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12-12-2007, 12:13 AM

Juiced 2 continues the legacy left by the origional Juiced, by who else but Juice Games. Juiced was one of the first racing sims for pc which concentrated on realistic car tunning of different car classes, registered kits and a long list of cars. When it came to racing the tracks were beautifully rendered and handled like you would expect a sim game to. Car performance was good, some cars spun too easily but I might attribute that to a lead foot as well. It also featued team racing where you could hire crew emembers and have them race along side you or race in your place. Now, with the background I present Juiced Hot Import Nights. It continues the same tunning concepts with legal tracks and team style competition that number one did. But, after playing for a while I have to say any simulation hopes were crushed. Its a total 200% arcade racer this time, it still has classes so you cant race a civic against an nsx, but the cars handle nothing like they should in the real world. Graphics are so-so, lighting conditions are prdetermined by track and the track effects seem to be a step backwards. Cars are more detailed as expected, but they dont meet the accuracy of a lot of games today. There are a few more tuning options this time around, one of the main points being the multi layer vyniling system. Which would be great, but either my 7950gt is messing with resolutions or the texture sizes are terrible. Races styles are circuit and drift, but with different twists such as timed runs and some where you cant hit the wall. Which brings me to my next dissapointment, the drift physics are awful, it feels fine starting out, but with more powerful cars you end up facing a choice of either sacrificing good slides or hitting walls and loosing points, brakes just send you into a wall faster, and while the handbrake does help you cant count on it. Sounds are also a bit wrong, some V8s sound like sixes and same goes for the i-4s. Another comment about the physics engine is that top speeds are very wrong, a new z06, which should top out around 195 instead ends about about 175. To wrap it up, Juiced 2 is a great game if you are an arcade racer, but it also has some bugs that need to be ironed out.

- Car Selection
- Tuning options
- Class System
- Betting System

- Graphics
- Menus (a bit of a pain to navigate sometimes)
- Physics
- Loss of drag racing and sprints

Overall 5/10

12-14-2007, 08:34 PM
just to update the origional post, I played for a few more days and sat down and gave this game some real thought. I still agree with my review, but just a little insight as to what makes the physics so bad. Forgetting that the cars dont perform right, the main problem is the handling. The cars are just too grippy on tracks and too loose on drift. The cars should slide the same amount on any mode, my sentra (in rl) doesnt all of a sudden change up its grip from a track to sliding around for fun. If they could make an engine that works the same in all modes i think i could drop the issues of correct speeds