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09-09-2008, 03:35 PM

TFF 5th-7th Sept 2008

Well it was an eventful day, even if i was only there for one day of it, Thats right folks, this is the first writeup for TBCS on a LAN party, for all of you in the UK i can highly recommend going to a "The Frag Factory" (TFF) LAN party, it is the best fun i have ever had at a LAN party in a long time, so much so i plan on becomming a regular.

I had a chance to speak to one of the organizers of TFF, A Miss Button of TFF from Huddersfield,

TFF is run every 6 weeks so people can come at a time of the year that suits them or all the time if they want, the event isn't just for locals though as i discovered that people had traveled as far as Devon to come.

At the moment there are about 40 seats available but should the need arise larger events (60-100) could be held if there was enough interest and depending on location.

When i asked Miss Button about the modding community she answered with "I think the modding community are an important aspect of the lan community as the events are places to show off equipment, Also being closely linked with over-clock.co.uk we generally have alot of lanners heavily into modding and overclocking, and there are always new modding techniques and equipment available"

At present TFF is the only event that Miss Button runs, but from my time there i can see its a full time job.

While there i noticed a few nice rigs so i asked the specs and got some photos:

Name: Blayze
Intel Q6600 Core 2 Quad
8GB OCZ SLI Edition PC6400
2X 8800GTS in SLI
Is it modded: YES
How: Glowy Water (Lots of it)
Are you a regular: YES
Do you plan on comming again: YES


Name: Mr Badidea
Intel E8400 Core 2
Blackops Motherboard
2X 4870 x2 in Crossfire
Is it modded: YES
How: Custom Watercooling setup (Two loops and i rebuilt one on the day)
Are you a regular: YES
Do you plan on comming again: YES


And my personal fav

Name: Steve
Is it modded: YES
How: Custom Watercooling setup, British Racing green paint job and chrome, and a Jaguar emblem ontop
Are you a regular: YES
Do you plan on comming again: YES


All in all a fun weekend, one member was about to wet himself when the overclocking started:
then we gave up as the motherboard couldn't cope with it, and he was about to keal over!

Mr Badidea decided he wanted to fit some nice new graphics cards, a set of 4870 x2' in crossfire, but not just that, he wanted to watercool them too, so that ment he had to drain the loop, remove old cards, insert new ones and refit it all. Took all of an hour, the longest part being remove the old heatsinks.


i plan on going again myself, so if any of you wish to come please forward any enquiries to lan@thefragfactory.com or goto: The Frag Factory (http://www.over-clock.co.uk/ivb/index.php?showforum=81)

09-09-2008, 04:36 PM
An FSB of 266MHz isn't that much....

09-09-2008, 04:47 PM
that was the starting point, we had it upto 1600 (400FSB i think) at one point then the mobo wouldn't do much more.