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07-21-2008, 06:56 AM
hey guys and girls... (is there any that mod)

this is a small tut on some small tips that helped me when modding

SAFTEY first

wear saftey glasses (cant stress it enough)

gloves if grinding or any thing dangerous or hot..

then... when using a disc sander like this one (stock pics sorry)


here is a diagram on where to hold your piece


in this example the disc is spinning clockwise so where the disc is 'coming down' use the right side...

sounds straight forward but ive seen people stuff that up

next is using a linisher or a belt sander

in this pic it shows from the side where and where not to hold your piece


if you are doing it wrong it will jolt or viabrate a hell of a lot

ok when using a drill (not a press drill)

always clamp down your work ill admit i nearly took off my fingers from a small part i was making got caught on the drill bit.... CLAMPS ARE YOUR FRIEND

then while drilling metal and wood use something called a center punch like this one


it is basicly a dart (that you hit with a hamer) but not really really sharp and it is for marking holes instead of making a pilot hole... you may still need a pilot hole

when drilling plastic or acrylic use a lighter or heat gun to heat up the end of the center punch and press it into the plastic to make a hole

then you simply clamp down your work if not done and then put the end of the drill bit into the hole and slowly spin the drill chuck by hand then let her rip :)

rounding off corners..

ok for this it sounds easy but if you are a measure twice cut once kinda guy then use this method if not go away :D the idea is to use a washer or a circular object and line up the two sides like so


then trace and sand

(bigger the object the more you take off the corner)

more to come till then ttyl


Dane Bramage
07-21-2008, 10:42 PM
great tips, dewd. info we all can use.

07-22-2008, 03:12 AM
:D just tring to help gunna make a site or a file soon with alot of tips and tricks so yeah more to come.

06-01-2011, 06:42 AM
Good idea, it's easy to forget that many people that want to have a go at modding are not familiar with using tools and especially power tools which can be lethal, I've seen a pro engineer take a finger off on a metal bandsaw because he used it every day and got complacent, as a pro mechanic by trade it's easy to forget the dangers when you work with these tools every day.

It makes me cringe when I see so called "Experts" on TV not clamping materials down before drilling etc, the "Teutels" of OCC spring to mind (experts :rolleyes:) but there not the only ones I've seen do it, and getting hit in the face by a bit of metal thrown out by a grinder or sander is no joke and I've had sparks in my eyes from a grinder even when wearing goggles and had to have them removed by an eye specialist (no fun sitting there waiting to be told if your eyes are permanently damaged, luckily mine weren't) so now I always wear a full wrap around face mask visor when using any power tool, once bitten, twice scared sh****ss!

PS. Anyone using a Dremel type high speed tool for the first time needs to be aware that they can be really nasty when those little cutting blades and wheels break up which they seem to do regularly when I use them :redface: