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08-03-2008, 02:48 PM
I'm surprised that nobody else has done this yet. We have seen several computer cases of this theme, but not a set of speakers. I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking. More to come later.

A box with a hole cut for the amp.


Some corner pieces. There are 24 in total.


A homemade jig. Can be used for circles or straight lines.


Three pieces make up each corner section. The box is used as a jig while the pieces are glued. The clamps hold them on until the glue is dry and they are one piece.


The corner pieces are then removed from the box. Glue is added to the inner seams, then wood filler is used to perfect small imperfections. They will be sanded too!


I am going to add a few details this week and by this Saturday it should be done. The speakers that will go with it havenít even been started, and details on them is still secret. All you can do for now is just enjoy what I give you.

Hereís the sub amp and 8″ woofer.



I know what you really want. You want to see the sub box with a little more detail. Hereís the box painted up. Itís a little darker than I hoped, but thereís not a lot you can do without getting it custom painted at an autobody shop. Later this week I will add the EL wire and glue on all the corners. Then there is a little wiring, and screwing in the amp and woofer. Then the Subwoofer will be done!


08-04-2008, 04:03 PM
Very unique and creative box shape and design.
I have that same amp on the back of my subwoofer box
I use for my theater entertainment system.
They have them at parts express.

Yeah, I got the woofer and amp from Partsexpress.com. It's a good place.

I'm repainting today (right after I finish this post actually). I'll post more pics tonight or tomorrow. I'm just plain not satisfied with the paint. It's too dark and I can't stand it. I found a lighter gray at the hardware store and after some studying in Gary's Mod, I've decided that the corner pieces are actually white. They're actually more white than the parts on GlaDos, or the Aperture computer itself. So, I'm going with white paint for the corners. I'll sand down to some gray to make the cube look old. It should turn out better this time, although I frustrated to have to do this over again.

08-06-2008, 08:52 PM
I was unsatisfied with the results I was getting, so I decided to repaint the cube. It was frustrating, but worth it. I like the new results a lot more and after some dry brushing and a few coats of clear, it will look perfect. I’m still waiting on the pink EL wire to ship, but it should be here before the end of the week and then I can finish the subwoofer. The speakers will come next. I have the drivers, but everything else to make them needs to be purchased.

Let’s take a moment and compare the new paint job and old to a screenshot of our favorite cube.




Now, knowing that the new paint job isn’t finished yet, which is closer to the screenshot?

08-08-2008, 11:24 AM
Today I waited for the mail to come, but I didn’t get the EL wire I ordered. Maybe tomorrow.

Instead, I worked more on the paint. The screenshot shows that There is some grading between the gray of the cube, and the complete white of the corner pieces. I decided that I would try my hand at dry brushing to add the gray. I first added the gray, and then after it had dried a little more I added another drybrush layer of white. It turned out pretty ok. There’s some natural looking wear on the corner pieces, and grade from gray to white looks pretty good too.

Here’s the cube sanded. The white was way too shiny, and the finish wasn’t completely smooth. Sanding also added some wear to the cube that it needed. None of the pictures here show the detail very well.

Here you can see the gray added and the super light white coat to cover up the wear that was a little overboard.

Finally, here’s a close up of the gray to white. The gray does not show up very well in the pic. Sorry, there’s nothing I can really do to fix that.

Later I will add a clear coat, but first I will wait for the EL wire to show up and I will get it mounted and epoxied in.

08-09-2008, 03:56 PM
I checked the mail again today and still no EL wire. I'm also going to be camping Monday-Wednesday, so don't expect an update until Thursday at the earliest. I'm pretty frustrated that I'm still waiting on the EL wire, but there is nothing I can do about it. Right now I'm going to the craft store to look for some things I need for the speakers. Hopefully I can find what I'm looking for.

Talk to you next week!

08-16-2008, 02:44 PM
sounds like you already are... el wire you will have to do a review/ tutorial on that one..
I'll make sure I do a review and tutorial, although the review so far is going to be poor. Today's mail has come and gone and my EL wire has not come yet. I'm getting a little frustrated as I'll be leaving for NY on Wednesday and I won't be back for a week. I'm sure that it will be here when I get back from there (I hope) but it really puts me behind schedule.

The heart looks slightly askew, but other than that, it looks awesome.
The pieces aren't glued in place yet, I just tossed the circle on and took the picture. That is the best of the hearts, however, and a few of them aren't perfect, but I'm not willing to repaint the whole thing again.

08-31-2008, 01:34 AM
I got an email back the morning after I contacted the company. Apparently my card was declined for some reason, and the job of telling me about it slipped through the cracks somewhere. I canceled that order and reordered on Aug 28. The order came today (Aug 30). The owner of the site emailed me several times and was really friendly and nice. I was going to give worldaglow a bad recommendation, but I just can't now. My card was declined and they failed to tell me. It could happen to anyone. The owner of the site said that they are really busy this time of year, as Burning Man is approaching. The customer service was really high and my order (re-order anyway) got here really fast. I'm impressed and would order from Worldaglow again.

Since my order came today, I worked hard on the Companion Cube Subwoofer for most the day. I did a number of things. First, I drybrushed a metallic gray onto the cube to give it a sheet metal sort of look. It worked pretty well and I am very satisfied with the results. It really added some depth to the gray.

I drilled holes and ran the EL wire. This is some pretty fun stuff. The pink is just right. Here is a great blurry picture of the cube in the dark. The wire is run in the grooves and holes are drilled so the wire can from one track to another on the inside on the box.


A quick mock-up with the corners on. The wire will have epoxy over it, and then the epoxy will be painted pink. The glow will show through when it is dark, just like in the game.


Here is the EL wire inverter. It will just hang like it is, but it can be removed. It is on the back, next to the sub amp.


I put epoxy in the grooves to bury the EL wire, and then painted it pink. I then added the mounted the amp and woofer. Hereís a pic of the results.


Some glue on the corners, and this is getting very close to done.


A pic of the back. You can see the amp and the inverter. I hate waiting for glue to dry.


I'm off to glue a few more pieces. Tomorrow morning I will finish and give a sound test. I'm pretty excited.

08-31-2008, 02:50 PM
Although there will be more to come in the form of speakers, the Companion Cube Subwoofer is finished. I glued the last pieces last night and took some glamor shots this morning. I'll let the pics do the talking. I'll continue the other half of this project in Part 2: GlaDos Speaks with Her Eyes. The sub weighs in at just under 40lbs. It's heavy.







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