View Full Version : Razer Lachesis and Destructor Mousepad Review

06-01-2008, 07:11 PM

This is the TBCS review of the Razer Lachesis Mouse and Destructor Mousepad.

First let us get the formalities out of the way and post some hard specs about the mouse. Of course with a little explanation of them in my own words.

* 4000 DPI Razer Precision 3G Laser™ sensor (This means that it's sensitive. Super sensitive. So be careful what you say around it, you might hurt its feelings.)

* 32KB Razer Synapse™ onboard memory (Why should your computer hold your mouse profiles? Razer answers that question by saying "It shouldn't")

* Nine independently programmable Hyper-response™ buttons (You can make your mouse wheel act as your left-click. Pretty cool stuff)

* 1000Hz Ultrapolling / 1ms response time (Picks up your movements faster than conventional mice)

* On-The-Fly Sensitivity™ adjustment (Some games don't allow for mouse sensitivity adjustment. Never fear! Razer is here!)

* Variable true dpi setting adjustments in increments of 125dpi (Pretty much tells you that the sensitivity adjusts in increments of 125dpi)

* Always-On™ mode (*Cough* It's always on?)

* Ultra-large non-slip buttons (Pretty self explanatory)

* 16-bit ultra-wide data path (I've looked everywhere for what this EXACTLY means...still can find it...but...OMG 16 BITs!)

* 60-100 inches per second (This isn't talking about on screen. On the right surface, the mouse will SLIDE that far.)

* Ambidextrous design (Because left handed people are humans as well.)

* Scroll wheel with 24 individual click positions (It's a HYPER ADVANCED scroll wheel....its....a...scroll wheel. If you worried so much about how many positions it has, something is seriously wrong)

* Zero-acoustic Ultraslick™ Teflon feet (The reason behind the slick as snot inches per second)

* Gold-plated USB connector (Wasn't there a song about silver and gold? Anyways, it conducts electricity better. Yes, your computer doesn't run of magic, I'm sorry to break it to you)

* Seven-foot, lightweight, non-tangle cord (Little bit of overkill on length but the non-tangle features are veddy veddy nice.)

* Approximate size: 129mm (length) x 71mm (width) x 40mm (height) (Not so good for larger hands, but if you wanna tape measure your hand, be my guest)

I've had this mouse for quite some time now. I do have to say, it has spoiled me. The Teflon feet and the 4000dpi features are really what get me going. I can't use conventional mice now because the scraping it makes across surfaces gives me shivers.

As for being hardware, the only major concern I have about this mouse is its ergonomics. For this, I personally have to ask...what the heck? For hands bigger then a 15 year old, it's a bit awkward to feel. I don't have the largest of hands but after my brother, who has pretty good sized hands, grabbed hold of it, he disliked it enough to not even bother with it.

other than that, everything else is pretty dang cool. The lighting on Razer mice always give it a "Edged" look and the buttons are in very good places for the fingers to reach without any real problems.

Razer products are pretty advanced when it comes to what they sell. All of their mice come with a nice bit of software that allows you to customize everything, whether it be your x and y sensitivities or changing your button configuration and storing it in your 5 available profile slots. The mouse is borderline a joystick more than a mouse. I really like that about it.

Since I have been using this mouse and adding miles to it playing games, doing graphical work, and some animation, the best feature is the on the fly sensitivity changing. ESPECIALLY doing graphical work. It speeds up the process so much and you don't have to worry about the mouse always being to sensitive to do detailed work. Playing games was a joy. Smooth movements always beg for the best of frags :).

The Razer Lachesis Mouse retails for about 80 dollars.

3g Sensor technology
Teflon feet
Non-tangle cord (We all hate tangles...)
The Software

Ergonomics. Not really suited for big hands.

Overall, I would recommend this to someone who's looking to put some edge in their game and add some precision to their step for any design work.

Now on to the Razer Destructor Mousepad!

I have to clear my concision (Not sure if this is the right word) when I say, that the casing for this is absolutely preposterous. You get a mousepad...in a mousepad case! That's all it holds....is the mousepad! Not your keyboard and mousepad, or...your MOUSE and mousepad....JUST the mousepad. Seriously! WTH?!.

Ok, now that I've gotten that outta the way. It boasts a 30+% increase in performance over standard mousepads as a whole. It has a rubber bottom coating so it doesn't slide all over the desk and the top is coated in Teflon-like substance for extra slickness. Teflon feet on a mouse make this a non-friction paradise.

You can't say really much about a mousepad. Its functions only go so far, but this mousepad definitely does them flawlessly.

The mousepad retails for 40 dollars. Which...if the case held ANYTHING else other than a mousepad...I would justify in my head but it doesn't.

Teflon coating
Better reflection then standard mousepads. Better response times and smoother movements.
Rubber bottom.


Overall, if you can justify the need for this mousepad and you have the extra bucks, go grab it. As for your budget gamer, pick something up at your salvation army.