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Cookies N' Milk
05-30-2008, 03:37 AM
No More Heroes for Nintendo Wii

This is a review on the game No More Heroes on the Nintendo Wii. No More Heroes is rated “M” for mature, 17+. This game is most likely the bloodiest game on the Wii and is not family friendly.

Note: There will be no pictures in this review because of the "M" rating. I figure it is best to leave them out. There will be a link at the bottom if the review to the game's website where you can find pictures and videos. Let’s begin!


First Impressions:
When you start the game you get an introduction cut scene just like every other game. The graphics look extremely cool. They are cell-shaded, which I love, and there is a heavy use of shadows on the characters. The introduction gives you a little bit of a background about the main character, and what he is planning to do. I had only been watching the cut scenes up until this point but I was grinning cause I could just tell by the opening that I was going to have a blast playing No More Heroes.

There is a somewhat long tutorial at the beginning of the game which is really helpful for the most part, and it is even fun to do the tutorial because you get to finally use that beam Katana that is on the front cover. As far as first impressions go, I was loving it.

You play as Travis Touchdown, a rather creative name I must say, who is attempting to become the top assassin. Travis is recruited by the “Association” and must work his way up a ranking ladder of sorts to reach the top. There are several twist and turns towards the end of the game that introduce new bosses which are extremely hard to beat.

The graphics are the best cell-shaded graphics to date. The cell-shading really adds to the whole anime style of the game. While fighting the screen will light up with effects all over the place. The camera will switch positions during power ups to add a cinematic feeling. Although a lot of people expect fancy 3D, HD graphics, I think the game would be ruined if they were to make the graphics realistic. The cell-shading gives the game character, and some how I feel it is more fun for it to be “cartoony“.

The blood effects are extremely fun. Nothing like lobbing someone’s head off and then have an insane amount of blood spurt 20 feet into the air. Combo attacks cause massive amounts of particles and special effects seem to flash and glow around wildly all over the screen. It feels like you are playing an anime comic book.

To hear swords bouncing off each other or your beam Katana bouncing off someone’s head really adds to the game. I will never get over the character yelling out taunts and insults will slicing several people in half with a single blow. Most of the dialogue is rather cheeky and at times just plain crude.

Combat System:
The combat system in No More Heroes is very well done. You use the “A” button to attack using your beam Katana and the “B” button to punch or kick depending on your stance. Once a target’s HP is low or they are stunned you can perform a “death blow” by swinging the wii-mote in the direction of the arrow on the screen or you can grab the target and perform some insane wrestling moves. Depending on your stance and beam Katana, you can kill more than one enemy at a time with the “death blow” causing several body parts to fly around.

When your beam Katana and an enemies weapon hit each other one of two things will happen. Either they will bounce off each other or they will lock up. If the weapons lock you will have to spin your wii-mote in a circle in order to break free and then perform a “deathblow.” This can become harder to do later on in the game when the enemies are much stronger.

On top of that your beam Katana can run out of energy. You must either find a battery or press the “1” button and shake your wii-mote to recharge it.

There are a few power-ups you can gain from killing enemies but the chance of getting one are slim to none. It is completely random and if you do get one you can not choose when to use it. It kind of makes them useless.

Enemies and Boss Fights:
For the most part the enemies are easy to deal with until the last mission where they end up knocking you flat on your back. Boss fights on the other hand are challenging, all of them. The first boss will give you a run for your money. Each one has a different fighting style, but one thing is for sure, do not attack them while the power up, you get hurt every time.

The last boss of the main story is very annoying. Every time you attack the boss will dodge you. At one point I attempted a wrestling move on the boss. It didn’t turn out too well and I ended up swearing at my game because the battle was dragging on longer than I had wanted. Even with some of the bosses being overly hard to beat they are all a lot of fun.

One thing that this game has is character customizing. There is a store called “Area 51” where you can buy new clothes. The selection at first is not very much but by the time you reach the end of the game there is at least 150+ items you can buy.

Using the gym might not count as customizing to many but to me it is. The gym allows you to work out and increase your combo attack, strength, and health. Each one costs money but they make fighting much much easier.

As far as weapons go, there are four main beam Katanas in the game. You start out with the most basic and after completing enough missions you will be able to buy more powerful models as well as attachments for them. The final beam Katana is a near perfect copy of what you would see in Star Wars, and it is easy to see that weapons, characters, and even part of the plot are very similar to the Star Wars series.

Side Missions/Jobs:
I think it is safe to say that No More Heroes has the most badass side missions/jobs/mini games ever. You can go to the “Job Center” and choose from 8 jobs. You can mow the lawn, catch kittens, do a stunt jump, and even collect coconuts. I don’t how but every one of these “jobs” is fun to do.

The side missions can be challenging, but not nearly as hard as the real missions. Side missions are as basic as they get. All you do is kill.

As for mini games, there is only one but it is a lot of fun. On your way to one of the boss fights you play an awesome 8bit style game that looks like it is on the NES. You have to complete it or else you can’t fight the boss. Completing it is extremely easy, you have three lives and unlimited continues.

Continued in next post.

Cookies N' Milk
05-30-2008, 03:37 AM

Story: The story might seem a bit cheesy at times but it is entertaining to follow. The cheeky dialogue will have you laughing regularly. You will find there are several twists that make the game far more interesting towards the end and there is even two endings to the game. The first ending is a simple cut scene but the second ending gives you one last fight that will have you throwing your wii-mote at your TV in anger. It is really worth playing the second ending. 10/10

Graphics: I wish more games would go the route of cell-shading, as it looks great. 10/10

Sounds: The sounds in the game are really nice and the background music has to be one of my favorite background music of any game. 9/10

Combat System: I don’t think they could have made the combat system any better. Some people might have wanted to swing the wii-mote around to attack with your sword but the game is already tiring enough as it is pressing “A” to attack and then swing the wii-mote every couple seconds.

Enemies and Bosses: Until the last few levels enemies are easy as long as you have a decent beam katana. The last mission’s enemies are almost mini bosses because they do so much damage and have a decent amount of health.

As for the bosses, the characters are interesting. Bosses range from a school girl, to an old granny (I ain’t joking.) On the hardest difficulty all of them will have you bashing your wii-mote against your screen. 10/10

Customization: Tons of clothes, working out at the gym, and four different beam Katanas with attachments adds a lot of possibilities for customizing your character. The only thing I am really missing is a build your own beam Katana. 9/10

Side Missions/Jobs: I love all the “Jobs” in this game. Who would have though that mowing the lawn could be fun? The side missions are almost all the same and do start to get boring but they still are a lot of fun. Nothing like see masses of enemies get cut in two. 9/10

Replay Value: No More Heroes is one of the few games I will play over and over again. The final few boss fights will have me coming back to this game for some time. On the “sweet” (easy) difficulty it took me about 10:30hours to beat the game (That includes watching all the cut scenes). If you want to collect all the hidden items, clothes and power-ups the game could take as long as 15hours to beat. 10/10

Overall: One of the funniest games I have played in a long time. The game is by far the most violent on the Wii and has to be in the top 5 for most violent game. There are few game where you can cut some one in two, watch half of their body fly across the room spewing an insane amount of blood all over the place and then turn around and do it to another 100 enemies in under two minutes. The only way this game could become more violent is if they let you kill kittens and babies.

The humor is this game is perverted half the time and sick the other half. Almost every bit of dialogue in the game is either an insult or Travis being a pervert and at times, both! One of the funniest things I have ever seen is the save points. When you reach a save point Travis sits down on a toilet and does his thing while you save the game. First time I saw it I started laughing. Very crude but funny none the less.

The only problem this game has is no multiplayer. If it had that I would wave all the ratings and give it an instant 10. At least the replay value is high to make up for the lack of multiplayer.

Overall Rating: 8.4/10

The best “hack n’ slash blood bath” game I have ever played
Lobbing heads off will never get boring.
Bosses are challenging even on the easy setting.
Great replay value. I will be playing No More Heroes months from now.
Plenty of moments that will make you laugh.
Great story.

No Multiplayer!
Not at all suitable for children, even to watch.
Not enough gore… kidding.

No More Heroes has just become my favorite game of all time.

More Information, Screen Shots and Videos: http://nomoreheroesgame.us.ubi.com

05-30-2008, 05:50 AM
Zero Punctuation Review (http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/zero-punctuation/33-No-More-Heroes)! Yay!

+rep on the review Cookies! Its definitely a great game and definitely quite a different experience!

06-15-2008, 03:23 PM
Very nice review, I just might go pick this one up. +rep

11-03-2009, 01:19 AM
Ah.. we haven't had one of these in a while. I missed seeing in action the adjectives "swift" and "fierce" as relates to banning. Anyway, it's good to know that someone else out there actually liked Killer 7. It sounds like No More Heroes doesn't pull off the whole mind-f*** thing as well as K7 but I think I'm going to pick it up anyway...as soon as I can find a freakin' Wii