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10-10-2007, 08:48 AM
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/p0pe-.jpg

This projekt is sponsored by:


since i got a lot of old hardware at home as many others, ive decided to put it all together so i can get some use of my old IDE harddrives.

i have some simple plans to put this together but i aint gonna use a lot of money, ive sold my soul to my mother (moving horse**** from barn to field :/) just to get this:


im gonna use this because its gonna be very compact and not giving off a lot of heat since its old hardware.


something something MB
amd athlon 2.4 ghz
512 mb ram
geforce 4 TI 4200

200 gb
160 gb
80 gb
xxx gb

to give you an impresion of how much im actually gonna stuff in this ive made this:


all i actually need is some tubes, a rad (since om not gonna use my extra dual 120 rad), and some fluid.

im thinking of a few ideas on how to wrap it together but still working on it, basicly, im going to put PSU in one "box" in the bottom, and res/pump and dvd-rom in another, and put the MB etc on top. still not sure how to integrate the hdd´s and rad:/... but ill figur it out:P


comments and suggestions are very velcome:) im counting on ordering the res/pump today, and ill think about getting a cheap rad. (if anyone from denmark inhere has a cheap rad they dont use please pm me:D)

10-10-2007, 02:34 PM
another pic just to show some more detailed sketches


comments anyone?

10-12-2007, 03:57 AM
thx all:)

what do you think of this?, ive put the rad in one of the bottoms, (120 mm) and layid harddrives on top of each other, i may have to go for 3 harddrives only, since i can get more space between and will only have to leed 1 power cable downthere (since most psu goes with 3 molex pr. cable


(the image looks like sh## if you dont watch it in full res:p)

ive put a dual 120 mm rad in for comparison... as you can see its friggin big :S thats why ill have to get a single 120:/.. only have dual 120 lying around


10-12-2007, 08:00 AM
Why can't you use the duel 120mm?

its far to big, and would have to be placed in the rear or something:/

as shown before look at the size compared to the rest :eek:

10-23-2007, 07:52 AM
okay a small update.
got som alu to work on (alot actually so have plenty to the whole case i think) and also worked a prototype bend out to see if its possible to bend this with the machine im working with.
and gues what:D... it worked almost fine with som minor adjustments xD

test bend:


ive bended it so there is room in the midle for this if i get mad and decide to get a bigger pump and a bigger res:P


since its a test bend, its not the right lenght, and the piece of alu thats in the left end is just scrap... its not gonna be there in the final model.

10-23-2007, 11:04 AM

just as i have fizzled a bit with bending the alu in school, on the way home me and my girlfriend takes a look into the local aldi store, and gues what :D... the acryllic case which normally costs 1599 DKR (266 us$) is now on sale for 200 DKR XDDDDD... (33 us$)

ive allready bought one, and im gonna buy one more, and make this case of acryllic, and maybe paint some of it and so on:D

im not really god at holding on to one plan and maybe this projekt is gonna change much more... who knows :p

happy modding:)

10-24-2007, 06:31 PM
errrr what?
I think the aluminum would work best for the frame, put in the acrylic where you would like, i think top would be sweet and some side windows. the cylindrical rad. is effing sweet too dude!! i think that would look great in the middle section.

yeah i like the res alot to:p... so hope i have the cash to get it... and im gonna go for the aliminium for a bottom frame, and then make a top of alu to, and some windows of acrylic, and mesh... got to get some drawings down heh

BUT... ****ty bang bang, my camera is fracked so untill i find a card reader somewhere (got one lying around "somewhere") you will have to do with pure text:think: [boooring]

ive split the acrylic case apart so i have the bottom and the top plate which im gonna make my hdd holder, and my dvd drive holder. gonna cut something of theese to make them fit, and make a tray to em so they are gonna stay where i want them to stay.

ive decided to reverse the design so psu, dvd-drive and res/pump is going to be on the side the harddrives were before, beacuse of the psu otherwise would suck air from -nowere-...
just testet the different parts of acrylic, and they are fitting nicely:D... only have to do some simple cuts to pull this off, and then some filling maybe.

i have a god feeling of this so is very excitet to get the alu bend so i can work on the rest... just fearing that the bends is gonna get of, and it wont fit in the end:/.. just have to be carefull then heh...

:pics: just before someone else do it

ill post the image sometime tomorrow or something:)
until then= g´night:D

10-27-2007, 06:44 AM
okay this is what i have to work with:D... acrylic FTW

gonna take this part and destroy it so it fits my needs xD!

this should give you an idea of what i want to do:)

and the psu is gonna sit like this

light!... yeeaaahhh

this wont do:/... the psu cant get any fresh air...

quick fix heh

theese little devils are gonna come in handy:D...

this is the tool of destruction!:D... WITH LASERS XD... gotta love it!

you will have to wait with the rest:) im off to bowling with my girlfriend and she is gonna kill me if she have to wait much longer:D

mod away fokes:)

10-27-2007, 10:02 AM

the PSU mounting plate destroyd and fittet a bit

psu mounted, and shined up, sooo shiny!:D

bended the bottom frame, compared to prototype:

and made the other one as well, like the results:D.. they are almost identical!... 1 mm different max xD all made without motorized tools:P


look at thoose bends:P... compared to the prototype i like it:D

thats all for now... havent got photos of the rest, and since my camera is broken im gonna have to buy a card reader:)

comments are welcome:)

mod away fokes

10-28-2007, 04:56 PM
wuhuuu!... found a camera at the girl next door:P

update time!
how it looks at the time

psu got another mount plate in the upper right corner

have to figure a way to lead the wires from the psu to hdd... thought of thoose silver bath hoses everyone uses since the looks awesome, but think they have been used to much so ill see if i can find something else

the pencil is there to illustrate how long it is going to be in the end

a little look at the rear... have to fix the whole in the psu somehow... thinking about mesh, but that might ruin the acrylic look?

intake to psu.. will look something like this i think

old faithfull gforce 4 TI 4200 :p (and old not so faithfull camera in the back)

how the rear looks... have to do something about the edges and so on... not quite satisfied with the vent as it looks now neither.

pleeeenty of room inhere for something:D

raddy time! after some time of thinking and loads of more thinking of what to do with the spare room beside the mobo, and how to make the top, i thought of putting the rad in the front?... will have to make some fancy cover for it though... but shouldnt be a problem:D

(there should have been pics of the raddy on the front here but somehow i forgot to link to em lol)

after seing how it fittet i came up with the idea that a 3*120 mm rad actually might fit:twisted::twisted::twisted:

also the posibility to put it out of the way here but this pos wont fit a 3*120mm

and for the frame: i have plans to make it look like brushed steel:D i love that look!... just hope to be able to make it look god:)

thats all for now:D

comments are very velcome:)... need feedback on the raddy and the mesh and whatever you might have to say:D

and thx to XcOM for the sig pic:) how do i make it link to this thread? heh

10-29-2007, 03:00 PM
types in a worklog, host the pics, make the links, and the beacuse of some crappy ass nighbour mouse i push on a toolbar and its all gone!... "#!"!"¤

trying again

think im just gonna go for the standard psu then... my current Tt dual 120 rad though is able to handle all of my things in the other rig... thats a big cpu and 4 harddrives.

progress though.

got the rest of the holders in place, drilled the wholes and so on.

the machine i use for bending

and the machine for cutting:D.. why bother with a saw when you can use a huge ass machine:D

have no idea of what to do of it though... now it some sort of power measuring thing but who gives a damn:D

this was were i thought of placing the rad... might do some renders when i get home... to give you a better idea of it:D

thats all for now:D...

stay tuned for the next episode of:O scrapheap challenge! lol

10-30-2007, 05:01 AM
little progress... which result in the descition of redoing the hdd panel...

you see this wont do

and it should have been as wide as the other one... so will have to redo this when i get home

11-04-2007, 10:28 AM
small update.

got the other hdd holder done, and used a lot of time sanding, wetsanding, more wetsanding and polishing:D

made theese little things

wich is gonna be used for this

and i got the mobo plate drilled, so now i just need to find som bolts that fits the purpose:D

ive only sanded to P800, and i can get a 1200, but what is the highest you can get?... as far as i heard 2000 and does it make sence to get higher or does polishing the rest of the job:D?


might just got a sponsor:D more info to come!:D

11-05-2007, 09:03 AM
got sponsorship:D

i should have this soon (ill post the sponsor soon) :

3 of theese
17 db, adjustable to 6 db!!! 6 db!!:D

and this lovely baby! pump & res in 5.25 bay

and a triple, feel the power: TRIPLE, 120 mm radiator:P

and fluid:

anti bend things:
and loads of fittings, uv cc, hoses, and so on:D

if everything goes acording to plan ill have this by the end of the week i guess:D

and then the fun begin!:twisted:

11-05-2007, 06:07 PM
ive worked on the radgrill thingie

what do you think? as far as ive calculated the mobo is able to sit backthere:D


think i might go for something like this, dont know if im gonna put mesh inthere... might


11-06-2007, 05:33 PM
i think this is kinda the bend angle i want


its gonna be cut a little above where the lower 2 pieces of maskin tape is, and ill figure out a way to mount it to the rest of the body on... i thought of welding but this would be to visible, i might bolt it on or something...

more shots:


guess thats it for now... sry for the loads of small updates, but i cant really do to much until i get the rad to measure on, and also have to figure a way to get the top pieces together... if i take the other acrylic case i have and use this, i have no problems what so ever, but im thinking of selling this on:D dont know... it might have to suffer a terrible accident or so... would save me loads of truble:twisted:

11-06-2007, 07:04 PM
another 35$ just went into this "scrapheap" mod since ive decided to split my second acrylic case xD... (gonna sell the hardware though, 400W psu, 3 alu fans & cold cathode light)

this is the purpose:

is replaced by this:


side view... think im gonna go for a angled top... not totaly flat as you see here... this might ruin my plans with the rad grill, but i have a solution in mind

and a front view

11-07-2007, 03:27 AM




11-08-2007, 08:37 AM
damn i used a lot of smileys in the last post lol

hardware time!


OMG look at that rad :O
its so huge:D

compared to the old

as soon as i get my act together ill have the top piece of alu cut. but before that ill have to cut the 2 sides. thats gonna be the next thing to happe:D

until then:

mod away:D

11-17-2007, 12:58 PM
well... i see my gf choosed to make an post also lol... well... update!

this is how much im gonna cut off the acrylic on the sides


ive test bended some alu


and from another angle, the alu is the piece the rad is gonna sit on, and im gonna lasercut some text including the sponsor:)


thats it for now:)

mod away fokes!:D

11-19-2007, 07:06 PM
small update about the pump/res station

how i would like to make a front:


plexi cut, filled and sanded


and some hoses


and put some helicoil inthere just beacuse i thought it would look cool:P


thats all:) sry for the small updates but i have so little time for modding ATM :( so have to do a bit at a time:)

cu until next update:D

12-03-2007, 02:18 PM
then!.. finnaly time for an update:)

to start with ill post some pics of what thought of integrating some time ago, this probertly aint gonna be done but its a nice thought:D

this is my nintendo gamecube
and a WII :D fits perfectly lol

well... now to the modding part
1.2.3 MOD!

im gonna light the feets, 4 feets in total...
as you can see its gonna be blue leds

i got the whole thing asembled and wired it up just to hear how loud it was going to be, and the noise was... low!... the harddrive made more noise than the fans lol

and the fans from the rad is so awesome!... gotta have some more of thoose:D 6 db ftw!

the psu, dvd-drive and hdd´s in place.. not much space for the wires xD

and then.... catastrofy happened:(... my primary rigs watercooling went nuts!... the hdd blocks broke and there was fluid all over... fortunatly my case is rigged so the fluid didnt hit the mb and so on... but the hdd wasnt so lucky:(

the place the damage happened

so now i have been forced to put my hdd out of my waterloop:(... this looks so sad

but at least it gave me the change to clean my rad lol

well.... back to the mod
got the acrylic for the sides cut:D... along with the mb plate, so you now am able to see how big its gonna be:D

also got some wholes cut for the psu air intake

some raddy pics

after dark

some side views

and a pic of my current worktable:D kinda messy

thats all for now:) comments anyone:D???

12-13-2007, 05:23 AM
small update:)
mesh drilled and cut:

as air intake to the psu im counting on using a 140 mm fan.
gonna cut something of the sides of it so it could suck air in from the side where there is a little mesh . this is going to suck some air that comes out of it, but this should not have the biggest effect since there also is a intake on the top.


the mesh for the psu intake:


mesh for the radiator... should i paint this black too?... dont know exactly how the fangrill for the radiator is gonna look... there is gonna sit another one on the alu top plate.


also have to make some adjustments to this card reader... gonna mill in a pice of acrylic, so it fits exactly on.


thats all for now:) what do you think?

12-14-2007, 06:33 AM
quick update -

got to the mill today and now is the break, so i thought i would post some WIP

im gonna make a cover plate for bottom and top side of the cardreader:


is was close at breaking from time to time, but with a steady hand it worked:D


thats all for now:D... might post some more at the end of the day and tell how it went:)

12-17-2007, 09:58 AM
yeah... i was about to order some of that, but since i really dont have the money i just "borrowed" something that i found @ school:D

the finished milling result... will have to do some more about this... but you get the idea...

(sorry for blurry pics...)


and the other side... i might do something about the milling traces, sand it or something... might paint it on one side... still thinking.. any suggestions?


it looks sooo cool under UV:D.. i have a m8 thats foto freak and hope to maybe give him the challenge to take a photoshoot of the thing when its done xD.. would be nice


12-17-2007, 06:48 PM
thx alot for the advice and kind words:) this is how it ended:D


there is some small scratches around but they are so deep that they cant be sanded away:/... so will have to do as it is:)

12-18-2007, 03:23 PM
remember theese


just got the mobo plate tapped with 5 mm screws so that if i have to replace some hardware i only need to remove 8 screws and whatever mechanisme i make to hold the sides to get to the lower levels!

sadly, i dont have any pics beacuse of my crappy camera!... ill post them asap when i can unload them xD...

also got the cardreader almost finished:) the vertical drill i got sure helps alot :D everybody should have one of thoose xD

12-23-2007, 05:41 PM
aaaaaaand.... christmas update!

tapping time!
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/IM004882.Jpg

done with mobo plate

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/IM004879.jpg
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/IM004880.jpg
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/IM004881.jpg

hdd & dvd plate fitted
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/IM004883.jpg
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/IM004884.jpg

and feets:) which are gonna be led as previous mentioned.
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/IM004886.jpg

thats all for now and a while, marry christmas everybody!!!

may you get the modding parts you desire:)

01-04-2008, 05:44 AM
i got the camera working!... sort of.. got my card reader working so... a little loose end from last:

the feets:
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/IM004887.jpg

and i got my dremel at christmas!§


http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/IM004902.jpg


just kidding...

dremel 300:
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/IM004903.jpg

and got the spare plates cut off the main parts, made the whole thing look twice as small xD:bunny:
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/IM004905.jpg
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/IM004906.jpg

and them both... it still looks very non finished:P... but i hope itl soon change! just have some hardware i need :/
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/IM004907.jpg

i couldnt resist!.. a little teaser and need som help from you guys:D
masking tape... gonna be removed soon tatadaaaa
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/IM004908.jpg
blurry pic sry for that xD
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/IM004909.jpg

NOW!... should it look like this:
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/IM004911.jpg

or this:
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/IM004912.jpg

i think im gonna go for the brushed look and i might paint it black... will have to try this on some scrap piece.

also made my own home made round IDE cables because i was bored:D this is very easy to do and they work fine afterwords, just get a little knife and cut a tine whole between the wires and then just use force to seperate the rest from the rest of the big wire:D
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/IM004915.jpg

thats all i got for now:)... happy newyear and comments to everybody!


01-07-2008, 07:47 AM
ok... im just typing down what i know i need to complete this since i think it has stopped a bit:/

to do list:
get modular PSU
design top plate & get this lazercut
make hdd holder - the one i have now only supports 3, and if theese are to be watercooled it will only support 2 or suchs... so im gonna buy this:http://coolbits.dk/product_info.php?products_id=86

and then im gonna go for 2 harddrives in the system... and my onther 2 is gonna go in another mod (prime) i think:)

and that is actually what i need to do:)... so i guess ill order the drive cooler today and see if i can get a loop test up n´ running:D

01-21-2008, 02:10 PM
thx for the +rep all:)

update about the raddy:D

finally got some spare time to play with the computer again

and cleaned my desktop:P
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/IM004946.jpg

at school i made this for fun and to see how the text would turn out, it was just a quick skecth but i like it
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/IM004959.jpg

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/IM004962.jpg

look how thich this plate is:D 10mm xD took a lot of time to mill
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/IM004963.jpg

for the raddy mount this was what i made first
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/IM004953.jpg

i then decided to just make 2 plates that would hold each end
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/IM004968.jpg

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/IM004969.jpg

no chance of the mobo suffering of air need:D
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/IM004972.jpg

from the rear
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/IM004974.jpg

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/IM004975.jpg

mounted with theese
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/IM004977.jpg

and this was a little idea i had, gonna think a bit more about that heh
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/IM004958.jpg

thats all for now, im wating on reply on how to get the missing parts and hopefully ill soon make enough money to buy em if i cant get something sponsored:D

until then:) have fun!

01-22-2008, 09:51 AM
just playing with the design for the top, take a look:)

scanning the drawing in and making it a texture

making splines above the text

correcting measures of splines

extruding the splines to get the text

applying text to a plate

the finished result with a glass plate on the back:

thats what i just got made:) im thinking of something in the middle under and above the text but didnt get that made today:) so now im going home:D

have fun lads^^

01-27-2008, 03:36 PM
got the piece thats gonna hold the top and bottom together in each site done... or... i got it measured up and made a drawing:D

this is how its gonna look

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/holder.JPG

this should be made thirsday and then ill have to get on with making a holder for my harddrives, since i think im gonna order 2 of the danger den hdd blocks wich should fit in one of the compartments:D

01-30-2008, 11:47 AM
finally got the parts done!... my group mate came 2 hours late so suddenly we had alot to do:/.. but i managed to make a little of my own once in a while:)

the results (no wip sorry... but guess you know the drill:P):

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00219.jpg

and this is how they are to be placed:

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00194.jpg

the wholes i countersunk

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00197.jpg

so it would look like this:banana:

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00210.jpg

you can really see the milling traces xD... looks kinda cool actually so i think ill keep it this way

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00211.jpg

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00214.jpg

and the fun part! tapping:bunny: dont know why but i love this part :smoker:

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00218.jpg

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00216.jpg

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00217.jpg

there is only one little problem, you would notice that on the first picture there is a gab between the bar and the plexi... this is why:

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00198.jpg

... have to countersink this mofo:).. but then everything should fit like a glove:D

and you may have noticed all the closeups:P... i "borrowed" my sisters cam and went mental... this was what came from that:

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00222.jpg

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00230.jpg

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00245.jpg

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00246.jpg

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00247.jpg

that was what i had to offer:banana::banana::banana:

comments are highly recommended or else the dog is gonna eat you!:alien:

02-04-2008, 03:28 AM
the top:


there is gonna be some quick updates until i get the rest of the stuff i need to get cut out drawn down:) and THEN! good stuff should happene:P

02-06-2008, 01:54 PM
have a look at this:D

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00269.jpg

the hoses to the harddrive compartment

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00270.jpg

and i put it all together after having cleaned and sanded the edges down on the alu pieces i made

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00272.jpg

that thing is rock solid:O

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00277.jpg

the large screws is gonna be replaced with some shorter ones:P... but i didnt have any other xD

and this sucks... i kinda knew it but choose to forget about it:/ have to do some dremel work here... the bit thing has to be clear of the plexi

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00279.jpg

and some perspective shots:)

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00281.jpg

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00283.jpg

and got a hold of theese 4 cobber pieces:D:D:D gonna use them for something... havent decided what yet:P

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00285.jpg

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00286.jpg

but there are many thing to do with such goddies:D

cu later:) hope you like:D

02-17-2008, 02:55 PM
well.. anyway here is some tease pics and a question

do you know if i can plug my laing pump directly to a fancontroller? beacuse i would like to be able to adjust the speed of it since it is really noisy:O its just 12 volt as a normal fan so i would guess its posible... do you know, or should i buy a expensive pump controller (would prefer not xD)

teaser pics of wc loop:

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00343.jpg

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00342.jpg

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00351.jpg

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00353.jpg

03-04-2008, 05:45 PM
well it could be the vibes:/... ill have a look into it.

but couldnt resist updating now:D!!!

got the hdd holder done :banana:

peeling the maskin tape off the aluminium and acrylic was a PITA!.. had to use several fluids to get it off -.- acetone and some other fun stuff that smelled "good"

dremeling! - safty first!
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00392.jpg

almost made a cut in mum´s bathroom table :O (nobody tells!)
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00394.jpg

a decent fit IMO
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00399.jpg

how the whole thing looks! damn i love that thing:bunny:
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00403.jpg

sanded with grid 2K and polished
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00411.jpg

with UV light on8)
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00501.jpg

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00502.jpg

with flash
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00506.jpg

the whole compartment assembled with and without flash
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00540.jpg

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00541.jpg

and some money shots
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00543.jpg

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00545.jpg

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00556.jpg

the leds to the feets and how the alu looks after i sanded it
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00558.jpg

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00563.jpg

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00564.jpg

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00571.jpg

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00573.jpg

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00581.jpg

thats all i have to show:) really dont know when my final parts come:( havent heard from the lazer cutter dude yet:/... they are probertly busy doing what the are supposed to (damned!)

have fun:)

03-09-2008, 12:39 PM
okay:) for thoose of you that dont know the motherboard in my primary rig just got fryid:( so ill have to see if i cant get a new one quickly but money is a bit downhill atm:P

my resizing tools are on that comp and i dont want to install it again on the lappy beacuse im lazy:P so youll just have to get this high res of my progress on getting the whole thing together:D things are starting to move fast, and just need the new mobo and a watercooling block for my gpu and im ready to go! already started to disample the old pc and moving the parts:)



03-15-2008, 02:36 PM

what happened:

i got new mobo, new ram, and i got the whole thing assempled:D only need the top now! and som smaller yeda yeada stuff!

here we goooo (best mario voice)

had to make a smaller opp because my sata power cables wasnt long enough:/

not much to say... the result wasnt nice at all but it works:) and noone will ever see beneath the motherboard... (i hope)

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00787.jpg

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00792.jpg

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00793.jpg

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00794.jpg

old dead mobo test fit

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00796.jpg

under mobo

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00797.jpg

the whole where all wires comes from!

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00800.jpg

tryid to make som cable manegement downthere:/... did i succeed?

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00801.jpg

how the waterblock is gonna sit

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00803.jpg

outtake from the harddrive compartment.. with just this one fan the drives gets about 32 celcious hot:O... guess its because there is nothing else to heat that compartment up:S

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00807.jpg


http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00808.jpg

yeah.... ram! ram! ramadingdong!

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00813.jpg

and mobo! wuuusaaaah

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00814.jpg

with waterblock

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00816.jpg

in the system with all wires connected:/.. kinda messy :D

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00819.jpg

with the little cooler to the chipset because of the watercooling

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00821.jpg

ready for loop filling!

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00822.jpg

mhh... i love that card:D

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00824.jpg


http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00829.jpg

trying to boot with the mod in its rightfull place... the screen table is temporary till i get some extention cords:)

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00833.jpg

loads of faults:/... had to mess almost everything up just to get the bastard to boot lol!
it was not beacuse of the mobo and chipset change alone^^ it simply wouldnt let me install xp on any drives lol... seemed that the old xp install was fragged, so had to play a bit to get that thing to work so i could repair it and reinstall it... sounds just about as dumb as it was xD

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00834.jpg

drive testing... booooring

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00835.jpg

light up

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00836.jpg


http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00837.jpg

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00838.jpg

light! LIGHT! YEAH!!!!

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00842.jpg

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00843.jpg

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00844.jpg

this build in res is causing to many probs:/... think ill put it out of the loop... more info to come:D

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00846.jpg

harddrive compartment

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00847.jpg

and finally, after 12 hours the beast was ready to rumble again!... first thing after the new install was a new wallpaper and theme:D... my god i hate the standard windows -.-

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00848.jpg

thats all i just had on the camera:) next update will contain images of:

new res put on! yeah! :D

and some more money shots xD

comments are very welcome:)

03-30-2008, 02:06 PM
WHOAAAA!!! :banana::banana::banana: <---- LAZER BANANA!

got mah lazer stuff today!!! or... some of it :D this is beta stuff and still need some cutting but it was just to see how it fitted xD the sponsor name still needs to be cut:)

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/P3300031.jpg
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/P3300033.jpg

it is the idea for this to bend the sides over the fan to completely hide it... but dont know if i will use the idea
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/P3300036.jpg
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/P3300038.jpg
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/P3300039.jpg

comments are highly welcome!:)

04-04-2008, 07:41 AM
neck and neck? wooot:D?

either way, a small update,

thore the previous pump out of the system and used the one i won in the modders challenge:) and also got a waterblock on my gpu:D and DAMN that is sexy!

here we gooo!

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00878.jpg

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00879.jpg

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00880.jpg

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00883.jpg

this is gonna be moved

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00885.jpg

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00886.jpg

DAMN this is nice looking!!!

the damn thing actually changed my temps on the gpu from 86 peak, to 50 peak load xDDD and that was with only 1/3 fans on the raddy startet lol

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00887.jpg

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00890.jpg

also used the grafic card that i won in modders challenge and used this to my second screen. now i could actually use 4 monitors... hmm.. where do i find the other 2 xDDD

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00891.jpg

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC00892.jpg

the watercooling works perfectly! damn this shiz rocks:P the noise level is low and so is the temps xD love it... the loop just was a PITA to fill:/ but who cares xD... it works now heh...

have a nice weekend:D

04-04-2008, 09:27 AM
thx man... forgot some pictures on the other camera... here they are!...

the gfx opperation lol... this is the thing that before easisly rised to 86c :O

so on with the gloves and you go doctor!

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/IM005001.jpg

looks like a whossy without the cooler xD... it was SOO light!

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/IM005002.jpg

dont know if you can see this but that is actually a fly xD... yeah it was quite dead i think/hope... dont know what they are thinking... also once saw one fly into one of my fans lol...

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/IM005006.jpg

ATI yeeeeee !!! we like!

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/IM005009.jpg

mhhh... looks gooooood

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/IM005011.jpg

the loop as i would have had it... thought is was a good idea atm:/

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/IM005013.jpg

it sucked bigtime.. and made an unbelieveble noise!
sooo... out whent the pump station... gonna use this in another mod so it isnt wasted:D

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/IM005015.jpg

when i sad with it there i came to think of that this actually was what i had based the mod on from the start:/... a compact pumpstation lol... it was so be said the HEART of the system and look at it:D with the vains, and blood coulor lol... i was kinda scared that i might just had killed my mod :S


http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/IM005016.jpg

oh oh:D and also found theese pictures:D the prize pack from thebestcasescenario modders challenge 4 xDDD soo much hardware... thx to tbcs crew that made that happen!

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/IM004999.jpg

enjoy :)

06-16-2008, 06:16 PM
And then it was time! ive been waiting all day to make this update dou to the server being down! but here we go!!!!!!
The final parts has arrived! Better late than never xD
We will start of with something basic to avoid this:
The first filter I made was… erm… not that god. Glue was to visible but it was ugly.
And it didn’t fit all that god

So… back to the top!!!
This is the “evolution” for the tops.
The top 2 is the final I got. The right one had little lines in it to make it easier to bend, and it worked like a charm, so after that I went on to sanding
A long process… first grid 280, 800, 1200 and then final 2000
And came out with this
The filter for the top came out nicely!
And a little peek at the back! God no one will see this side:P beside.. erm.. all of you lol

The engraving
I made a comparison with the engraving before and after sanding, check it out!

And after

And the whole mombo fitted on!

Still needs 3 small things. Drill the wholes for these

And make this fan for the hdd rack fit better and get that into place

And make a proper on, off switch.. the one you see in the pics above wont do!

But that was that:D finally! After way to long time I declear the scrapheap challenge ALMOST complete. And damn it has taken its time…

But here comes the eye candy! Enjoy
Missed a little with the sanding
And the back

And the whole thing in its rightfull place!

hope you like it! night shots will come tommorow! already took em and they look amazing! but im off to bed now. have an excam tommorow that has to be dealt with;P

cu all!

06-17-2008, 10:26 AM
and now! lady´s and gentlemens, put on you googles! beacuse here comes the lightshow!!!!

there isnt really much to say so ill just let the images speek for themself

http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC01116.jpg
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC01117.jpg
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC01118.jpg
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC01120.jpg
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC01123.jpg
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC01124.jpg
http://tosed.dk/billeder/scrapheap challenge mod/DSC01126.jpg

hope you like it:D i do xD

Link To Original Worklog (http://www.thebestcasescenario.com/forum/showthread.php?t=11121)