View Full Version : Review: Microsoft Zune 8 GB (Red)

01-10-2008, 09:46 PM
I have recently received a Microsoft Zune 8 GB in red (TGI[Christmas]).


Packaging - (10/10)

The packaging was attractively designed, fitting everything you need into a very small box. The top comes off, then you lift open the front. Behind the Zune device are the instructions, USB cable, and headphones. Everything shipped through newegg.com, and I was very pleased.

Hardware - (9/10)

All the latest hardware in the new Zunes is outstanding. They have the best colors for a 320x240 resolution, and the new touchpad adds a nice feel to the device. Back/home and play/pause buttons make it easier to navigate and stop/start your music. Wi-Fi sync, sharing of music, etc. The new Zune also has a 24 hour battery life with the wireless on.

Con - No case.

Software - (9/10)

The software is amazing. Navigating music by album, artist, and particular song is made easy by the divided sections. Themes add a nice touch, and the ability to convert in the background makes file transfer simple. Wireless sharing makes it easy to sync songs from the other side of the room or the living room.

Con - Cannot seem to clear the sync list.

Zune Firmware - (9/10)

The firmware is easy to use, and looks good on the 1.8" 320x240 LCD display. It is easy to read, and most importantly, easy to navigate. Hold the back button to return to the home screen, use the touchpad to quickly thumb through music, pictures, etc.

The only things i could pick out about the hardware is it doesn't really unleash the full potential of the Zune device. Streaming of video wirelessly and audio from shared files would be nice, especially for the dock.

Overall - (9/10)

If you are looking for something that will last, has good features, and holds 2000 songs, the Zune is for you. It is feature-packed and ready to go.