They probably had never touched a computer before this job. I offered to go over and train them in cable management for free. We'll see if they take us up on it.

This is where my company is trying to stand out. For most companies they would have never even opened it up, they would have just tested and shipped it. I have gotten most of the people I work with convinced that it is going to be little things like cabling that makes us look better than most, even if it costs a couple dollars more. So far all of our customers agree. They know that when they get a system from us (server, desktop or custom workstation), we are proud of it, AND it will last.

09-11-2007, 08:32 PM
Good job on the wiring AB!
+rep after I spread it around.

09-11-2007, 09:21 PM
Man... that reminds me of my computer at home xP

I need to do cable management.....

The boy 4rm oz
09-12-2007, 03:41 AM
I hate seeing useless cables around a case. I sleeve and route most of mine. You only need to see the necessary cables.

06-26-2009, 01:11 PM
Any chance of seeing those pics again? they've offskied

06-26-2009, 02:23 PM
Any chance of seeing those pics again? they've offskied

I will try and post them by monday. If you don't see them, remind me and I will get on it. I just deleted my gallery software from my website and have to re-install and upload files (then remember how to turn on hotlinking...)

12-04-2009, 12:01 PM
Man I am getting old. I totally forgot about this. I still have some photo's and will try and get the uploaded soon.

In the meantime:


12-05-2009, 05:48 PM

12-11-2009, 02:25 AM
Cable management is something that Im strangely interested in. Its almost an obbsession, yet I absolutely suck at it. Anyone got any tips?

I'm really just commenting because I want the subscription to this thread. I get off on seeing a clean cabling job.

12-11-2009, 11:34 AM
Working on it now. I keep forgetting to bring my camera to work so I can show you some of the new systems I am working on. I am going through my old photo's looking for the pics that used to be here...