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05-30-2008, 02:51 AM
ThermalTake Toughpower 1200Watt Power Supply

I will be reviewing the Thermaltake Toughpower 1200Watt PSU. Click the images to view in full size (3072x2304px.)

http://projectascension.com/reviews/thermaltake1200/pics/001b.jpg (http://projectascension.com/reviews/thermaltake1200/pics/001.jpg)

On with the review.

Normally I wouldn't review a power supply but this is a really nice unit. Let's take a look at this 1200Watt monster.

This power supply is very large compared to most. With a dark grey paint job it is very nice looking.

http://projectascension.com/reviews/thermaltake1200/pics/002b.jpg (http://projectascension.com/reviews/thermaltake1200/pics/002.jpg)

Wattage, Amps and useful information picture:

http://projectascension.com/reviews/thermaltake1200/pics/003b.jpg (http://projectascension.com/reviews/thermaltake1200/pics/003.jpg)

This unit is modular which is good since it as a lot of wires. Thermaltake also took the time to even label the connectors on the unit.

http://projectascension.com/reviews/thermaltake1200/pics/004b.jpg (http://projectascension.com/reviews/thermaltake1200/pics/004.jpg)

On the back of the power supply is the plug in and a rather large lighted on/off switch.

http://projectascension.com/reviews/thermaltake1200/pics/005b.jpg (http://projectascension.com/reviews/thermaltake1200/pics/005.jpg)

The fan is extremely large 14cm. The fan grill is part of the casing which means you can not swap it out like you can with many other power supplies.

http://projectascension.com/reviews/thermaltake1200/pics/006b.jpg (http://projectascension.com/reviews/thermaltake1200/pics/006.jpg)

On to accessories. There is a rubber anti-vibration pad included with the power supply.

http://projectascension.com/reviews/thermaltake1200/pics/007b.jpg (http://projectascension.com/reviews/thermaltake1200/pics/007.jpg)

All of the modular cables are store neatly in a pouch until needed.

http://projectascension.com/reviews/thermaltake1200/pics/008b.jpg (http://projectascension.com/reviews/thermaltake1200/pics/008.jpg)

http://projectascension.com/reviews/thermaltake1200/pics/009b.jpg (http://projectascension.com/reviews/thermaltake1200/pics/009.jpg)

There are several connectors included:
1x 20+4pin
1x 4+4pin
1x 8pin
8x 4pin
2x Floppy
3x 8pin PCI-E
3x 6pin PCI-E

http://projectascension.com/reviews/thermaltake1200/pics/010b.jpg (http://projectascension.com/reviews/thermaltake1200/pics/010.jpg)

With the dual 8pin PCU connectors this unit will work with Skulltrail and high end dual CPU main boards. However, for most the dual CPU connectors is completely useless, as are the 8pin PCI-E connectors unless you have one of the newest graphic cards.

I find it rather hard to rate power supplies. As long as it is powerful enough, has lots of connectors, and doesn't burn out then it is a good unit in my eyes. That being said, this has to be the best power supply I have bought.

Style and Appearance:
Pretty much this comes down to if I like the color or not since all PSUs look the same, a big box. I happen to like the dark grey. 10/10

Cale Management:
The labeled, sleeved and module cables makes cable management a breeze, providing your case is big enough to house the PSU. 9/10

Not many power supplies have accessories. The anti-vibration thing is a nice touch, and a ton of modular cables puts this unit at the top of the list for accessories. 9/10

1200watts of power should be enough for 99.9% of computer users for a long, long time. I checked all the output voltages and they were very steady. 9/10

I'm all for buying cheap stuff but not when it comes to power supplies. Buying a cheap one can cause so many problems, even more so when you are running multi processor and multi graphic cards. That being said this unit costs over $350. Although, those who need 1200watts most likely won't worry about the price too much (Since a system that requires 1200watts of power is going to be worth a ton ;)) 8/10

Overall: 9/10

This power supply is about as good as they get. Tons of power, lots of cables, it is modular, and very stable voltages. The only real drawback is the price. Other than that I have nothing bad to say about this power supply. It is a must buy for those who have insane systems that require massive amounts of power.

06-04-2008, 10:36 PM