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11-15-2007, 06:06 PM

TBCS Modder’s Challenge #4

As Master Chief you've crushed the Covenant Forces on Earth and in far away lands sending shudders down their squishy spines....the calluses on your thumbs reveal your valor. In online multiplayer combat, your mastery of the S2 AM Sniper Rifle and a few skillfully thrown plasma grenades have ended friendships with the footprint of scorched soil. You've pumped round after round with precision and unmistakable purpose into your enemies, as they fell one after the other. But as a seasoned warrior, you know all to well that there is always another battle over the horizon, and this horizon shall prove no more merciful. Unfortunately for you, the nemesis awaiting your battle-cry today is no mere grunt armed with a needle-gun, but a group of minds, the minds of some of the finest modders alive and they are armed with ideas. Your skill, your strategy, your goal, and your defiance to kneel before your rivals are what make you the Master Chief and the Master of your will. The question you are now facing Master Chief, is do you have what it takes to be THE Master......chief? And this is our question to you. Do you have what it takes to define your limits and reveal your competitive nature in an all out Halo-themed case mod design war? Time to stand your ground, confront your foes, leave them writhing in humiliation, trembling at the superiority of your Halo mod. The gloves are off, civility is but a distant memory, you stand wielding only your ingenuity with one clear goal, you must design (but not necessarily build) the greatest case mod these old forums have ever seen. So it is in this dawn of a new day for TBCS, that we challenge you to compete in the TBCS Modder's Challenge #4 Project: Halo3 PC. Aside from the beaming sense of satisfaction you'll feel while looking down from the hilltop at your decimated foes, there are also material rewards for your honour in service.

The Prizes

• $250 cash from Paul "Crimson Sky" Capello


• Danger Den 4101 Complete Water-Cooling Kit


• Halo3 for the Xbox 360


• Microsoft Coffee Mug (Large) Trend Coffee Mug (Small), Webroot Spysweeper, Provided by


• PNY nVidia Quadro NVS285 128mb pcie x16 card


• Intel Water bottle, Beuatiful Intel thermal coffee cup, Giftcor Collection bottle opener, Intel blue net bag, Velocity Micro hat, Intel t-shirt, Velocity Micro ice scraper, and an AMD mouse pad. Provided by Velocity Micro.

The Rules
1. Entries will be accepted by registered TBCS members only.
2. Entries must be submitted by December 27, 2007 at 11:59 GMT
3. Entries may be produced using any medium desired (B&W/color sketch, description, 2D/3D graphic illustration, animation, photographed model, mashed potato sculpture, etc…)
4. Project may be a team effort, but prizes will be awarded only to submitting member.
5. Members may not submit incomplete projects to staff for input during contest.
6. Members may post designs in the forums if so desired.
7. There are no limitations to cost of building materials or resources.
8. Judging will be done by a chosen panel of TBCS staff.
9. Challenge is open to TBCS members worldwide.
10. Design must be a feasible, functioning PC.
11. All components and materials must be commercially available.
12. Design components may include elements from any or all versions from the Halo video game series.
13. Multiple entries are allowed.

Scoring System
-Overall aesthetic appeal [20]
-Congruency with Halo theme [20]
-Unique hardware arrangement [10]
-creative implementation of water cooling kit [20]
-Quality of presentation [20]
-Incorporation of TBCS tribute [10]

For a grand total of 100 points

Submit your entries to jdbnsn@thebestcasescenario.com

So now you must ask yourself, do you have what it takes?

And now for a big thanks for all of our generous sponsors!

http://www.thebestcasescenario.com/jdbnsn/modderschallenge4/dangerden.png (http://www.dangerden.com/store/)

http://www.thebestcasescenario.com/jdbnsn/modderschallenge4/acrodex.png (http://www.acrodex.com/)

http://www.thebestcasescenario.com/jdbnsn/modderschallenge4/MCE_Logo.png (http://www.mce.com/)

http://www.thebestcasescenario.com/jdbnsn/modderschallenge4/VM.png (http://www.velocitymicro.com/)

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01-23-2008, 09:00 PM

On November 15th of 2007, you were all invited to demonstrate your abilities in The Best Case Scenario’s Modder’s Challenge Project Halo3. Our goal with this challenge was to grind your skills and stretch your mind to out-wit you’re adversaries-in-art by redefining convention. Although this challenge would prove to be difficult and crumble the fiercest of competitors, it would have its rewards. Rewards of riches, hardware, and software the likes of which would have most modder’s hungry for more. Many had toiled and fought a great fight to earn the honor of claiming the prize at the end of this challenge. Many would try, most would fall, some would cry, but only one would stand tall. The mountain of victory has room for one, and one alone.
On Jan 12, the gates were closed and we began the search for this victor. After climbing over the remains of the fallen, nearing the summit of the battlefield and gazing into the glare of the sun, we stood face to face with our hero! Ladies and gentlemen, please join us in congratulating the victorious warrior….


The mod is based on the letter O - O, and the symbol for the whole game.
After a long time of brainstorming and looking into different parts of the game I got many ideas. In which was a case totally based on the helmet of the master chief, a gun and different sets of the game, I stumbled above a picture because I was interested in the scene. It was then I saw the logic, why make a mod that looks like a single aspect of the game, a single weapon or vehicle, when you could make a mod that frames a computer “inside” the HALO!
The frame of the mod is 14 aluminum & 13 acrylic pieces formed like the O and is optimized for passive airflow so the air in the case never runs hot which helps to keep temps the last bit down In front there is a custom milled water-cooling block made to cool two drives since most people today runs two drives in raid 0 for optimal performance. The water block features the HALO text and two straight lines since the text mostly is eye candy, but also have an overall effect. In the front at the whole is a small mesh inserted.
The mod requires a powerful pump, but a laying will do the job with its lift height at 5.8 meters, and the position of the reservoir makes filling the system easy, though there will be a lot of air in the hdd cooler at start, but this will be drawn away with time.
Position of psu, and pump makes a very clean look on the inside, and wires can be lead via the base frame sides

An incredible mod, expertly presented.
P0pe covered all the bases here. Completely custom from the ground up, no expense was spared on this design. Custom milled dual hard drive coler, stainless steel water res, and acrylic and aluminum pieces in the shape of the Halo are the icing on the cake.

As victor of this Challenge, he has won many prizes that include:
• $250 USD from the Master-Modder himself, Paul Capello!
• A Danger Den 101 Water Cooling Kit
• A Copy of Master Chief’s latest quest, Halo 3
• A Microsoft Coffee Mug (Large) Trend Coffee Mug (Small), Webroot Spysweeper:
Provided by Acrodex
• A PNY nVidia Quadro NVS285 128mb pcie x16 card
• And Provided by Velocity Micro, a Intel Water bottle, Beautiful Intel thermal coffee cup, Giftcor Collection bottle opener, Intel blue net bag, Velocity Micro hat, Intel t-shirt, Velocity Micro ice scraper, and an AMD mouse pad.

On behalf of The Best Case Scenario, Paul Capello, Danger Den, Acrodex, MCE, and Velocity Micro, we would like to thank ALL of you that participated and congratulation to the victor!

Although this Modder’s Challenge is over and the victor named, who is to say that you may not be next? Keep those pencils sharpened and watch out for the Modder’s Challenge #5

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High res version of the video: Warning, large file.
http://www.thebestcasescenario.com/jdbnsn/modderschallenge4/pope.png (http://www.thebestcasescenario.com/jdbnsn/modderschallenge4/entries/pope/modders%20challenge2.mpg)