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08-20-2007, 07:27 AM
on this years IFA (berlin), thereīs a new category for mods: modded consumer electronics or just "ce-mods". terratec was kind enough to supply interested modders with their noxon i-radio for free. i was interested !:twisted:

timeīs very short so i chose a very conservative design. the shape of the radio stays nearly untouched but ill change some of the original materials to get a more precious look.
plans for the case :
- walnut veneer instead of plexiglass
- alu-buttons
- speakerguard made of 6mm alubars
- all silver-grey parts painted white
- rounding the edges with a shaper

http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/400_3036653639623465.jpg (http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/1024_3036653639623465.jpg)

qucik work with sketchup. dimensiosn are just appreciated. the speaker is a bit smaller in the original but that wont change the design in general. ill just scale it down.

http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/400_3938303638653939.jpg (http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/1024_3938303638653939.jpg)

this package arrived last week

http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/400_3737333962376564.jpg (http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/1024_3737333962376564.jpg)

mhh the radio is not that ugly but itīs definitly not a beauty. i dont like the "silvergreyiwishicouldberealalu" paintjobs. the used plastic tells me " i was made in china ..and i am cheap!". maybe this sounds like the iradio is just a piece of *#?$ but that wasnt my intentions. this little voices from china whisper from nearly all electronics on todays markets ( i know itīs my own fault .. i wouldnt buy the same product if they take 100 extra bucks for some real metal bling bling)

http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/400_3663623265653937.jpg (http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/1024_3663623265653937.jpg)

cleaning up

http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/400_6533386237656132.jpg (http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/1024_6533386237656132.jpg)

i found some nice veneer . not 100% shure but it looks very much like walnut
anyway it looks exactly like the material i had in mind

http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/400_6463316265383862.jpg (http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/1024_6463316265383862.jpg)

the colours get closer to the final, painted , look when the wood gets wet.
this wasnt just for a better look, i needed to press it. after at least 50 years of several attics you could ride a big wave contest on it

http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/400_3861646234366233.jpg (http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/1024_3861646234366233.jpg)

http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/400_3964313736316136.jpg (http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/1024_3964313736316136.jpg)

08-21-2007, 05:11 AM
thx guys, hereīs todays update

@grunt ... i dont think i really understand your post .. but i m not shure if i want to.

http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/400_6665346331316330.jpg (http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/1024_6665346331316330.jpg)

to cut the wood i did a mask first. makes is much easier to fit it to the box.

http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/400_6364633164336538.jpg (http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/1024_6364633164336538.jpg)

still a lot work until everything fits perfectly

http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/400_6630653561323962.jpg (http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/1024_6630653561323962.jpg)

i started with the speakerhole. the marks give me hints where i need to sand and file a bit more

http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/400_6331383332393563.jpg (http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/1024_6331383332393563.jpg)

done ..

http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/400_6464326134633938.jpg (http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/1024_6464326134633938.jpg)

veneer done so lets start with rounding the corners. ill use this shape.

http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/400_3566366530383937.jpg (http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/1024_3566366530383937.jpg)

before i apply the veneer, i prepared as much as possible
bondo, sanding .. paint

http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/400_6231363065396130.jpg (http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/1024_6231363065396130.jpg)

08-22-2007, 06:09 AM
http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/400_3666386231323338.jpg (http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/1024_3666386231323338.jpg)

todays topic is the grill for the speaker. step one: doin masks for cuttin the alu.

http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/400_3162323962303838.jpg (http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/1024_3162323962303838.jpg)

i cutted the 6mm sheet with a jigsaw. the aliminium looks really ugly but it was cheap ^^

http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/400_6563353833353638.jpg (http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/1024_6563353833353638.jpg)

i guess thereīs a lot of work to do until it fits the sketchup model from my first post

http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/400_6561363031636662.jpg (http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/1024_6561363031636662.jpg)

to get the right diameter i added 5mm plywood sheets. 5mm plywood + glue+ paper is nearly 6mm

http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/400_6533623263333138.jpg (http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/1024_6533623263333138.jpg)

after glueing everything together i sanded the base. the whole block will be glued to another wooden sheet and that connection needs to be strong.

http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/400_3433306136383636.jpg (http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/1024_3433306136383636.jpg)

http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/400_3465353231383431.jpg (http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/1024_3465353231383431.jpg)

glueing the grill right in the center of this would be quite difficult

http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/400_6131646133323330.jpg (http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/1024_6131646133323330.jpg)

some circles help a lot

http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/400_3665306464656632.jpg (http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/1024_3665306464656632.jpg)

weīre spinnin round round like a record baby ...

http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/400_3236353738633962.jpg (http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/1024_3236353738633962.jpg)

http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/400_3162663666316531.jpg (http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/1024_3162663666316531.jpg)

done ..

08-23-2007, 03:22 AM
thx guys

http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/400_3634663130363635.jpg (http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/1024_3634663130363635.jpg)

works nearly done but today we use the lathe again. i still need alu-versions of the big buttons on the front ( navigation and volume)
seems to be quite easy cause itīs attached to normal 6mm poti.
the navigationknob is part of the case and hits 4 momentary switches.
the dark part in the center is for the ir diode

http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/400_3536386137646532.jpg (http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/1024_3536386137646532.jpg)

my workplace. the volume knob is nearly done. the center still needs some treatment. the little steels you see there are just used for detail work. the steel i used for the grill was 3times bigger and with mounting arround 80cm long. the big mounting is important to get a smooth surface.

http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/400_3334663634633531.jpg (http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/1024_3334663634633531.jpg)

backside of the knob. the little notch helps my finding the center for the 6mm hole.

http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/400_6665636630323766.jpg (http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/1024_6665636630323766.jpg)

if you use just a short or no mounting for the steels the surface looks this way.. ( no problem here, this will be the inside of the navigation button)

http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/400_3832613466623561.jpg (http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/1024_3832613466623561.jpg)

i need a 12mm hole in there and a 10mm drill is quick way to get close to that. the final mm can be done freehand. drillin a hole of 12mm right through a 10mm aluknob would be pain is the arse with those little steels.

http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/400_3666306431383237.jpg (http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/1024_3666306431383237.jpg)

navbutton done. i just glued the original "lense" inside. the ir diode will be mounted inside the button, otherwise the viewing angle for the remote controll would be 2 small ( i guess)

09-08-2007, 03:18 PM
time for a final update. it was a very short project,im sorry. i promise the next one will take some more time.

http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/400_6232346134383564.jpg (http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/1024_6232346134383564.jpg)

the last but one layer of clear varnish for the front.

http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/400_6132303333356236.jpg (http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/1024_6132303333356236.jpg)

i made some decals with a freeware vector grafic tool. only a few are used for this project, the others are for another thing thatīs only at planning stage atm. ill reveal that later ^^...

http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/400_3938613934616361.jpg (http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/1024_3938613934616361.jpg)

http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/400_6435303366663032.jpg (http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/1024_6435303366663032.jpg)

DAMN! this terrible picture was waitin for me when i visited IFA on first public day.
i tried to fix it but i the first and quick attempt didnt work.

http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/400_6431663263666461.jpg (http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/51/2108551/1024_6431663263666461.jpg)

a second try on the evening, after the exibition was closed for the public, worked a lot better.

Link To Original Worklog (http://www.thebestcasescenario.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10158&highlight=WHiTE+radio)