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11-01-2007, 12:07 AM

This is going to be nothing new to you guys, but it is my first mod of any kind.

It is just an opening inside my case with plexiglass to see what's inside. A window, a mobo cover, an eluminator... how ever you wish to call it.

I am building a new system. All together it is going to come up to ~$3k. I already had my case delivered and was more then satisfied with it, but now that I though about it... and figured that I am going to have all this brand new, cool looking hardware - I want to see it! Yet, I don't want to see the dust, but still see the interior neon lighting. Smoked plexi was a perfect solution! It would also integrate well because the case is black.

So here we go:

Raidmax Sirius - Black

Here is my sweet side cover. I like the design + the fan, but oh well....

I started by measuring from the sides and making straight lines (by scratching with a nail) where the opening is going to be. After I did that I drilled a hole by the edge so that I can start cutting from it.

Then the cutting part came. I didn't cut by the line. I wanted to have some space left, so that I could come back and finish every side with a file. I am not too experienced with a scroll saw and aluminum, so I couldn't make one straight line (that would make my life easier though). I just don't have enough experience to do it, so I have to go the hard way.

On this picture I finished cutting the middle part out

Then I used a file to finish off all four sides and make them straight

Image is distorted and all straight lines look a little curved, in reality it's all good and the lines are STRAIGHT!. After I finished filing I used sanding paper to finish up and make the edges look nice and smooth. Then I used a regular black sharpie to paint over the cut side (in order to get read of the metallic aluminum color)

Here is how it look on the case! I like that it is very big (just as I wanted), it opens up the view ;)

I think it looks nice so far.

Acrylic that I am going to use is going to be smoked gray. it matches the color of case, monitor, table, furniture and so on... Gonna look very nice.


cut it up

sand it up

glue it down (First of all, acrylic rests on the bottom part of the side cover + I put multiple layers of glue, letting every single one dry before putting next layer. I think it'll hold good)

let it dry

Partially glued
(I bet you this little man's life is going to be reflected by computer modding in some kind of way since he lives in this kind of invironment :banana: :banana:)

and here is the sexy

To finalize I would like to say that I am soooooo satisfied with this mod. I think the color I chose looks and fits great. I wanted a biggest window possible, and I did push it to the max so that I had some problems later on (but I came up with solutions and everything is fine as you can see).

All that only made me even more satisfied with my project!

Thanks for watching!

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I decided to go with a different case for my new tower, so I guess I will sell this one on the ebay. When it will be sold I will remove this red lines. If you are reading this lines, you like this case, and you want to buy it you can contact me. I will only charge for the price of a case itself + the price of acrylic. I just want to get out money that I put into it. That's all.