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01-22-2008, 06:48 PM

Please forgive me for posting one of my older mods (first) here. I will post my other mods too as soon as I finished the translations.
This mod's name is Dragon's Lair.
My aim with this mod was originality. I started this project by searching the net for similair cases and allthough I did find some with some resemblance, nothing I found came close enough for me to stop.
(Almost) everything has already been a made into a casemod these days. Toasters, microwaves, beer crates, aquariums and more. This time I decided to build a castle to around my Shuttle. The PC inside the barebone on itself is already very small and efficient, so I have left that almost complete intact.
I searched long and hard on the internet and finaly I found what I was looking for. A small firm that made siliconen-molds to cast miniature bricks from plaster.


Through a member of my clan (thanx creature!) I came into the possession of 25 kilos high quality dental plaster. I started casting bricks. And more bricks, and even more bricks. No, not day in, day out, every day, or weeks ... No, just taking it easy. Every time a little amount.


For the Shuttle I made an aluminum sleeve. I copied all the holes of the original case cover, so that no important holes were left out.


Slowly I started glueing brick after brick, and while building, I dreamed up new forms and applications.


At first, I wanted to seal the front shut with bricks, but opted for a different approach; A large wooden drawbridge that would cover the entire front. I toke a wooden board, made in quarries and used an open flame to give it a timbered look. From aluminium I made two big hinges and with two stainless steel chains was the bridge/door was almost complete.


On one side there was a long narrow window, and there I used stainless steel pins to look like a long barred window.
From aluminum plate I made a shield as decoration on the bridge. From the same material I made two swords with bronze handles.


When most of the brick-laying was done, I finaly could start with painting. Latex paints with black coloring addtion color and every time i mixed a lighter shade for accents to apply.


Using train-modeling grass, I made some traces of moss or ivy along the castle.


Finally, I found a big red dragon on the Internet (ffs had to come from hong-kong).


I drilled a hole through it's beak. In it I mounted a special 3000 mcd 8 degrees red laserLED. The LED is now linked to the HD-activity and in the dark, the whole beak lightes up like a flamethrower !


Finished it all off with a back of the case wall, where all the connectors now neatly go through without hindering the airflow.

Some random pictures


On http://clan-rag.gameparty.net/bitchie/case/9/index.htm you can find a complete photographic series from start to finish. Njoy !

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