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07-07-2008, 12:09 PM

Alright, this mod took off one day after browsing some cool rigs over at modshop.net. I've done my own modding on my Armor case so far, added LCS and other goodies, but thats for another thread. Me and the Fiance (soon to be wife - Aug 30th) were sittin at the comp. one night and were thinkin what we could put a computer in. She was playin her guitar at the time, and we both looked at each other and it clicked! A GUITAR!
So we started brainstorming and I dug out an old mobo with a PIII 500MHz ready to go. Just need the basics, a cheap PSU, CD drive, floppy, etc. This computer is going to be far from a top notch gaming rig. She's a writer, so this comp will be hers for writing, etc. so it doesnt need to be high-powered.

So heres the details so far. All that is done as of right now is a crappy MS paint drawing lol.

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_untitled.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/untitled.JPG)

As you can see, the base I'm going to hand lay from carbon fiber. I've got a roll of cloth and resin and have some basic fiberglassing skills so I'm going to give it a shot. This is where the mobo and everything will mount to. I'm also going to make the decorative pick guard out of carbon, and maybe a few other details/drive mounts etc. as well.

The body of the guitar is going to be translucent green acrylic with some LED lighting, not sure on the details on that yet. The PSU will mount under the sound hole, so the PSU exhaust will blow up through the hole.

The mobo will sit at the bottom of the guitar, with all the I/O connections coming out of the bottom, so when its finished and sitting on a guitar stand we'll be able to run the cables under and behind it.

The bridge, neck and head will all be made out of red translucent acrylic. We're going to put the frets in as well, just not sure what we'll use for material on them, either actualy guitar string or possibly something else.

We plan on using small diameter acrylic rod for the strings themselves, which will have LEDs in the bottoms for power, HDD, CD avtivity, etc. So when the LEDS light up the entire "string" will light up.

I've never worked with acrylic before, but I have read through the "working with acrylic" thread on this site and I learned a lot, so I'm jsut going to order some up, and plenty of extra, and have at it! The carbon will be simple, I've got fiberglass and carbon experience already, so its just a matter of finding a perfectly smooth flat surface to lay the cloth and resin down on.

This build will take some time, as we just moved into a new apartment and funds are really tight, but I wanted to at least start the thread with the idea layed out, and update it as funds allow.

Thanks to everyone here for their creations and gettin gme motivated to try this!


07-07-2008, 12:31 PM
Looks like an excellent concept for a case design.
I look forward to seeing the progress of your project.

07-07-2008, 01:13 PM
Thanks, this will be a learning experience for both me and Rach. Just gotta save some loot and get some parts ordered up!

07-07-2008, 06:02 PM
Wow! Looks like it'll be friggin' awesome, man. Can't wait to watch this come together... especially with some still-useful older hardware.

Also good to have another New Englander around. We're a bit of a rare breed around here (as far as I know).

07-07-2008, 06:28 PM
thanks! We're tossing the idea around of possibly having the cd drive/hard drive in a separate enclosure that would look like a small amp/speaker setup. Know anyone that lengthens IDE cables? The power cables I can do myself, but the IDEs are a little trickier. If not then I'll have to make up some carbon fiber drive mounts 8)

Where in the area are you?


07-07-2008, 07:34 PM
IDe cables max length is 45cm without a booster, but this is not recommended as the longer you get the greater the chance of signal degradation, i have used cables rated for 80cm before, yes they worked but i did see a loss in peformance, your best bet would be scsi or sata as i do belive that scsi technally dosent have a max length and sata is stupidly long i think.

Edit for googlefu:
Correction, google has thrown up some strange results, some say 40" some say 36", so about that range for sata,

and scsi is as i thought, techneally unlimited, but in the real world about 80" is your limit with Scsi Ultra's

07-07-2008, 08:09 PM
awesome, that scraps that idea then lol. thanks for the info! +rep

07-09-2008, 05:13 PM
SATA might actually be doable, if you get a PCI card for it, or eventually upgrade to a board which has external SATA ports. A three-foot range wouldn't be bad, but you could royally screw things up if you unplugged the "amp" with the computer running.

I'm in southern New Hampshire (Cheshire County), about 15-20 minutes from the Mass. border.

07-09-2008, 05:48 PM
thats not a bad idea either. I'm thinking maybe just make a carbon HDD mount and mount it inside the guitar, and maybe get a speaker system with a sub and dismantle it and build the sub into an "amp" box

07-17-2008, 07:07 PM

I got a steal on a new mobo/cpu/vga bundle, so I've upgraded from my SOYO/P3 500MHz/noname vga/SODIMM memory:

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20002~2.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20002~2.jpg)

to this ECS mobo w/athlon 2600+, PNY GeForce vga and 1512MB DDR mem

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_2008_7_14.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/2008_7_14.jpg)

I got the combo for $45 shipped, so I'd say I got a good deal. I know it works, It used to be the MOBO in the server that hosts www.tlzone.net. They upgraded to something faster, and I scored this

In other news, I should hopefully be able to start getting some carbon fiber layed this weekend. If its nice out I'll be out on the jet ski, so we'll see

Stay Tuned

07-18-2008, 11:49 PM
Yeah, even if it is an ECS 'board, $45 shipped is a hell of a deal for an nForce2 mobo, CPU (that one a Barton or Thoroughbred core?), RAM, and video card (what model of GeForce?). I'd've jumped on it too. That board supports 200 MHz FSB - no multiplier or voltage adjustments though so I doubt you'll get near there. If it's a Barton core (512k L2) you've got a good shot at a bit over 2 GHz, though, no problem - say, 11.5x175 or so. Don't go too far, though, as the idiots soldered the damn BIOS chip down! Shades of their past (http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/92), perhaps?

Don't mind me - I'm a Socket A geek. :D

07-19-2008, 12:14 AM
I dont know the exact details on the whole setup as of right now, but it should be here tues or wed and hopefully I can find out more then. I wont need to overclock, like I said, it's not going to be a high-end gaming rig, more of a office-use type rig, but I'm sure I'll have to tweak it somehow :devious:

07-19-2008, 12:26 PM
got the parts in today, quicker than I thought!

The VGA is a PNY GeForce FX5200 DDR 128MB, CPU is Athlon XP, not sure which model, although on the CPU itself it says "AXDA2500DKV4D" Not sure which one that is. Memory consists of 1x512MB Bravo DDR-333 and 1x1024MB pqi DDR-333. All in all not a bad steal for $45 :)

Drum Thumper
07-19-2008, 12:41 PM
It's a Barton (http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/K7/AMD-Athlon%20XP%202500+%20-%20AXDA2500DKV4D.html). Nice steal there!

07-19-2008, 01:32 PM
Hell, even a Barton 2500+... Too bad that RAM isn't PC3200 (DDR400) else there's a good shot at it running at 3200+ speeds. Stock here is 1.83; if you do OC it, it'll probably be more memory-dependent (my Bravo "DDR-400" turned out to be more like "DDR-366").

The 5200's good for officework and older games, and is more than likely dual output, eh? Good show. I reckon it'll be a good little system.

If you have any further questions about it, the folks over at ClassicPlatforms (http://www.classicplatforms.com) (formerly SocketAPlus) will be able to help you out. :)

07-19-2008, 02:09 PM
awesome, thanks a ton for all the info! +rep

The 5200 is dual output, VGA and S-Video. Now just gotta finish building this crate to ship my old street bike engine and I can get to work on some carbon :)

07-28-2008, 01:17 PM

Got some cash for some goodies I sold, so this project is back on track! Placed my order Saturday with delvies plastics, got all the acrylic I need and then some (for screwing-up lol). I've been reading up on the web about working with acrylic, so I'm going to have a go at it.

I've got most of the components for the PC itself, just need a PSU, a few cables, and keyboard/mouse, monitor. I found a 3.5" floppy drive with built-in media card reader in it. I decided to keep a 3.5" due to her using it as a writng machine mostly. I have my old 40GB WD HDD out of my old rig that will work perfectly in this one.

I'm planning on starting on the carbon fiber work for the backplate tonight, I'll post more pics then


07-28-2008, 08:29 PM
Ok, got the first stage of the carbon backplate done today. I made the fiance help (its gong to be her rig after all) and we busted it out pretty quickly. I didnt have enough carbon to do 3 layers for strength, but I had enough for 2 and enough fiberglass for the middle layer, so it worked out well. It was all perfectly sized to give an extra 2-3" on each side from the drawnig I made up, which took demensions from her Guild acoustic guitar (the inspiration for this mod).

It doesnt looks great yet, but once it hardens we'll give it a thorough wet sanding on both sides, followed by another coat of resin then more wet sanding until the finish is perfect. So thats anough jibber jabber for now, on to the pics!!!

The goodies - Bondo resin, latex gloves, 99 cent walmart paintbrushes, a rag and cleaner to clean the plexi prior to applying the resin

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20003~2.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20003~2.jpg)

Dry run with the fiberglass on top of the first layer of carbon

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20004~3.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20004~3.jpg)

carbon and fiberglass next to each other

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20005~2.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20005~2.jpg)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20006~3.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20006~3.jpg)

and skip ahead a few steps (had to work fast, resin only stays liquid so long lol) all layers together, smoothed as best I could before it got too stiff to work with

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20007~2.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20007~2.jpg)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20008~2.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20008~2.jpg)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20009~2.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20009~2.jpg)

and a few close-ups

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20010~1.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20010~1.jpg)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20012.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20012.jpg)

Like I said, finish looks like sh*t right now, but once its wet sanded and resined and wet sanded again it'll look much better :)

07-28-2008, 09:11 PM
ok another quick update...now that its dried enough to remove from the plexi, I found that 3 layers is not enough, its still flimsy. I'm going to pick up some more fiberglass and carbon and do at least 1 more layer of each, then we'll try again :)

07-29-2008, 03:14 AM
kool i didnt know it was the simple nice work

07-29-2008, 06:19 AM
dude this will be one good loking case, keep up the good work.
Which pattern of the carbon fiber did you use?

07-29-2008, 07:24 AM
kool i didnt know it was the simple nice work

yea carbon and fiberglass work is pretty simple, just lay it out ahead of time, cut your pices to size (if doing detail work), mix the resin properly, and use the little $0.97 walmart paintbrushes, and WORK SLOWLY, but not so slow that the resin starts to harden before you're done lol. :up:

dude this will be one good loking case, keep up the good work.
Which pattern of the carbon fiber did you use?

its standard 2x2 twill weave that I got off ebay :D

07-30-2008, 03:10 PM
picked up some more carbon and fiberglass, going to do up 2 more layers of glass and 1 more carbon, hopefully get that done tonight, that should be stiff enough :)

07-30-2008, 09:07 PM
ok did some more work tonight, added 2 more layers of glass and 1 more carbon, this should be plenty stiff enough

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20015~0.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20015~0.jpg)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20016~1.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20016~1.jpg)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20017~2.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20017~2.jpg)

Ok kiddies...this is todays resin mixing lesson! Always use less hardener than you think you need...otherwise you get 4 mns and you get this :mad: :

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20018~2.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20018~2.jpg)

and since I already had it poured on but not spread, I had to do the best I could with what I had...still could have come out much worse :think:

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20019~2.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20019~2.jpg)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20020~2.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20020~2.jpg)

Looks like a $75 sheet of peanut brittle. :D Luckily this is saveable. I'm going to let it cure for a few days, then break out a 2x4 and the 120 grit and go to town. :down: I'm going to sand right through the carbon everywhere theres a bump, so needless to say I'm going to need another sheet. :mad: This last 24"x50" sheet cost me $33 with shipping.
So I'll sand her down this weekend, and once I get another slab of carbon I'll do a final layer to pretty it up and noone will ever know...except me...and all you guys :up:
I pulled it off, its hardened anough already, and its definitely much stiffer. If it wasnt for the bumps it'd be time to trim, but such is life.
On the other hand, I got a UPS confirmation today, my acrylic will be here on Aug 6th! 22lbs of goodness from www.delviesplastics.com :D

Stay tuned :redface:

07-31-2008, 06:09 AM
sad to hear that about CF.
But i'm sure you'll figure the way out:up:

07-31-2008, 11:01 AM
yea, an extra sheet of carbon and another quart of resin and some elbow grease and she'll be good to go :up:

08-07-2008, 12:28 PM
got the acrylic in yesterday, will post some pics tonight :)

now...anyone know where I can get a cheap sabersaw?

08-14-2008, 09:12 PM
alright, carbon is completely sanded, awaiting funds for another sheet of 2x2 twill and another quart of resin.

in other news, got the guitar shape traced to the plexi, now just laying out the ocmponents and tracing to find the best fit for everything. I have a lot less room than I had expected, but thats life.

anyone ever had any problems with extending wires from the PSU? I'm thinking I'll put the PSU into the "amp" box to save room in the case itself. this will also help keep the heat down. but I'm goign to need to extend the PSU wires by at least 1-2 feet. I'm good with soldering and such, so thats not an issue, just wondering if it'll push the current that far.

I was originally going to get a modular PSU to keep it clean, but I may just get a regular one now that it's going to be in its own case. Will post pics/more info as things happen :)

08-15-2008, 01:01 AM
Depending on the power requirements, check out some of the mini supplies available from www.mini-itx.com Ultra small 120w power supplies are available, as are some other sizes.

09-19-2008, 01:02 PM
thanks for that link, they've got some incredible stuff! I emailed them but still havent heard from them yet.

this project will be back on track shortly, working 2 jobs now so free time is limited unfortunately.

On the plus side I had to do some diagnostic work on a friends computer and got to test the mobo/cpu/vga/memory I picked up for my project and all work flawlessly :)

stay tuned, hopefully another update soon


09-19-2008, 03:58 PM
Since you're in the US, mini-box.com (http://mini-box.com) might be better, if they have what you're looking for. They are located in the US, and sell picoPSUs and all of the other small computer parts. I think mini-itx has a better selection, though.

09-19-2008, 04:02 PM
thanks I'll check them out tonight :)

10-05-2008, 10:23 PM
alright, final layer of twill carbon cloth ordered today, expect to see more progress on this soon :up:

also, where can I find a decent slot-load cd/dvd drive? :?

10-05-2008, 10:44 PM
I saw one on newegg. You can try searching with google shopping.

10-05-2008, 11:04 PM
holy crap that was quick :up: +rep I'm searcing now :D

10-09-2008, 08:20 AM
ok carbons here, should be able to do it up this weekend :D

also, thanks to the helpful people on this forum, I downloaded Google SketchUp and after 90 mins of messin around I ended up with this:

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_render.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/render.JPG)

that should give a better idea of how its going to be laid out. the components (mobo, PSU, VGA, memory) came from this site (http://scc.jezmckean.com/), so a huge thanks to those who created those components originally :up:

10-11-2008, 08:10 AM
did more SketchUp work :D

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_render3.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/render3.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_render2.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/render2.JPG)

Stay tuned :up:

10-11-2008, 09:24 AM
I think you'd be missing a real opportunity if you didn't stick honkin' big fan behind that hole in the middle. Also, how are you going to connect the PSU to the power? I imagine you don't want the power cable plugging in the side of the case and will route it through the back and use an extension cord.

10-11-2008, 04:44 PM
I think I'm going to leave that hole open, as the PSU fan will be sucking air in through it, and the case fan under the neck that will be blowing out will also be pulling air in through it, and the 80mm fan on the lower part of the case will be blowing down onto the CPU heatsink as well, but then again I'm sure a nice 120mm unit will looks nice under there :D The fans are not 100% located as of now, just throwin ideas around to see how everything will fit in

I may just put the PSU power cable through the case, maybe sleeve it with some UV sleeving to match all the wires coming out of the PSU, but I'm also looking at a 200 watt micro PSU as well, but I dont think it'd be enough to run the mobo/vga and also the fans, cathodes, drives etc :?

10-14-2008, 04:45 PM
I think this will be pretty cool. A window on the base would be pretty cool too.

10-14-2008, 05:00 PM
I like the window in the base idea, but I think it may get wall-mounted, so it wouldnt make sense. If it was sitting on a guitar stand like I originally planned however, it'd serve as some neat glow effects on the surrounding area :up: +rep for the idea :D

AMD Killa
10-14-2008, 07:18 PM
Stay tuned :up:

ha ha, I got it. Guitar...tuned... lol

10-14-2008, 07:30 PM
no pun intended :D (funny it worked out like that, hadnt noticed it till ya brought it up lol?


10-21-2008, 07:22 PM
sorry for the lack of regular updates, got a new family member who's been taking up some free time :D

Her name is Mel, she's an 18-month old lab/pit bull mix. Shes full grown, only approx 40lbs. She's got the best personality I've ever seen in a dog like her. She'll jump on your lap and lick your face, jump on the couch next to you and watch tv, and she's very good with strangers and strange animals. She's amazing. The wife found her on Craigslist, a woman had 4 dogs and the place she was moving to would only let her have 3, and no pit bull anything, so by default this adorable girl had to go. Best of all she was free! :banana:

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_Mamma_s%20Girl.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/Mamma_s%20Girl.jpg)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20001~1.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20001~1.jpg)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20004~0.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20004~0.jpg)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20003~7.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20003~7.jpg)

well onto the imprtant stuff :D

ok so as you know, last time I left off I had this:

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20019~2.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20019~2.jpg)

a peanut-brittle-like sheet of carbon and fiberglass, thanks to too much hardener

well after a LOT of sanding and a fresh coat of resin, we have this: :banana:

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20022~1.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20022~1.jpg)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20023~2.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20023~2.jpg)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20025~2.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20025~2.jpg)

much better :D looks bumpy still, but its just the carbon reflecting the light.

anyhow, I got another roll of carbon finally and proceeded to cut and lay it:

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20024~2.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20024~2.jpg)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20026~1.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20026~1.jpg)

I wanted to put full concentration into this so I decided to work rather than stop to take pics. It came out great, just needs a final coat of resin and some wet sanding, then to cut it out!

Heres the template I made on cardboard that will be the size/shape of the carbon backplate:

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20021~3.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20021~3.jpg)

thats it for now, should get the resin all done by this weekend and hopefully get it cut out soon thereafter

on to another part of the mod: the "strings"

I got a 10-pack of acrylic rods to use as "strings" for the guitar, and I'm planning on lighting them at either end with LEDs for HDD, power, CD, etc. Well a shiny polished rod does nothing to reflect light outwards, so I took a piece of scotchbrite to it, scuffed it good. Here you can see the difference. I'm holding it to the power LED on my computer

You can see where I stopped sanding it

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20031~0.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20031~0.jpg)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20032.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20032.jpg)

and with the lights off:

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20033.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20033.jpg)

this should work out nicely. I'm going to experiment with different grits of sandpaper as well to see what kind of effects they give, and what will work/look best.

thats it for now, hopefully more updates soon, but for now, I leave you with some more angles of my render :D

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_render3.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/render3.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_render2.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/render2.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_render7.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/render7.jpg)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_render5.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/render5.jpg)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_render4.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/render4.jpg)

10-26-2008, 05:43 AM
very cool... nice work

10-26-2008, 10:31 AM
Congrats on the new family member! Your project is looking really cool man! I like the lighted strings idea. Not sure if it work any better, but you might try some clear UV paint on the strings and some UV LED's. One at each end might light the whole string. Just a thought :think: The carbon work really surpirsed me! I thought that stuff had to have about 30 tons of pressure on it +rep for that!

10-26-2008, 12:11 PM
very cool... nice work

thanks! :D

Congrats on the new family member! Your project is looking really cool man! I like the lighted strings idea. Not sure if it work any better, but you might try some clear UV paint on the strings and some UV LED's. One at each end might light the whole string. Just a thought :think: The carbon work really surpirsed me! I thought that stuff had to have about 30 tons of pressure on it +rep for that!

thanks :D

I like the idea of the clear UV paint...I was indeed worried about the LED light traveling the distance of the rod without looking dark in the middle. I'll do up a complete rod, and throw an LED @ each end and see how it turns out.

I should have the carbon done today and cut out tomorrow. If you're making structural parts like supports or the like, then the pressure is a must to get a nice tight layering.

Hand-laying is how most fiberglass parts are made, car bodywork and the like. You can use carbon for cosmetic and light structural duty in the same way.

My friend tought me how to work with it, he hand-made this pipe for his jet ski out of carbon fiber and carbon/kevlar :bowdown:


10-26-2008, 07:49 PM
small update, got a coat of resin on it, looks much better :D will sand it tomorrow, and depending on how much sanding I have to do I'll either put one more coat of resin or just cut it out and clear coat it.

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20034.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20034.jpg)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20035.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20035.jpg)

mmmm tasty :D

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20035.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20035.jpg)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20037~0.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20037~0.jpg)

more to come tomorrow night :up:

10-26-2008, 08:56 PM
I think this is a great idea good luck

10-27-2008, 02:03 AM
un leash that dog!!! lol

nice work look flatter now

10-27-2008, 02:07 AM
How are you gonna place it when it's done? I suggest a proper guitar rack or wall mounted :D It seems a shame to just leave it lying on the desk.

10-27-2008, 08:03 AM
I think this is a great idea good luck

thanks :up:

un leash that dog!!! lol

nice work look flatter now

we had her off, then the neighbor brought their dogs out so we had to tire her up so she wouldnt take off lol

How are you gonna place it when it's done? I suggest a proper guitar rack or wall mounted :D It seems a shame to just leave it lying on the desk.

my first thought was to have it sit on a guitar stand next to the desk, but I have also been toying with the idea of wall mounting as well. I'm going to wait until its done and we figure out where exactly its going to go to mount it :D

10-27-2008, 09:47 PM
small update, carbon is 90% done

after a good sanding from yesterdays 2 fresh coats of resin:

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20038.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20038.jpg)

and after the dust is wiped off - you can see where it needs more sanding:

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20039~0.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20039~0.jpg)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20040~0.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20040~0.jpg)

so after another round of sanding you can see the dark (unsanded) spots getting smaller

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20041~0.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20041~0.jpg)

at this point I was scared about going through and sanding into the carbon, so I did up another batch of resin. I used a different method this time that I guy I know in teh carbon industry told me to do. He said to mix up the resin, then pour it into the center of the peice like so:

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20048~0.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20048~0.jpg)

then cover with thick plastic sheet (like the kind used in gardens for water control) like so:

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20049.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20049.jpg)

and use a hard squegee to push the resin outwards from the center like so:

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20050.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20050.jpg)

this didnt work out like he showed, my plastic started to curl and wrinkle for some odd reason, so I peeled it off before it start to set up to the point where I'd ruin it, and just brushed the rest on like normal:

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20051.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20051.jpg)

then while it was setting up I went and did laudry, mowed the lawn, walked the dog, etc. then I came back and I trimmed the ratty edges off with my trusty die grinder

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20054.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20054.jpg)

heres the cardboard template with the mobo on it, for sizing

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20052.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20052.jpg)

a look at the size of the baseplate, theres plenty of carbon left for other goodies, like the pickguard, and possibly a part or 2 for my computer :D

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20055.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20055.jpg)

I then went to town with the sander again (its now dark as you can see):

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20062~0.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20062~0.jpg)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20065.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20065.jpg)

its now almost perfectly flat, but also almost into the carbon. I could do up another layer of resin, but I dont feel like sanding anymore :D I got some nice triple-thick clearcoat spary paint at walmart that I'm going to use, so between wet sanding and that it'll be perfect.

this is the original side, first sheet of carbon (the sheet that was laid directly onto the plexi) and came out the best. a nice wet sanding and the clear coat will have this side perfect.

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20064.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20064.jpg)

thats it for now, I'm holding off wet sanding and clearcoating until I get it cut out, which hopefully I can do on my luch break tomorrow :D

10-28-2008, 01:47 AM
rofl i was like why did he take his sander to town... lol

nice looks better now alot better

10-28-2008, 11:10 AM
ok so I wont be able to cut it out on my lunch, but a guy I work with is letting me borrow his dremel (mines broken) and he's got the router-style attatchment and the side cutter bit, so I should be able to cut it out tonight after work :D

10-28-2008, 08:29 PM
ok so it cut out! :D

here it is in the garage, its was cold and rainy tonight, so I decided to work in there

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20066.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20066.jpg)

I borrowed a dremel as mines broken, and used his side-cutting bit

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20067.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20067.jpg)

I used an arctic cat track marker to outline on the carbon, its usually used to mark snowmobile tracks for drilling to install studs

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20068.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20068.jpg)

and heres the outline

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20069~0.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20069~0.jpg)

and its cut :D

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20070.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20070.jpg)

Heres the other side, looks damn good :smokin:

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20071.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20071.jpg)

and the extra, now to figure out what to make from it, maybe coasters or somethin

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20072~0.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20072~0.jpg)

and with the mobo sitting on it

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20074~0.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20074~0.jpg)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_pic%20075~0.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/pic%20075~0.jpg)

looks good methinks. the edges are rough as hell, I'll hopefully get to hit it with the belt sander tomorrow and clean it up nice

10-29-2008, 02:19 AM
good work man... very cool...

i need to hit up bunnings and look at the dremel stuff...

think tb4o is coming to not sure....

11-17-2008, 05:00 PM
minor update :D

got my free sample hardware from RAF Electronics (http://www.thebestcasescenario.com/forum/showthread.php?t=15935). 1 Aluminum handle, dont know what I'm going to use it for yet but I'll find somethin. 5 brass standoffs, 5 aluminum standoffs, 5 aluminum thumb screws and 5 stainless thumbscrews. I would have liked all matching hardware, but the max qty for a sample order is 5, so I made it work :D

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_Picture%20001.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/Picture%20001.jpg)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_Picture%20002.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/Picture%20002.jpg)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_Picture%20003.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/Picture%20003.jpg)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_Picture%20005~0.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/Picture%20005~0.jpg)

hmmm whaddaya know...10 standoffs and thumbscrews...and 10 mounting holes in the mobo! what a coincidence! Ok not really, had this in mind all along :D

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_Picture%20007~0.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/Picture%20007~0.jpg)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_Picture%20011~0.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/Picture%20011~0.jpg)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_Picture%20012~0.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/Picture%20012~0.jpg)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_Picture%20013~0.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/Picture%20013~0.jpg)

as soon as I can find some proper-sized belts for my tabletop belt sander I'll have the carbon's shape finished, then I can wet sand/clearcoat it and it'll be done.

11-17-2008, 10:43 PM
You got to wall mount that thing mannnnnnnn with some CCFL behind it. That'll be awesome!

11-18-2008, 02:18 AM
nice... free... even better

12-30-2008, 06:20 AM
Looking Great so far...
but one thing come to my mind... and I know the fun part is to build...!!!
why you didn't use a real guitar and then cover it with the fiberglass or cabor fiber...

12-30-2008, 08:38 AM
well thats just no fun, plus I'd have to hack up a perfectly good guitar lol. I'm workin on it slowly, bit by bit, once I get a good update ready I'll post up :up:

02-12-2009, 12:51 AM
interesting concept hope you finish soon

02-12-2009, 08:43 AM
thanks man, this projects going to be on hold for now, as I need $$ to finish it, and the wife and I are trying to get our bills payed off. our tax returns will take care of all our credit cards, then my truck will be paid off this summer, then all that will be left is my jet ski and her car. Once my trucks paid off I should be able to get back workin on this one again. Maybe small progress between now and then too we'll see. I'm workin on Monster though, because its a 90% free project, just my time. :D

11-03-2009, 11:21 PM
ok I'm back on this one again!

with Christmas coming and cash flow tight right now, we decided to do home-made gifts for Christmas. Well I know what I'm doing....I'm going to finish this for her! I'm also trying to finish Monster for Christmas for my brother as well, but we'll see what happens.

Ok spent a couple hours after work tonight workin on it. I got my plexi and traced the shape of the carbon guitar with a pen, then cut it with my dremel and rotary bit.

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM1945.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM1945.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM1946.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM1946.JPG)

then I clamped them together and hit the belt sander
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM1947.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM1947.JPG)

and after a few mins we've got two matching pieces
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM1948.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM1948.JPG)

and a few pics of the rough layout for the components. I'm still trying to decide whether or not to use the CD drive. If I dont it saves a lot of space and some weight. Its not a huge deal, she's got a 250GB WD Passport, so she can always put stuff on that and burn them on my computer :think:

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM1949.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM1949.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM1950.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM1950.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM1951.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM1951.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM1952.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM1952.JPG)

and a shot w/o the CD drive. The HDD will be on a holder or rack of some sort for airflow and cooling. anyone know if you can trim the unused part of an IDE cable off? :?

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM1953.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM1953.JPG)

11-04-2009, 02:40 PM
I wouldnt see why not...

11-04-2009, 10:42 PM
another update! forgot the camera, so you'll have to deal with cell phone pics lol

another shot with the components layed out
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1104091939.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1104091939.jpg)

holes drilled for mobo, mobo temporarily mounted here:
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1104091959.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1104091959.jpg)

holes drilled and mounts set up for HDD
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1104092018.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1104092018.jpg)

main neck piece cut out
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1104092056.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1104092056.jpg)

and the part for the "string" mount
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1104092056a.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1104092056a.jpg)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1104092059.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1104092059.jpg)

I didnt get any pics of that part finished unfortunately.

now, on the neck, I've set up the measurements for the head and base mounts, and figured I have a 1" x 13.5" strip to cut some kind of decoration out of each side of the neck. now to do up some drawings and figure it out!

11-07-2009, 08:39 PM
ok so I ordered up this kit (http://cgi.ebay.com/LED-Rainbow-RGB-PWM-Kit-with-Ten-Dual-RGB-Displays_W0QQitemZ200395670175QQcmdZViewItemQQptZL H_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item2ea883429f)from ebay that will light up the "strings" with RGB LEDs with selectable patterns. should look awesome :up:

hopefully I can work on it some more this weekend. I gotta find time when the wife's not home :)

11-08-2009, 04:56 AM
Yup, that'll definitely do it - I see some serious re-soldering in your future tho with only 3.5" of wire between each unit - that'll be way too much for half of them, and nowhere near enough for the stretch to the top of the bars. While you're at work with the soldering iron, why not remove that microswitch and replace it with a regular PTM switch accessible from the outside of the case - that way you can change the pattern without opening up the case :)

11-08-2009, 05:19 PM
well it comes as a kit, so I dont need to put that switch in to begin with :up:

I like the idea on a remote switch though thanks!

anywho, small update.

I cut a small square out of the red plexi then cut in half to make two triangles. I then marked out a pattern on one side.

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1108091327.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1108091327.jpg)

I then proceeded to sand away the profile

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1108091327a.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1108091327a.jpg)

and the rough shape is done

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1108091333.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1108091333.jpg)

mmm dusty lol

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1108091333a.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1108091333a.jpg)

and another shot of the basic shape

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1108091333b.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1108091333b.jpg)

and after some sandinge with 600 grit paper, there seems to be some high spots

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1108091349.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1108091349.jpg)

so I hit it with a flexible sanding disc on the dremel. much better.

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1108091406.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1108091406.jpg)

after I got it mostly smooth with the sand paper I put a buffing wheel on the dremel and used plastic polish in conjunction with the buffing wheel to shine it up

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1108091416.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1108091416.jpg)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1108091416a.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1108091416a.jpg)

and these will be mounted on the neck as shown here, they will be the "supports" for the neck

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1108091433.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1108091433.jpg)

11-09-2009, 11:40 PM
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1108091416a.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1108091416a.jpg)

That is one sexy shine you got there. NICE WORK!!

11-10-2009, 08:26 AM
thanks :)

the wifes goin to see her brother for the weekend, so I'll have thurs to mon to do some work :banana:

as long as my stuff shows up that is. I placed two orders with xoxide and only the second one showed up. I've got an email in to see whats goin on

11-13-2009, 02:50 PM
minor update, nice brown box from Xoxide showed up today :)

we have UV green sleeving, 4 Thermaltake 80mm green LED fans, 1 120mm logisys green LED fan, a molex pin remover, 4 thermaltake green 80mm fan vibration dampeners and an Ultra screw kit

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM1958.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM1958.JPG)

expect another update later this weekend :up:

11-17-2009, 06:38 PM
ok minor update. my RGB LED kit came in, I should have the time tonight to solder it all together

11-18-2009, 08:46 AM
ok I got it all soldered together. its not the prettiest but it works. I substituted the 2mm power jack for a standard molex connector.

I didnt get any pics of the work in progress, but I got a couple and a short vid of the vinished product that I will upload tonight. Now I'm going to be changing the wiring between some of the modules so I can use them in different places. I'm planning on using a couple for the "strings" and a few more on the back plate for some surround lighting. I also plan on putting a switch on the ones for the rear so if its too obnoxious I can turn them off

11-18-2009, 12:59 PM
I also plan on putting a switch on the ones for the rear so if its too obnoxious I can turn them off

That's a great idea! I tell you, when I first built my home theatre, it was cool to see all the lit up displays on the equipment, but pretty soon, I was covering them with tape. Hehe.. the option to kill ambient light sources is great.

11-18-2009, 03:16 PM
heres this kit assembled with 10 RGB modules each containing 2 RGB LEDs. I opted to install wiring with a molex connector to supply the 12VDC rather than the 2mm jack that came with the kit

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1117092218.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1117092218.jpg)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1117092218a.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1117092218a.jpg)

and short vid


theres 55 different sequences in all. the complete info can be found here. (http://pcboard.ca/kits/led_rainbow/index.html) If anyones looking for this kind of kit I highly suggest this one. And talk to John, he's very helpful and replied quickly to every one of my emails :bowdown:

at about 30 seconds in I stick one of the acrylic rods that will be the "strings" onto one of the LEDs tos ee the effect. It works nicely. I think I may try frosting one and see how that lights up as well

11-18-2009, 11:19 PM
ok so I tried it with a rod that I "frosted" with sandpaper. not soo good. the light gets broken up way too early and doesnt make it more than a few inches into the rod

I'm going to try some different grits of paper and maybe different directions of sanding as well

11-19-2009, 12:06 PM
You could also try frosting the end of the led as well.

11-19-2009, 01:02 PM
Having an LED at each end of the rod will help also

11-19-2009, 01:44 PM
Really nice work! +rep. You make me realize how badly I want/need a belt sander, and well, a place to put tools.

Maybe my apartment won't notice if I toss a shed in a parking spot with an extension cord running to it, lol.

Can't wait to see the final product. Looks sweet so far.

11-19-2009, 01:51 PM
You could also try frosting the end of the led as well.

this cant be done due to the style of these particular LEDs. See here (http://pcboard.ca/kits/leds/modules.html)for more info. the LEDs I got are about halfway down the page, labelled "RGB Module with Two SMD RGB LEDs"

Having an LED at each end of the rod will help also

I am planning on doing something like that as long as space permits, but its still not enough. the light only travels 4 inches or so from each LED, it needs to go 8 at least if Im puttin an LED on each end

Really nice work! +rep. You make me realize how badly I want/need a belt sander, and well, a place to put tools.

Maybe my apartment won't notice if I toss a shed in a parking spot with an extension cord running to it, lol.

Can't wait to see the final product. Looks sweet so far.

thanks :up:

in regards to the apt. shed - if theres one thing I've learned its always easier to ask forgiveness than to ask permission :whistler:

11-19-2009, 05:52 PM
I am planning on doing something like that as long as space permits, but its still not enough. the light only travels 4 inches or so from each LED, it needs to go 8 at least if Im puttin an LED on each end

What if you were to paint the backside of the acrylic rod to try and focus more light outwards?

11-19-2009, 06:39 PM
that, my friend is an awesome idea! +rep

maybe get some silver or chrome-like paint and pain the bottom 1/3 of it or so. i love it! I'll try it on a small section and see if it works

11-19-2009, 06:41 PM
also, I'm not going to use the RGB modules I got with the kit to light the strings. Instead I'm going to get some piranha-style RGB LEDs and make up my own board to hold 4 n a row, that way I can get the spacing exactly how I need it to be. I will use the modules from the kit as backlighting, and will also be using the kit to control the RGBs

11-19-2009, 07:14 PM
The brighter the better too! :D

11-19-2009, 09:29 PM

John over at PCBoard.ca was kind enough to help me out with my LED needs, and after my initial purchase there was a lof of back-and-forth chit-chatting involving this project and my needs. He checked out this worklog and was genuinely interested in it, so after a little more chatting he kindly agreed to sponsor me in this build. Its nothing huge, but every tiny bit helps! So without further ado, the shameless sponsor plug :D

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/PCBoard_Logo_500wide.jpg (http://www.pcboard.ca)

Need specialty LEDs? Or an awesome RGB controller like the one I got for this project? Feel free to contact John at PCBoard.ca. He's helped me with a lot already, from ordering the kit to LED/resistor setup, etc etc. He's VERY FAST in replying to emails, which is rare these days :bowdown:

Now, off to the basement to do some fiddling with the rods and such.

11-20-2009, 01:38 AM
Now, off to the basement to do some fiddling with the rods and such.

:eek: I assume that means your case mod...

Sorry, couldn't resist. Congrats on the sponsor!

11-20-2009, 08:38 AM
thanks! :D

got some work done last night with the plexi rods. I found that if I sand them the long way with 1500 grit, then polish them with the dremel and Novus #2 it leaves just enough to light them up but not so much that doesnt travel the full length of the rod. I'll post up pics tonight :up:

Also got an email from my sponsor, he's sending me the RGB piranha LEDs and resistors I need to wire them all up, and also including 48 UV LEDs :bowdown: I plan to use those rather than the UV cathodes to light the case. I also have something special planned for my boring silver Antec PSU :whistler:

Stay tuned :D

11-20-2009, 08:43 AM
congrats on the sponsor!

11-20-2009, 10:53 AM
Now, off to the basement to do some fiddling with the rods and such.

sig quote :D
Congrats on the sponsor and glad to hear you got the strings figured out. :up:

11-20-2009, 11:55 AM
thanks :D

11-21-2009, 08:56 AM
ok, and update of what I've done over the last day or two

Once I got the rods figured out for lighting I bent one end and drilled a hole in the "pickup plate." The plan here is to use 4 RGB piranha LEDs on the bottom of this to light the 4 strings. I used my current RGB setup to test it and I think it will work out nicely, especially when each one will have another LED at the other end.

click on pics for larger versions

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM1972.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM1972.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM1973.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM1973.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM1974.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM1974.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM1975.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM1975.JPG)

Then I did something with this boring old silver antec PSU.

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM1976.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM1976.JPG)

cover off

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM1977.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM1977.JPG)

green acrylic cut to roughly the size of the top

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM1978.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM1978.JPG)

ready for bending

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM1979.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM1979.JPG)

now I just heated it slowly with a small butane torch until it was soft, then bent it and clamped it until it cooled

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM1980.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM1980.JPG)

and set on the PSU to check sizing, etc. fits pretty good :up:

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM1981.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM1981.JPG)

and with the backing paper removed

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM1982.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM1982.JPG)

now I wasn't just content with a plain green cover, so I printed out this music note and cut it out, then set it onto the cover for sizing

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM1983.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM1983.JPG)

then I traced into the rex plexi

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM1984.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM1984.JPG)

and after a LOT of cutting, filing, sanding, polishing, etc here it is

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM1985.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM1985.JPG)

and glued

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM1986.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM1986.JPG)

and the finished result. now I just need to do some trimming on the green and drill the mounting holes. I plan on putting 4 UV LEDs inside the PSU to light up the green.

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM1987.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM1987.JPG)

now I couldn't leave the PSU silver, so I started by desoldering the switch and removing the components from the shell

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM1988.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM1988.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM1990.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM1990.JPG)

and one empty shell, ready for paint

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM1991.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM1991.JPG)

I drilled 4 mounting holes in the base here. I will put 4 screws and attatch them to short standoffs to mount to the base

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM1992.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM1992.JPG)

first coat

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM1993.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM1993.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM1994.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM1994.JPG)

I ended up putting 3 coats on it last night. I should get to reassembling it tonight. Stay tuned :D

11-21-2009, 11:37 AM
one thing I noticed a while back but can't change now is the fact that I screwed up and ordered transparent red plexi instead of translucent. grrrrr. ah well, I'll make do with it, I'll find some ultra-bright white LEDs to light it up or somethin :think:

11-22-2009, 12:55 PM
ok so I went down yesterday and sprayed some clearcoat on the PSU case and it reacted witht he paint and it all started wrinkling up. So at some point this weekend I need to strip it all back down and repaint it, no clearcoat this time

11-22-2009, 03:45 PM
That sucks, it was looking good too. I really like the look of the plexi cover with the notes. :up:

11-25-2009, 12:01 AM
ok major update time!

so I sanded the sides of the neck at an angle similar to what her guitar currently has.

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2010.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2010.JPG)

Next (last night) I cut two rectangles of red plexi and glued them together.

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2009.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2009.JPG)

here is the design I drew out that will end up being the head. I used the rim of a baseball hat oddly enough, it seemed to fit the curve I was looking for perfectly :up:

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1124091853.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1124091853.jpg)

and after a rough cut out with the band saw

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1124091900.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1124091900.jpg)

I noticed on her guitar the head angles downward, so I ground an angle on the base of the head with the belt sander

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1124091909.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1124091909.jpg)

Heres the head after I sanded and polished the sides

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1124092003a.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1124092003a.jpg)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1124092003b.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1124092003b.jpg)

they fit and look pretty good

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1124091909a.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1124091909a.jpg)

I then glued them together, they're currently setting.

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1124092019.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1124092019.jpg)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1124092020.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1124092020.jpg)

11-25-2009, 12:02 AM
now I put the PSU back together (mostly). I think it turned out pretty nice

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1124092002.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1124092002.jpg)

I drilled holes in the plexi to mount it to the PSU frame

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1124092003.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1124092003.jpg)

then I proceeded to do something I've never done before. and never plan on dong again lol. I sleeved the PSU. I also cut off the wires that I wont be using (SATA, floppy, etc). Some I could just pop the pins out of the connector, others I had to cut the wires and resolder and heatshrink then sleeve.

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1124092127.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1124092127.jpg)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1124092159.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1124092159.jpg)

now with the small cables done all that was left was the 20-pin one. WHAT A PITA!

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1124092159a.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1124092159a.jpg)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1124092231.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1124092231.jpg)

I think it turned out nice.

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1124092231a.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1124092231a.jpg)

now all thats left to do is wait for my UV LEDs to arrive and put them into the PSU and it'll be done :up:

11-25-2009, 02:47 AM
that psu looks really really good! gonna be sweet once its all wired up with the LEDs! :up: good work.

11-25-2009, 08:41 AM
thanks! I've got a little triming still to do on the green plexi, and I've got to put it back over the form and re-heat and bend it, some of the corners arent tight

11-25-2009, 10:53 PM
Wow, I can;t believe I've never looked at this project before. This case is going to be real unique, and definitely cool.

11-26-2009, 11:09 AM
thanks :)

11-26-2009, 03:04 PM
Nice job on the PSU. :up: Gonna look great.

11-27-2009, 08:58 AM
thanks :)

11-27-2009, 11:49 PM
alright, I got a bunch of stuff done between yesterday and today, I should be able to post up the pics in teh next day or two :up:

11-28-2009, 12:23 AM
I had this PCI slot adapter with firewire and USB in it, trouble is I only wanted the USB part. so I cut it in half :)

after I cut it I removed the USB connector and pulled the parts out of the housing

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1126091407.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1126091407.jpg)

then I painted it black

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1126091415.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1126091415.jpg)

then reassembled it and sleeved the wiring and put the connector back on

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1127091805.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1127091805.jpg)

now I just need to decide where to mount it on the front panel

11-28-2009, 12:37 AM
I sanded down the sides where the neck meets the head, as it didnt sit exactly in line when I clamped it. this is after I rough sanded and finished with 2000 grit. I polished it with the dremel after this, but no pics yet.

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1127091852.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1127091852.jpg)

I also got the PSU case mounted to the backplate. I'm using these neat plastic liscense plate screws because they just touch the bottom of the PSU board

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1127091953.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1127091953.jpg)

and heres how everything will be layed out

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1127091954.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1127091954.jpg)

I then decided to go ahead and mark and cut the hole for the 120mm fan. I LOVE the dremel circle-cutter attatchment!

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1126091253.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1126091253.jpg)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1126091300.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1126091300.jpg)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1126091302.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1126091302.jpg)

fan in

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1126091316.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1126091316.jpg)

I also went ahead and sanded and polished the opening

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1126091338.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1126091338.jpg)

at this point I clamped the neck assembly to the body to see how it all looked. looks nice

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1127091956.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1127091956.jpg)

then I marked holes for two 80mm fans I'll be putting in

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1127092015.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1127092015.jpg)

one cut

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1127092020.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1127092020.jpg)

both cut

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1127092025.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1127092025.jpg)

I also sanded and polished these edges as well.

I temporarily installed the fans with the vibration dampers to test them and see how bright the LEDs are

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1127092106.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1127092106.jpg)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1127092106a.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1127092106a.jpg)

and hooked up to a test PSU

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1127092113.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1127092113.jpg)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1127092113a.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1127092113a.jpg)

the LEDs are way too bright. I'm going to wire them all to a single switch so you'll be able to turn the LEDs off without turning the fans off. I'm also going to cut and resolder the wiring all together and sleeve it to make it look nicer.

I was thinkingabout replacing the green LEDs with UV ones. I can do it easily in the 120mm fan, but the 80mm ones have the micro SMD style LEDs soldered to a long flexible strip, so those would be tougher. We'll see what happens.

thats it for now, I should get a lot more work done on sunday and monday :D

Comments/Ideas/Suggestions? :think:

Xion X2
11-28-2009, 11:04 AM
Nice project, SXR. :)

I'm enjoying watching each step as the gee-tar comes together. The carbon fiber work particularly interests me as I'll need to make a custom top shell for my Cosmos. I haven't decided to use that or plastic yet. But it's nice to see some of it in action all the same.

Keep up the good work. :up:

11-28-2009, 05:39 PM
alright I just placed an order with performance pcs for the rest of the goodies. my LEDs and such should be here monday, so hopefully I can get more done next week

11-30-2009, 08:27 AM
Update time!

I figuredout how to wire up a switch to the three fans to turn off the LEDs. The 80mm ones were easy, the 120mm one was a little more difficult.

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1128091911.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1128091911.jpg)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1128091911a.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1128091911a.jpg)

fans on lights off

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1128092059.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1128092059.jpg)

fan on lights on

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1128092059a.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1128092059a.jpg)

almost finished wiring

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1128092110.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1128092110.jpg)

wiring for the 120mm fan

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1128092110a.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1128092110a.jpg)

the 80mm fans will be on all the time, hooked directly to the PSU. the 120mm fan will be connected to a speed control, because its loud when all 12V are going into it

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1128092111.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1128092111.jpg)

I also cut my 24x24 inch sheet of green into 4 6x24 inch pieces. these will form the sides of the case. I've got a couple ideas as for how to form them perfectly, we'll see what works out

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1129092016.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1129092016.jpg)

I also cut a hole for the front panel USB connectors. I filed it down and smoothed it a lot more after this pic was taken.

I also drilled 5 holes to mount the RBG LED controller. 4 for the mounting and 1 for acess to the button. I plan on gluing a small piece of acrylic rod to the button that will stick through the faceplate so the LED effects can be changed easily

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1129092133.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1129092133.jpg)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1129092134.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1129092134.jpg)

I also had time to mount another 80mm fan on the main plate where the HDD will go to act as a cooler. I just snipped the LED wires on this one, as it will be mounted to the underside of the case and theres no point to having the green LEDs there, as the rainbow ones will be there.

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1129092205.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1129092205.jpg)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1129092206.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1129092206.jpg)

thats it for now. hopefully my LEDs come in today and I can get some more work done. Then its just waiting for my performace pcs order to arrive and things will get rollin!

11-30-2009, 12:55 PM
just placed an order with mcmaster-carr for some bolt sand standoffs for the MB. I was hoping to get the LEDs in today, but no such luck. ah well. off to play some MW2 then :devious:

11-30-2009, 03:34 PM
ok so I went down to do laundry and looked at the project and decided to do some more, so I made a HDD cover similar to the PSU cover.

I started but cutting and bending the plexi

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1130091223.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1130091223.jpg)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1130091224.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1130091224.jpg)

and cut to size

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1130091244.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1130091244.jpg)

then I cut a single note out of red

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1130091235.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1130091235.jpg)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1130091249.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1130091249.jpg)

then I sanded and polished it and glued it to the cover

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1130091349.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1130091349.jpg)

tomorrow it'll be dry and I can drill the mounting holes and such

11-30-2009, 08:25 PM
looking good

11-30-2009, 09:31 PM
thanks :)

I got a confirmation email from performace pcs saying they shipped my order. it should be here thursday! Hopefully my LEDs from PCBoard.ca (http://pcboard.ca) will be in tomorrow, then I'm just waiting for SS bolts nuts and standoffs from McMaster-Carr and we'll be in business :devious:

12-01-2009, 02:40 PM
LEDs came in today!! :banana: I'll be working on them tonight :D

a HUGE THANKS to John at PCBoard.ca (http://www.pcboard.ca) for hooking me up with this project!!!

Now for the goods. We've got 10 RGB Piranha LEDs, 24 15º UV LEDs, 24 30º UV LEDs, and 510 Ohm and 560 Ohm resistors for the RGB LEDs.

I'll post pics later, I've gotta make room in the picture account

12-01-2009, 04:29 PM
well I got back to work and the McMaster-Carr order was waiting for me. A box full of SS bolts nuts and spacers. I should get a ton of work done this week, starting tonight!

12-01-2009, 05:32 PM

*Edit: MORE pics*

12-02-2009, 08:35 AM
I'm workin on it lol. I've gotta do some re-arrangng in my file server, I'm running out of room. I did some work last night though, I've gothe PSU done, just need to frost the LEDs to disperse the light output a bit. I'll get some pics up soon

12-02-2009, 04:47 PM
I'm going :banana: :banana: waiting fer them pics... hurry!!

12-02-2009, 05:03 PM
should get the pics up tomorrow morning. I plan on doing some more work tonight so it should be a good update for tomorrow :up: :D

12-03-2009, 08:48 AM
heres the LEDs and resistors:

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2023.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2023.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2022.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2022.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2021.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2021.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2019.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2019.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2012.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2012.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2013.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2013.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2015.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2015.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2016.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2016.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2017.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2017.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2018.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2018.JPG)

12-03-2009, 08:50 AM
and the first batch of SS hardware

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2026.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2026.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2028.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2028.JPG)

and spacers mounted to mobo

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2031.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2031.JPG)

I've got some longer SS screws coming in today, the ones I ordered work fine for a few things but they're too short for others

12-03-2009, 09:13 AM
heres the HDD cover and PSU cover next to each other. the HDD isnt mounted yet but htisis where it will be

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2042.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2042.JPG)

heres the PSU cover after I put 4 UV LEDs in it. I need to frost them to disperse the light better though

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2039.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2039.JPG)

heres how the LEDs will be layed out for the bottom of the strings

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2040.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2040.JPG)

testing the lyaout

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2041.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2041.JPG)

and soldered

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2047.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2047.JPG)

testing colors

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2048.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2048.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2049.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2049.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2050.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2050.JPG)

and both boards done and hot glued for protection and hooked to the RGB controller kit

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2051.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2051.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2052.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2052.JPG)

and workin

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2053.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2053.JPG)

this is the layout for got 4 LEDs at the top of the strings

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2056.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2056.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2057.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2057.JPG)

and thats as far as I got last night. I'm going to try to get more done this morning, as I work 12-8 today. other than that it'll be tomorrow night before I get more work done

12-03-2009, 04:00 PM
minor update. the rest of my mcmaster-carr order and my entire performace-pcs order came in today. hopefully I can take an hour or two tonight after work and get some more work done

12-04-2009, 08:11 AM
update time!

heres my Performance-PCs goodies:

Vandal-resistant switch
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2059.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2059.JPG)

2x AC Ryan 80mm fan filter and 1x 120mm fan filter
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2060.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2060.JPG)

1 120mm UV green fan dampener
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2061.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2061.JPG)

a Zalman ORB CPU cooler
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2062.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2062.JPG)

and a recessed red LED HDD activity light
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2069.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2069.JPG)

stock cooler
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2063.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2063.JPG)

nice new Zalman cooler, and mobo finally mounted to the back plate
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2064.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2064.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2065.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2065.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2066.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2066.JPG)

as you can see the wiring on my switch is WAY too long
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2067.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2067.JPG)

so I cut and soldered it to a connector I had laying around
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2068.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2068.JPG)

and same with the HDD light
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2070.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2070.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2071.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2071.JPG)

the switch and light mounted, along with the speed control for the 120mm fan (sorry for the blurry pic)
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2072.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2072.JPG)

switch and light sleeved
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2073.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2073.JPG)

thats as much as I got done in 2 hours last night. I've got all night tonight and tomorrow though, so I should get a ton more done

12-04-2009, 08:27 AM
this is coming along awesome man, !!! lol. keep it up! :D

12-04-2009, 08:36 PM

12-05-2009, 01:22 AM
smallish update. the LEDs are done! well the ones for the strings anyhow. I also did some work on the HDD mounts. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get the 120mm fan all wired up to the controller and the strings at least partially layed out and such. we'll see what happens.

red LEDs soldered
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2075.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2075.JPG)

and testing
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2076.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2076.JPG)

blue LEDs soldered
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2077.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2077.JPG)

and testing
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2078.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2078.JPG)

green LEDs soldered
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2079.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2079.JPG)

and testing
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2080.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2080.JPG)

and the wires sleeved and both modules hooked to the RGB controller kit
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2081.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2081.JPG)

12-08-2009, 03:37 PM
another update! :D

got the neck glued on
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1205091925.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1205091925.jpg)

fan contorller wired in and sleeved
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1205091928.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1205091928.jpg)

holes drilled for the bottom of the strings
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1205091936.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1205091936.jpg)

and picked up some goodies.

Win7 home
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2089.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2089.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2086.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2086.JPG)

and a wireless PCI card
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2083.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2083.JPG)

12-08-2009, 03:39 PM
heres what I'll use for the side panel molds. I'm guing 5 together in a stack, then sanding each and glig 2 stacks togetehr. from this I'll trace the shape of the side and cut it with the bandsaw, then sand it and use it as a 2-piece mold to form the acrylic for the sides

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2082.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2082.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2090.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2090.JPG)

12-08-2009, 03:42 PM
I traced a pattern for the pick guard out of a folder and cut it out, then traced it onto the carbon fiber
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2091.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2091.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2092.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2092.JPG)

then a rough cut with the band saw
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2093.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2093.JPG)

and after sanding the edges
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2094.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2094.JPG)

and here's how it will mount with the 4-40 SS screws
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2095.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2095.JPG)

the power buttin and HDD light will also be in this piece

I sanded the surface with 320 grit and sprayed it with clear coat. I let that dry then sanded and sprayed again
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2112.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2112.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2114.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2114.JPG)

12-08-2009, 03:47 PM
I got the cutout done for the bottom LEDs
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2099.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2099.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2100.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2100.JPG)

holes drilled for top LEDs and board mounted
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2101.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2101.JPG)

I glued on the lower string mount
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2105.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2105.JPG)

then proceeded to form the 4 strings and mount them
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2108.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2108.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2107.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2107.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2109.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2109.JPG)

I took each string and sanded it lengthwise with 2000 grit, then hand polished each with #3 novus and a microfiber cloth. this leaves the surface not perfectly smooth but still clear

I also got the 4 UV cathodes sleeved
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2103.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2103.JPG)

along with the switch and wiring for them
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2104.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2104.JPG)

thats all for now, but I'll be working on it more tonight :D

12-09-2009, 01:54 AM
looking good!

12-11-2009, 11:16 PM

after the two stacks of wood were dry, I sanded one side of each nice and smooth, then glued them together. Once they're dry I'll sand one edge smooth again,a nd trace out the guitar side profile onto it, then cut it out and end up with a 2-piece mold.

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2116.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2116.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2117.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2117.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2118.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2118.JPG)

12-11-2009, 11:27 PM
I also made this piece with 12 UV LEDs that I frosted with 2000 grit that will mount as shown in the PSU to help light the cover up. I've got some bright white LEDs on the way that I"ll put right under the music note to light it up as well
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2119.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2119.JPG)

The idea popped into my head to put some frets on the neck for realism. I marked out the lines as shown
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2120.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2120.JPG)

Then cut the pieces of acrlic rod to rough length
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2121.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2121.JPG)

Then it was onto figuring out the best way to mount them. On real guitars they're recessed into the neck itself.

To get this effect I used my dremel with the spiral cutter and the grout removal attatchment. I clamped the ruler to the neck to act as a guide to cut along.

I set the depth of the bit to roughly 1/2 the diameter of the acrylic rod
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2123.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2123.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2124.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2124.JPG)

First one cut, with a piece of rod in it to show how it'll mount
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2127.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2127.JPG)

And after I cut them all
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2128.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2128.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2129.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2129.JPG)

After they were cut I used a small square file to smooth out the grooves and remove any excess acrylic from cutting

I then fit each rod into its groove then sanded down the ends until they fit perfectly. then I sanded each one lengthwise with 220 grit to give them a nice frosted look
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2130.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2130.JPG)

then I peeled back a little bit of backing paper from each groove and put some acrylic cement in each groove multiple times to soften it up. Then I just layed each rod into its groove one at a time

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2135.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2135.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2136.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2136.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2132.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2132.JPG)

I also found these that I'm going to use as the tuning knobs on the side of the head. I drilled small holes into the sides of the head that these will go into. I just need to hit them again with a bigger drill bit, then I think I'll heat each one up and just press it in to get a nice snug fit

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2122.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2122.JPG)

Thats all for now. Hopefully I can get more done tomorrow night, but I'll definitely get more done on monday.

I had to place another order with performance pcs for a few more things, that shipped today from them so I should see it tuesday hopefully.

Until next time, stay tuned :D

12-12-2009, 11:16 AM
Awesome idea on the frets and machine heads!

12-12-2009, 11:18 AM
Dang! Quite awesome work man. Oh how I would kill to have a space to work like that. *Looks out at tiny balcony in the freezing cold and cries*.

Seriously, Nice work!

12-17-2009, 01:34 PM
ok smallish upadte. I've got both sides formed, I jsut bought an 18" metal brake @ harbor freight this morning. I'm going to bend a strip of green plexi 90º then cut it into pieces to use for brackets to secure the top and bottom to the sides. I've got pics, havent had time to upload them.

I may not update again until after christmas when its done, I need all the time I can get @ this point to finish it, but I'll definitely post up more progress!

12-22-2009, 01:38 PM
HUGE UPDATE coming probably tomorrow.


I've got tons of pics and a vid or two ready to upload, so probably tomorrow I'll get them up here. It came out better than I expected, and looks AMAZING.

12-22-2009, 03:26 PM
HUGE UPDATE coming probably tomorrow.


I've got tons of pics and a vid or two ready to upload, so probably tomorrow I'll get them up here. It came out better than I expected, and looks AMAZING.

WOOOHOOO!!! Can hardly wait to see this baby done!

12-22-2009, 03:52 PM
heres a little teaser. I just texted this pic to my email (I'm @ work right now) and uploaded it. Enjoy :D

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_1221091823a.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/1221091823a.jpg)

mobo needs to go in still and some wiring needs to be finished up :banana:

12-22-2009, 03:54 PM

12-24-2009, 03:30 AM
wow that looks amazing put together! wow wow wow. :D

12-24-2009, 11:54 AM
thanks! I'll get the rest of the pics and whatnot uploaded sometime within the next few days, most likely over the weekend. It is 100% done though!! :banana:

12-27-2009, 12:43 PM
its time for THE FINAL UPDATE!!!

thats right, its FINISHED! well actually it was finished on the 23rd, just havent had time to get pics up till now lol.

on to the update!!

heres is the pattern traced onto the wood that I glued together
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2137.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2137.JPG)

I made a L and R sides (both sides are a slightly different shape)
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2138.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2138.JPG)

and cut in half
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2139.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2139.JPG)

now the original plan was to cut it with the bandsaw and have a 2-piece mold to form the sides. my bandsawy had other ideas though, so I ended up spending 2 hours at the belt sander to get this:
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2140.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2140.JPG)

first piece clamped ready for bending
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2154.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2154.JPG)

partially bent
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2155.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2155.JPG)

now the clamps werent working good enough. the acrylic would heat up and the clamp would leave an impression in it, so I switched to painters tape

one side done
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2156.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2156.JPG)

and set down for a test fit after cooling
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2158.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2158.JPG)

I did the other side the same, then had to make minor adjustments to each to get the proper fit to the base

I used my bending brake I got at Harbor Freight to bend a strip 90 degrees
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2175.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2175.JPG)

my two strips ready for cutting and sanding
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2177.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2177.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2178.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2178.JPG)

and sanded
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2179.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2179.JPG)

I loosely mounted them to the sides with elongated holes. this way once I got them all mounted up I could make position adjustments as necessary
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2180.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2180.JPG)

and mounted to the top
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2183.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2183.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2185.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2185.JPG)

12-27-2009, 12:47 PM
heres the guitar stand I bought at Guitar Center for $12. looks like it will do nicely
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2141.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2141.JPG)

then I found that the neck was too thick to fit into the holder. I tried heating and bending it but it wouldnt go far enough
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2144.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2144.JPG)

here is the 6" UV green IDE cable I got from Performance PCs
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2145.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2145.JPG)

fits perfectly
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2147.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2147.JPG)

and the UV green PSU kit also from P-PCs
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2151.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2151.JPG)

the old slide switches I was originally using werent looking or fitting nicely, so I got these nice rocker switches from P-PCs as well
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2152.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2152.JPG)

12-27-2009, 12:50 PM
everything mounted to front panel
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2186.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2186.JPG)

now for mounting the strings I simply put a dab of hot glue in each mounting hole and pushed the string in until hit bottomed out on the LED
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2193.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2193.JPG)

lit up for testing, looks great!
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2188.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2188.JPG)

I also used the same hot glue method to attatch the "keys" to the neck
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2196.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2196.JPG)

12-27-2009, 12:53 PM
I had to make bigger mounts for the bottom, and I only needed 6 total. I used these rubber expanding nuts and screws to attatch the top/sides to the base for easy removal.
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2191.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2191.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2194.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2194.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2195.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2195.JPG)

and mounted to the base
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2197.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2197.JPG)

once I got the sides mounted back to the top, then the assembly mounted to the base, I went wround it with the heat gun to help form the sides exactly how they needed to be. this also helped to iron out wrinkles in the sides from the bending process
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2198.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2198.JPG)

12-27-2009, 01:01 PM
top finished
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2213.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2213.JPG)

mobo remounted to the base
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2212.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2212.JPG)

lastly I made the top cover piece. I cut a piece to fit and notched it for the power cable and wiring for the LEDs
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2200.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2200.JPG)

mounting holes for the 80mm fan and the neck supports I made earlier
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2201.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2201.JPG)

fan sleeved and LEDs removed
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2206.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2206.JPG)

I just drilled and tapped the neck supports and attatched them with some 4-40 SS screws
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2203.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2203.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2202.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2202.JPG)

test fit - fits good :D
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2204.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2204.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2205.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2205.JPG)

80mm exhaust fan mounted with vib damper
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2207.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2207.JPG)

and a little heating and tweaking to make it fit right and she's done! this panel will just sit in there, it doesnt need any mounts. the weight of the neck holds it in between the top and the base
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2208.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2208.JPG)

I ended up notching the neck a little where it will sit in its holder. I was worried how it would look, but the foam where it sits covers it up and you cant notice it unless you look closely. but I had to do it to get it to fit
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2199.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2199.JPG)

12-27-2009, 01:09 PM
And heres all the final pics and even a vid! :banana:

I hope you all enjoyed following this build, thanks to everyone for their comments and suggestions. I never would have finished this without all of you guys!! :bowdown:

how it all began:
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_render2.jpg (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/render2.jpg)

and how it ends:
http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2222.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2222.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2221.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2221.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2224.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2224.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2223.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2223.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2220.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2220.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2219.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2219.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2217.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2217.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2216.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2216.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2214.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2214.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2215.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2215.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2237.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2237.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2234.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2234.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2235.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2235.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2230.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2230.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2229.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2229.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2228.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2228.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2227.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2227.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2226.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2226.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2225.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2225.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2239.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2239.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2237~0.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2237~0.JPG)


12-27-2009, 03:47 PM
Looks great - bet you're Mr. Popular in the house right now - awesome work!

12-27-2009, 06:56 PM

12-28-2009, 12:27 AM
Man that rocks no pun intended . +rep

12-28-2009, 11:24 AM
lol thanks!

12-28-2009, 12:26 PM
Rock on SXRguyinMA :up::D:up:.
Congrats on finishing your scratch build mate, looks awesome +rep 8).

12-28-2009, 01:10 PM

12-28-2009, 03:32 PM
Looks sweet dude! Great job.

12-28-2009, 04:13 PM
Dude, thats awesome, great job on the strings.

12-30-2009, 11:32 AM
That came out so freaking awesome man! Damn, that is sweet! All I can say is WOW!

12-30-2009, 06:02 PM
HAD to share:D


i love it big time! cant belive i actually missed this one Oo the finished product looks nothing less than amazing man! gratz on finishing it:D

12-30-2009, 06:11 PM
Nice! Already getting some international exposure!

12-30-2009, 06:14 PM
:eek: :eek: :banana: :banana:

thats awesome thanks for sharing!

12-30-2009, 07:30 PM
HAD to share:D


i love it big time! cant belive i actually missed this one Oo the finished product looks nothing less than amazing man! gratz on finishing it:D

I cant read Danish, but this is what Bing translator says lol

I have seen many different types of casemods, and has gone through many logs, and sometimes have something which simply thinking wow!
SXRguyinMA has long had a worklog landscape on TBCS where his early sketches of a against not looked like something special, but the work went forward Göteborg(3), absorbed more and more into the moddet.

Moddet is to build a computer into a selvbygget guitar made of acrylic, and there is certainly not spared the lighting.
The original sketches from google sketchup as.

The entire moddet ended out as we see it standing here, and we hope to SXRguyinMA get taken pictures of it, with a proper basis, for it is really worth!

On this picture you can see how modderen has chosen to hide psu ´ a and harddisken.

As we can see inside the chassis.

One of the fun details, the strings which is made of long rods acrylic which are sanded, so they provide more light out of the pages.

There has also been made a video of moddet which can be seen below, where the entire glory will be shown.

The entire workloggen can be read at TheBestCaseScenario groessterfck and it is certainly worth a look, since there are many small details that make this against even cooler.

I do need better pics. I need a better camera and a better place to take pics. anyone interested in helpin? :whistler:

12-30-2009, 09:27 PM
haha:P translator ftw.

get a white background, set your camera to iso 200, and put it on a tripod, or a box, and set the camera to 2 sek selftimer.

and get a big light, but dont shine it directly onto the mod, but let it reflect into a wall or so.

theese few tricks will do WONDERS! if you can get away with it, get outside a sunny day, and put the mod up against a white wall, and do as stated above:D

01-01-2010, 05:57 PM
Amazing job! This should have been promoted to the Featured section a while back.

01-01-2010, 08:16 PM
thanks! for the props!

01-01-2010, 08:51 PM
Ok, so I haven't commented on this entire worklog, but I just want to say


Absolutely beautiful finished product. +rep!!

01-01-2010, 10:57 PM
and just when you think its 100% done...

I bought a 94 dodge ram 2500 with a cummins diesel in it for $600, and sold it the same day for $1100, so I've got $500 that will be going towards newer hardware for this beast.

heres what I've got picked out:

Sparkle GeForce GTS 250 Video Card - 1024MB DDR3, PCI Express 2.0, (2) Dual Link DVI, SLI Ready (http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/searchtools/item-Details.asp?EdpNo=4502183&sku=S15-0252&srkey=s15-0252)
Asus P5N-D Motherboard & Intel Pentium Dual Core E5200 Processor w/ Fan Bundle (http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/searchtools/item-Details.asp?EdpNo=5569243&sku=B69-4074&srkey=b69-4074)
Corsair Dual Channel TWINX 4096MB PC6400 DDR2 800MHz Memory (2 x 2048MB) (http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/searchtools/item-Details.asp?EdpNo=3228139&sku=C13-6082&srkey=c13-6082)
Ultra X4 500-Watt Modular Power Supply - 135mm Fan, ATX, Lifetime Warranty, 80+ Bronze (http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/searchtools/item-Details.asp?EdpNo=4242584&sku=ULT40364&srkey=ult40364)

now the only downside is all the work I did on the current PSU is down the drain...I'll see what I can do to spiff up this Ultra one. Its got a main fan in it, so I dont think I can make another sweet PSU cover for it, but unfortunately the current PSU will die trying to power this hardware. We'll see. This mod is done for all intents and purposes though, and I'll make anotehr small thread once the goodies arrive

01-02-2010, 11:27 PM
1100 bucks? you probably could have gotten @ least 2500 here in Idaho. lol thats cool though I love it when good deals fall in your lap like that.

01-03-2010, 11:10 AM
yea I could have gotten that here too if I waited longer...but hell I had a buyer lined up, and the truck was pretty rough, rust all over, but trans was replaced with a rebuilt 3 yrs ago, 4x4 works perfect, runs perfect, 285k miles.

I got the $1100 from the buyer and gave $600 to the seller, so I made $500 and only had to make a few phone calls lol. Anyways, the stuff is on its way :banana:

01-03-2010, 06:18 PM
What the... how did I miss this worklog!! it's awesome!! congrats and +rep, you are very skillfull with acrylic :D

01-07-2010, 10:01 PM
new hardware showed up today :D

should have it all swapped and up and running this weekend

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2251.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2251.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2250.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2250.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2249.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2249.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2248.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2248.JPG)

http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/normal_HPIM2247.JPG (http://www.postwhore.biz/albums/userpics/10082/HPIM2247.JPG)

01-08-2010, 12:47 PM
Nice, new gear woo hoo :banana:, just watched another vid and it wowed me again :up::):up:, very cool mod.

01-15-2010, 10:34 PM
verycool ! annoyed i wasnt around while this one was going on

05-05-2010, 03:41 PM
small status update!

everything is working great! except 2 of the RGB LEDs. one on the base and one on the top. The reds seem to be intermittent. they'll be on, then flicker out, then not work for a while, then work for a while etc lol. Not sure if its an LED or resistor issue. I'l ltry replacing each when I have some free time

09-24-2010, 08:17 AM
Update! The nice pics are here FINALLY!!! Enjoy :D

















03-13-2011, 02:07 PM
My English is not on level very much. I ment, my spelling is awful ! But I read perfectly, and I translate to bulgarian for modsbg.com articles.