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10-28-2007, 04:11 PM

Call me Ishmael... or Josh, which is a bit more accurate. I'll be keeping this log. My father and I have just finished our A+ Certification classes (computer hardware technician courses), and decided it was time that we put our new skills to the test. At first we were only planning to build our own computer instead of buying one, but when my father happened across ModWalk, we decided to see what we could do!
To clarify, this is first and foremost a performance PC, we're just making it look as good as it runs. Unfortunately, neither of our schedules permit the beautiful metal and acryllic work i've seen on so many other cases, but we plan to make up for it in light show and paint job.
We're planning to run Frozen Sun so cold you can make icecubes in it (for overclocking) and the light show is going to be stellar! (pun not intended)

Parts List
Case: Thermaltake Kandalf LCS. With HARLEQUIN PPG Green to Purple interior, and gloss black exterior

MoBo: MSI P35 Platinum (w/ Amusement Park attached).

CPU: Undecided (Q6600 quad or E6850 Duo).

Memory: Crucial Ballistics Tracer 2-4GB (George Washington screams every time I stretch him a little more).

Hard Drive: Undecided (500-750GB single drive).

Video Card: Geforce 8800GTX (not sure which model).

Audio Card: Creative XFi (not sure which model) Can't let sound be the weak link!

Power Supply: Kingwin ABT-800MA1S ATX/BTX 800W Power Supply. Try saying that 10 times fast!
Its a shame to have to cover the beautiful sleeving they've given us, but we're looking for something that will stand out in the Blue/Green Light AND the UV light.

--UV Ogre (Black & Green) Sleeving
--UV Green HeatShrinkz
--UV Green EasyGrip Molex housings
--assorted other connectors

Cooling: Out the wazoo. (Water & Fan Cooling)
--Thermaltake Aqua-Bay M5 #CL-W0103
--Flow Meter Pro Rev 3.6
--Thermaltake Silent Wheel 130cm Fan w/ 120cm Fan fitting
--Evercool Personal Computer Air Conditioner
--(plus the built in blowhole, rear exhaust, and radiator fans)
--Video Card Cooling Block
can you say 'oooh shiny'? (the rest of the pictures are grouped with the lights below).

Lighting: UV Set & Blue/Green Set
--Logisys CFL UV Cathodes
--UV Lazer Light
--Molex LED mods
--assorted others
--blue Cathodes
--green spot lights

Due to our schedule, were probably only going to be able to work on the mod during the weekends, but be sure to check in often, and thanks for the interest!

Darth Dad
11-01-2007, 10:08 PM
We are probabbly going to get a Crystalfontz 635 with the SCAB fan / temp unit (it can read up to 32 temps!) Because our case is a TT Kandalf LCS with doors (and a rad) over the front bays we want to flush mount it into the top of the case about 3 or 4 inches from the front.

When we started this project all we wanted was a new, decent pc. Then we thought a faster pc would be really nice. Then we thought a few lights might be cool, ohh water cooling ... mmmm...then maybe some sleeving...Oh look the last new Lightbus on the planet (from New Zealand none the less[technically is New Zealand on the planet?]) I got it! How about a LCD, no wait...we will cut a hole in the top of our new $300 case to custom mount the LCD (because we are so amazingly handy with tools!)...WHERE DOES IT END! Somebody save the boy...I am beyond saving!

11-07-2007, 11:48 PM
Thats right folks, i'm Baaaack! And this time its personal. (Trying to see how many famous movie lines I can cram into one post).
Boy do I have it lined up for you guys! I've easily got 4 posts worth of material here, and don't have time to put it all up now, but heres a taste of what your gonna get! :D

First of all, I'd like to start off with our Innovatek FlowMeter Pro that came only a few days ago.
Looks great dont it? Well, looks aren't everything, as my father and I learned. The connectors size makes it look as though the I.D. was large enough to pass enough pressure to kill a horse right?
As it turns out, we were wrong. I apologize for the poor quality of the picture, but the subject was so small that we had to be close, and the flash reflected a bit.
Needless to say, we'll be selling this worthless trinket on ebay, and try to recoup the loss. If you need a flowmeter for a 1:7 scale model of a water cooled computer, you know where to get it!

Next of all, our workspace!
Scenic Mt. CompyutarPeeses, located convienently to the left of my chair.

And thats all for tonight guys! Stay tuned in tommorow evening when I upload our adventures (or should I say MISadventures) in getting are beautiful Kandalf case naked!

Darth Dad
11-08-2007, 09:33 AM
Cereal and I were very disappointed with the flowmeter. :hurt:
Yes, I knew the Germans like to use 6mm tubing for their water cooling instead of the 9 - 12mm we use. I certainly did not expect the actual inlets and outlets to be about 2.5mm ID!:?
I can't even imagine how badly using that would throttle the water flow or just how high it would raise temps!

For some reason I thought the Germans knew about liquid cooling...silly me.

Darth Dad
11-08-2007, 11:03 AM
It may have been designed for a split line so not to impede flow to significant components. Basically the only thing it does is tell you if the coolant is moving.

No... The flow meter is rated at 2800 counts per liter. This thing was designed to monitor / read out actual flow rates. Just for a very small computer!:eek:
I suppose I could run a 1/4" bypass line around it. That way flow would not be so restricted. I don't know how I would calibrate the unit to get the total flow though. (Actually I do know, it would just be a major pain!:dead:, I do this kind of stuff at work!)
I just emailed Koolance asking them the actual ID of their flow meters. They appear to be larger so maybe we will get lucky@:p

Darth Dad
11-08-2007, 03:49 PM
Just heard back from Koolance...Fast response...maybe I should be doing more business with them...:think:

They claim their flow meter has an effective 10mm ID! Hot Damn!:banana:
That means minimal back pressure in the system due to the flow meter.

I think we have a winner! (thunderous applause)

11-09-2007, 01:52 PM
Sorry about the delay, A few pesky lines of code kept me glued to the computer last night. (stick_user_to_chair(superglue,true); ) :P
At any rate, I come in peace.... with pictures! Thats right, the nitty gritty of undressing our ThermalTake Kandalf LCS

First of all, we had to remove the side doors, smooth sailing.
Next, we popped off the silly Star Trek top piece (considering the computer will be sitting under our desk, with only the front 4 inches or so sticking out). We're going to need to put it back on before we're done, because it leaves some mighty ugly holes in the top, but I really wish we had the option of starting with a plain top.

Then, we had to remove the B-E-A-utiful front panel. This was no easy feat, they disguised the screws as rivets, which kept us searching for the better part of a half hour.
As you can also see in the picture, we removed nearly all of the plastic no-screw mechanisms in the front bay rack as well (we're sending it in for painting). The very top one is still in place, its latches were obscured by the top, which we were removing soon anyways.

Now, we removed the top and bottom by drilling out all the rivets, which was a pain in the donkey. Several rivets were apparently made out of some form of diamond alloy, as they REFUSED to be drilled through (we actually broke a pretty high quality bit), while others just melted like butter. My father has more skills with the drill then I do, so I simply watched in fascination (until thin slivers of metal began flying in all directions, at which point I retreated behind the counter for the duration). You can also see that I removed all of the tension springs lining the case where the doors meet (to reduce vibrations) again for ease of painting.

Successfully getting our case naked, we put a hospital gown (dust protector) over it and awaited tommorow, where we'd find some new 'sleeves for all of our wires. All hail Ogre sleeving! :D

Darth Dad
11-09-2007, 10:42 PM
I just heard back from PPG, the Harlequin paint will not light up under UV lights. Sorry!

Dag nabit!:lick:

Maybe we will add some white lights just to show off the paint job.
hmm lets see...

4 each 12" UV tubes + 2each 7 led UV spots + a 5 led UV lazer
All the blue fans + (hopefully) 2 round blue pucks (for back lighting such as behind the MB)
10 green led lazer cannons for spot lighting
Some white lighting (to show off the harlequinn paint)
lets not forget the leds in the Crucial Tracers....I am not sure if our 800 watt PSU is beg enough...:think:

Maybe This mod should be about installing a nuclear reactor in our computer...:rolleyes:

11-10-2007, 09:15 PM
It appears that i've run out of computer/log related puns, so I suppose my father is going to punnish me. Now, before anyone with a sensitive nose has to leave (because of how bad my jokes stink), i'd best hop right into the update!
Even before we began to order any pieces, we decided on our color scheme, a fairly standard green/blue mix. To spice it up, we decided we'd have to different light rigs run off of our SunBeam Light Bus, one of that last in the world! (we had to import it all the way from New Zealand)!
Now, to clarify, the Lightbus can accommodate four seperate light channels, each with seperate settings, but we aren't made of money, so we're saving the other 2.

Now, the first set of lights (which we were planning on from the start) was entirely UV. We planned to completely flood our case with UV, to the point where it nearly became hard to look into. Most all of the UV reactants would be green (and only a few blues), and the power supply and various other fans would supply more blue to balance it out through their built in LEDs.

In the second set, we decided to use blue as the dominant color (the opposite of the other rig), and light key (or in other words, neat looking) elements of the computer with green spotlights. we're planning to have most of the background glow come from blue LED pucks mounted behind the MoBo (so it creates a halo outlining the rollercoaster, and you can refer to my first post for a pic if you've forgotten).

Next, we decided to find some sort of green sleeving for our wires, and of course, we bought the best we could be find (Father had to give a tearful goodbye to his last good friend, a wrinkled old George Washington for that), but the results were stunning, our TechFlex UV Ogre is beautiful when exposed to ultraviolet!
Peering throught the plastic package (or possibly cheating by scrolling down to see a poorly sleeved wire :P), you can see that it is a green-black mix, which looks een better under light. The result is going to be great!

We bought all the tools we thought we needed for removing the pin housings, but it appears we were wrong... (see the tools in the picture with the sleeving). Our 20+4 pin remover doesn't seem to work on our cable! I searched google for a while, and found something that may possibly be the answer. The newer 20+4s are made to a different specification then the old Molexes, so the molex tool no longer properly catches the tabs on the pins. At any rate, other then that, its went relatively smoothly. With a great deal of tugging (and much to my dismay, one broken pin), I managed to get a pretty decent head start on the cables i've currently got on hand. We're replacing the connectors with UV green EasyGripz (again, in the picture with the coiled Ogre). We didn't buy quite enough, so I'm going to need to stop when I run out until the new shipment comes in, by then i'll hopefully get the cables on hand finished. The only other real issue we've been facing is the fact that the Ogre kits we bought come with very little mid-sized sleeving. I expended both entire rolls of it on just two of my six power supply cables! If this keeps up we'll end up selling my laptop, which would cause a bit of friction in the team XD.

At any rate, i've blabbed enough for one night, I need to go gather more pictures, and prepare to tell you guys all about our cooling rig next time!

Ha, it seems Dad has beaten me to telling you about the lighting, but one thing he doesn't have is a pretty picture of the lightbus, so chalk one up for me! XD

Darth Dad
11-10-2007, 10:04 PM
You need a different connector to de-pin the mobo power connectors.

We actually have a special tool for the 20+4. It just doesn't seen to work too easy. The molex tool worked great on the molexes (well most of them).
But the boy and I spent a combined 1/2 hour trying to pop out a single 20+4 pin with no luck...
Josh - Please take a good pic of the 20+4 tool and display it here.
Does anyone know of a better / easy to use tool?????

For those of you who might wonder...I travel for living:eek:, I travel so much that I make road warriors look like sissies:eek:...
so when it sounds like I am giving the boy a hard time he knows it is just my code for me saying, "I care!":bunny::bunny::bunny::bunny::bunny:

11-15-2007, 09:20 PM
Well, thats a sticky topic XD. Lets just say we passed our limit by.... a bit. I believe the current estimate is about 2.5k... correct Dad? Well, I didn't need that college money... considering I was well qualified for a partial-ride into OSU in 7th grade (judging by a test ACT score). XD Anyways, i've been really swamped with homework (i figured no one on the community wanted to help me find the point of concurrence of the altitudes of a triangle in order to get its orthocenter). But, should I have some spare time, i'll get a few new pix up (one of me popping out the door springs, removing the window, some more sleeving work, and of course our current piece of... buttcake 20+4 pin remover).

Darth Dad
11-19-2007, 05:02 PM
New Stuff!

I gotta post a some new updates cause the boy is busy being lazy as usual. He claims he is doing homework... likely story!:rolleyes:
On top of that he has got this whole modest thing going on so he doesn't want any pictures that include him!
Anyway here is an update...

The boy removing the tooless drive holders..
(You can't hardly notice were the ugly truck ran over him!:))

It's nice to have lots of work space to spread out...

More fidely sleeving work...

But it sure makes difference when you are done!

I will add more later...

Darth Dad
11-19-2007, 07:15 PM
More pics of work I made the boy do...

Removing the window...


You have to be careful when popping out the little plastic rivets that hold the window in place. The boy used a small hex driver to press them out.

Darth Dad
11-19-2007, 07:33 PM
We just got new parts delivered!

Santa brought us some parts...:santa:

More sleeving...


10 green LED lazers for spot lighting.


And the best part...A Crystalfontz 635 w/ SCAB. With a bunch of assorted cables (We got 8 thermometers!) :p
Front view...


This is the 4 x 20 unit!

Back view...


The boy and I are planning to flush mount the LCD into the top of the case about 2 inches back from the front.

Maybe when we are done with this mod we will do a review on the Crystalfontz...:?

Darth Dad
11-20-2007, 05:02 PM
We hope to go crazy programming the LCD.
The boy is quite the programmer! (Who knew, like rainman or something...:D) Once the boy works his magic it should be pretty cool! Maybe we will post a movie of the various screens!

With 8 Dallas temp sensors with the LCD and all the temp sensors built into the mother board...ect we have more things wired than the CIA! :eek:
We are going to make our own water temp doohickies. (That is a technical term for those of you who are slow ;)) We will epoxy the Dallas temp sensors into 1/2" tee's probabbly using epoxy to hold / waterproof the sensors. We are thinking about 3 of them. The rest will be air and redundant hardware.

Proposed Temp Channels:

Coolant out of the rad.
Coolant out of the CPU, into the GPU.
Coolant out of the GPU into the rad.
Air into the rad (ambient).
Air out of the rad.
Air in the middle of the case (case ambient).
Case exhaust (One of the rear exhaust fans).
Maybe a redundant CPU Channel.
Along with the Koolance Flow Meter we plan to get we will be able to monitor thermal performance closer than NASA watching a shuttle landing! :eek:

Also thanks for noticing the good work the boy is doing.
(Good slaves are so hard to find nowdays...:banana:)
I actually used to be a Quality Control Inpsector at Nuclear Power Plants! :alien:

11-21-2007, 10:58 PM
Background info update:

To start with, I just wanted to clear a rumour that I heard going around.

1. He has NOT done away with me yet! I'm still alive and kicking, though his latest attempt came darn near to starving me to death! He sent me to the local torture specialist (a.k.a. orthodontist), and affixed to my mouth their latest torture device (braces). Luckily, the specialist wasn't very attentive, and left one molar top and bottom on the right side of my mouth that I can still chew with! I will shortly be releasing a list of the foods that can be eaten with two teeth.

In other news, we've decided that in addition to the computer, we will be modding my head, to go along with the braces. We're planning to include 2 250GB harddrives, a Creative speaker system, as well as a Nvidia GTS Video Card. We will be watercooling the setup, with contact points being 1) My rear molars, 2) the GTS, 3) My incisors, and 4) The CPU.
The radiator will be located on the bridge of my nose. We're going to have a Blue/Green light scheme, highlighting my toungue and chin, and a built in radio/TV setup using my braces as an antenna!

11-22-2007, 12:31 AM
Ok, more Pics! :D First off, heres a pic of our current 20+4 tool (thats useless)
If you know what the problem is, or even have any ideas, we're of course all ears!

Next, its time to talk Power Tools! Get excited folks, our first official surgery took place on Sunday!

We needed to cut A hole in the top of our case for our CrystalFontz, so our first step was dressing the patient in Painters tape to prevent any needless scratching! With that done, we got the measurements, and made our markings.
My father was the surgeon this time around (im too smart to play with power tools) XD. He got out of it with all 10 fingers... but the case wasnt so lucky. We cut a bit far widthwise, but it's an easy thing to fix(just cover the excess hole with black plastic).
The result? Succcess! We relied on the slight lip of the screen to hold the display up, because the chip was glued and soldered to the faceplate, rather then bolted as we'd originally hoped. If it was bolted, we would have cut a smaller hole, and bolted it through the case itself. As is, the display fits quite snugly, and can take quite a bit of beating! Heres a view from the underside:

The most important part of the procedure?
The Taco Dip that fed my father while we worked! :p

Well, that about wraps up this post, stick around for the next update!

11-22-2007, 06:39 PM
Just wanted to say thanks too! I love the header, and the colors couldnt be better!

At any rate, i'm rather disapointed about the last phase of the mod. When we made the hole for the CF (thats CrystalFontz), I was expecting my father to lose a finger or three. Since he didn't (and since i'm smarter then him) I convinced him to play with power tools some more!

The Star-Trekesque plastic top piece
This has been driving me insane for quite some time. I think it just looks silly! However, we couldn't just leave it of, because it was just covered in latching holes.

However, with sudden inspiration, I realized I could avoid all of that by cutting it out! We'll be replacing it with an acryllic panel, and fitting yet another fan in, a huge blowhole, probably 140mm or 160mm! :D It'll of course be a lighted fan, so pretty colors will be coming out from under our desk! :D This is about the area that we'll be cutting and filling (and yes, the perspective is off :P)

Darth Dad
11-23-2007, 01:13 PM
Hey everyone, Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving! To all our international friends out there, don't worry we love you too! :D

Any way I have a question...
The boy tells me all the really cool dads have 8 or less fingers :eek: (We are not counting thumbs seperately) and that I should try cutting some more holes in our case so that I can be a really cool dad too.

My question is in three parts;

Do I really want to be cool dad?
I there any, possibbly less painful way to be really cool?
How do the cool dads pick their noses? :think:I would really appreciate your input as this whole cool thing has me stumped!

Darth Dad
11-24-2007, 04:55 PM
I am so excited!! :banana:

Yesterday I bought 2 each 2Gb (2 x 1Gb) Crucial Ballistix Tracer PC2-8500 1066 MHz Memory kits. for $159.00 total! (not to mention free shipping!)

4Gb of memory, let me throw out some memory numbers for the younger members...

My first computer had 48k!
My second computer had 64k!
My first hard drive was 60mb!
My second hard drive was 400mb!:: Doing a victory dance that totally embarresses the boy :: :p

11-27-2007, 11:09 PM
Time for the worlds fastest Update! Can I do it in 5 minutes? Lets find out!

First of all, Dad told me that the optimal radius for the window would be about 5 in. So, I brought out my trusty compass, and took a piece of cardboard, drew the correct sized rectangle, and radiused the edges to exactly 5in. diameter. Im a bit of a perfectionist I suppose. :P

After I had finished drawing and rechecking, i played with hobby knives! Maybe not my fathers best decision, but I escaped without TOO much bleeding. XD

After I finished cutting, I popped it on the top, and without further ado, this is what the window was going to look like!

However, we decided to follow the old adage, "measure twice cut once," so we remeasured the template we had cut. It turns out that we were off by about a 16th of an inch! Since my 5 minutes is long since up, I finally get to say something i've always wanted to!

To Be Continued...

11-30-2007, 11:44 PM
Ok, time for another little update! Since the cameraman was busy cutting his fingers, we don't have any pictures of the job in progress... However, we do have a primary source of information! Unfortunately, he was killed in a tragic accident, so you'll need to settle for me. :P

To begin with, I once again taped off the case, to prevent needless scratching of the paint job. Then, I clamped it to a board, and we were ready to cut!

Our weapon of choice? The jigsaw!

Again, I used my father for the job of cutting. He's running low on fingers, so he taught himself to use the jigsaw with his feet. Since he was cutting and I holding the board stable, we couldn't be taking pictures, so all we have is the finished product!

The next step (which we decided on after Dad finished cutting the remains of his hand off on the sharp edges, was to sand down the cut with our handy dremel tool!

Here's the patient without the hospital clothes, ready to go back on the case!

Speak of the devil, there it is!
The issue is, the PSU support (the huge silver-grey thing near the back) blocks our view of the PSU, and wastes window space! Now, I couldn't have that, so my dad, drill in hand... well tongue.... proceeded to drill out its rivets. The finished result?

With that done, I couldn't wait to fit in the CrystalFontz for a preview of how it would look! I was a bit disapointed when I found it didn't fit... :P Look closely at the rectangular hole for the display, and you'll see that the mounting rack partially fills the hole!
Once again, looking closely, you can see the trouble areas colored with red sharpie.

Needless to say, I enticed my old man with cookies and coolness to cut these last two sections out, and now we're all set to move on!
Finally, like any good adventure story, the end result is awesome.

Darth Dad
12-07-2007, 10:58 AM
It Isn't fair! :twisted:

It seems like everyone and their brother has a sponser or three...

I want a sponser too... I am a good dad, I eat my veggie's, I only beat the boy if he deserves it (or maybe when I am bored...:devious:).

I need a sponser... That boy eats like a horse, do you have any idea just how much Boy Chow costs these days? It ain't cheap, believe you me. The I gotta clothe him, sack cloth isn't good enough for the boy! :eek: He wants jeans and stuff!

All this and I gotta pay for the mods too? It just ain't fair! I am gonna beat the boy till I get a sponser!

Oh look, I forgot to take my meds today... gulp, thats better... (pretty colors)...
Never mind.... :rolleyes:

12-07-2007, 04:41 PM
Okay, he needs a sponsor. I think thats been established... While were on the subject, I think he also needs some new meds, and a new boy, i'm outta here! XD Ive been playing with the "properties of special triangles" in geometry lately, which has been a bit hard and time consuming. The teacher didnt even seem to get the joke when I asked how to calculate the amount below average of the triangles IQ! :P Anyways, if i get some time between finishing HW and the parade im getting dragged to today, i'll have another update. :D

12-14-2007, 08:09 PM
I'm back with more pictures! :D Santa Clause brought us some gifts too! Since me telling you what we're going to use the parts for is boring, I've decided we can play a game of guessing! First one to guess what the parts are for wins! Every half an hour from now, I will post one picture. there are 3 pictures in all. If no one successfully guesses what the parts are for, I will keep the brand new prize corvette.

Now, heres your first pic:

Good Luck!!!

12-14-2007, 09:10 PM
Nice try calumc. :P Its related to tubing though!

Okay, I gave it a whole hour! Only one guess? Well, heres the next picture!

12-14-2007, 10:12 PM
Poop! Now I gotta return the prize corvette to the dealership (read the line about the prize very carefully)! :P Okay, well, heres the last picture. This what what the sensors will look like (plus some epoxy)

12-22-2007, 02:27 PM


:) Hey guys, we have good news and bad news... Bad news is that we've been demoted, having to work out of our spare room with only 1 table instead of in the basement with 3! :(

Good news is we started getting parts bck one by one from our painter yesterday, and i think you'll be as happy as we are with the results! First of all, he painted the entire internal section Halequin PPG! Can you say, ooh pretty?



For those of you savvy enough to see the pattern, yes it seems light DOES have quite the effect of Harlequin PPG! This is what I was hoping for, the light show will go from amazing to spectacular!




Darth Dad
12-22-2007, 05:08 PM
The boy and I are reconsidering our purposed lighting scheme now that we have some idea what the Harlequinn paint job actually looks like... :think:

As you can see in the above pic's the appearent color changes depending on the angle you view it from. We are going to do some experiments to see if the color will change based on the angle of the lighting used. :? If we could make the paint change color just by swapping from one set of lights to another that would be cool. We will also try using various colored lights to see if that has any effect.....

I feel like a mad scientist! :banana:

Not sure exactly when we can run these tests, we have about 30 people coming over Christmas dinner! :eek:

12-28-2007, 09:07 PM
Hmm, my father killed the conversation again, so I brought pictures to shock it back to life. XD first of all, i'd like to apologise for updating so slowly, as some of you may remember, i'm in the process of getting CompTIA certified, and i've got to take the final test next week. Anyways, since you probably don't care and want to see pretty Harlequin paint jobs, i'll shut up and show you the parts we finally got back from the painter. :D

Note that this is NOT plain green my friends, see below!

Those two were both by me, I might add. :D As you can see, they are far superior to my fathers poor photogaphy skills! :P



Then, considering that unlike some people *cough* all of you *cough* we have lives and decided on some normal "money shots" to get the rest. :D Just kidding, we don't have lives either! XD



Then, just to show off the difference between our inside paint job and outside, we took another set of shots of the case panels.


As you can see, the one furthest right (or the top to those of you who know about computers :lick:) is turned to show the gloss black exterior. The other two proudly display their Harlequin PPG coloration. :)

Darth Dad
03-02-2008, 11:13 AM
We have started....:banana:

We are currently spending money like a couple of drunken sailors on shore leave. (I know all about this because I used to be one!):rolleyes:

We may not get the MSI motherboard we orginally spec'd. They are starting to become outmoded not to mention hard to get. (They sure are pretty though.)
According the reviews I have read, the most important item for overclocking will be CPU FSB on the new Penryn quads. (Multiplier is locked at 9!) Theefore the best MB would be the new Fozconn X38 which has pulled 555 in a review I read.

If we can get a good enough deal I am startig to seriously think about dual 500 GB or bigger drives. Raid-0 of course! :up:

Anyway....gotta go... soon there will be real updates with pic's.:eek:

03-03-2008, 10:01 PM
Do you guys have any idea how hard it is to escape from the locked trunk of an impounded car? I didn't think so. At any rate, i'm back now, and I even got some work done on the case! :) We had two simple items on the agenda for yesterday, the Temperature sensors, and getting that darn window on!

We started with the simple stuff; we took 3 plugs from T-splitters for the hoses, and cut off the excesswith a dremel tool.

The finished cut.

Next, we cleaned the cut with a sanding attatchment, and scraped out the excess with a razor knife. Using my awesome knife-wielding abilities to my fullest, I deftly stabbed my father in the finger, slightly missing serious injury. It was a warning attack. :)

Next, we swabbed everything down with alcohol, and mixed our epoxy. We got a relatively thick epoxy, roughly the viscosity of frosting. For our first sensor, my father simply tried to mash the epoxy in with a stick. Trust me, this is NOT the best way to do it. :P Realizing this, I ran upstairs and grabbed a ziplock bag. After scraping the epoxy into the bag, my father had some initial doubts as to whether he would be able to squeeze it out of a hole in the corner as planned. As I expected, it worked perfectly... the rest were easy! :)

Next up, the window! Since we already cut a hole in the case, we used that and the handy included washer to mark off the size of the window on the acryllic panel we ordered. Once marked, we built ourselves a hobo scroll saw (using our new vice and a jigsaw).

Then, we began the cut.

Once we had the panel out, I began applying the molding around the window. The secret-- silicone spray, silicone spray, silicone spray. Got that? :)

Finally, we cleaned it up with Windex, and we were done. :)

And of course, a teaser of what is to come:

Stay tuned guys! :)

03-16-2008, 06:18 PM
SOS! The IRS Agents just dragged my dad away. Now whos going to pay the rent on our cardboard box!? Ah well, at least I have my computer!:) We got all sorts of goodies since our last update, and we've been dying to show you it! well, my dad actually DID die, but we already ordered most of the important stuff, so the internals are on there way! At any rate, our new trinkets:

Fessor 1 UV Black Coolant
Pretty eh? Black in the visible spectrum and transparent blue in UV. :) The picture is obviously from the site itself, and split in half

Can you guess what this next item is? Don't ruin the surprise, make a guess before you read the answer!

A box of packing peanuts! Woo Hooo! Not just any peanuts, these beautiful limited edition package guardians come in in a neon green-tinged hue! :P

Next up, a too-many in one card reader! :)

Of course, this mod wouldn't be my own without at least two ways to insult my dad without his noticing in writing, so we picked up this LCD fan! I sold him on the idea tht I would put messages such as "dad rocks" on it. More likely it'll just give a constant weight reading from a pressure sensor in the chair whenever he isn't looking! :P

Finally, the money shot. Prepare yourselves ladies and gentlemen, you are about to witness the single lagest group of items in a single photo in this ENTIRE update! XD in the photo, from front to back: assorted black rivets which we may or may not use to hold our case together (i naddition to the bubble gum we're using presently of course), green hose clamps, thermal stuff, ArctiClean thermal prep stuff, and a 30 LED string, sleeved for FREE courtesy Performance PCs.com. "Sleeve it and they will come." Amen.
Note that the rivets and hose clamps are jsut representatives of a larger number of each. :P

Until next time, CK out.

03-20-2008, 06:30 PM
[...Uplink Achieved.]
[Signing On...]
[Begin Transmission]
Hey guys, this is my fir-*hiss* update since I barricaded off-*pop*-room from the rest of the house. I put *crackle* a sign declaring that I wasn't hiding in my room on the door. It seems to have fooled my dad so far. I also-
[Connection Lost]

[Connection Established]
Anyways, back to the update. First off, *snap* our new flow meter has arrived, and yes, its the right *static* size.

Next up, our beautiful SoundBlaster Fatal1ty Xtreme Gamer audio card!!! how can you not love it on sight? :)

Finally, a device who's sheer beauty has made me fall in love with it, our new ASUS Maximus Formula Mother Board!
I could go on for pages and pages about how great it is, but since i'm not here to advertise for them, I trust you can find the relevant info. :) Suffice to say its super ultra high end!

Most of the rest of our system also came two days ago, but we dont have pictures yet, so i'll keep you in suspense! :)

03-21-2008, 09:55 AM
[Uplink Achieved]
[Signing On...]
[Begin Transmission]
Josh's Log: Day 2
*CRSSSH* Hey guys, *crackle* I snuck out far after dark to snag some
*static*-ictures of the new parts. Beyold the power and *pop* -ajesty of
our amazing new computer parts!

We can start simpl-*hiss* with the nuts and bolts:

Next, the pretty box says it all, Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX! Ooooh.
Ahhhh. 'Nuf said.

Next up, our read and write DVD drives! (one is just read, the other

Next, a full TB of memory!

And finally, a computer just isn't a computer without working, so we
bought ourselves Vista 64x OEM!

Finally, a close call with Father. I snuck downstairs for some much
needed meditation for the upcoming week and a half of dedicated building,
and he caught me in a state of trance!
For whatever reason, he didn't kill me when he caught me at it...
Nevertheless, I shall continue hiding out 'til fu-*pop*-ther notice.

Stay *bzzzz*-ght here, we'll be working nonstop all through next week!
Expect a *crack*-date every day.

Josh, signing off.
[End Transmission]

03-22-2008, 12:08 PM
I'm at the library. the old man got smart and took the door down... I really thought that "Tresspassers shall be hanged" sign would work longer. At any rate, we booked a solid 8 hours work yesterday, so this update may run a bit long. :)

We settled into buiness w/ the easy stuff, I popped all of the door springs back into place on the case (which dampen noise). Once I did that, I reriveted the window onto the side panel.

At first, we were going to mount our LED fan on top of the case, but we decided we didnt have enough window area to spare, so we mounted it as an exhaust fan at the back facing inward.

Next, we bolted together most of the case. I was pretty happy with the end result!


As I slaved away over sleeving, dad mounted our wierd and very cool drive bay fan.

After which, my father went mad and turned this:

Into this:

Did I mention he cut himself to pieces in the process?

While he was going ape with the power tools, I was busy melting fingers and cutting wires attempting to sleeve too many wires to fast. :P

Now, the fun part. If you look closely at the picture below, you'll notice ugly pieces of plast ic that look like screen protectors. Well, those are VITALLY necessary to install an ATX board (which ours is) to prevent it from shorting out. The fun part is, they are mostly transparent, small, and lost in one of over 15 large boxes full of unsorted junk!
After half and hour and a mild panic attack on my dads part, we found them, thank god. :)

Of course, with that done, nothing was stopping us from mounting our precious mobo!

bask in the glory: :)

Anyways, thats it for last night, stay tuned for our work today! :)

03-23-2008, 02:11 PM
<Insert Politically Correct Holiday Greeting here> </Politically Correct>!

Hiya guys, just got on the computer. My dad slipped some sleeping pills into my water last night, so I didn't wake up 'til about 11:30!

Anyways, boy do I have the motherload for you! This update is rated R for partial nudity. You guessed it in one, we stripped our GTX today! :) We also did more sleeving....

First off, my dad went outside to grab the flow meter mount I coaxed him into spray painting. I'd say it looks pretty neat mounted, eh?
I do wish we had some Harlequin to slap to it rather then black though... it seems slightly out of place.

If you havn't guessed, the floating circuit board top right is the flow meter's circuitry. We're probably going to mount it out of sight though, instead of somehow flying. ;)

Next up, we took our MoBo out and armored it. the CPU cooler requires a rather large support block apparently... FUN! :)

Note to others doing this: we lined up the support piece by sticking long screws through the 4 holes it screws in at. That way, it took minimal jockying to get it lined up propely with the holes on the MoBo insulator (it was attatched using a one-time adhesive backing).

After that, we mounted our 500GB HDDs in their removable box, and mounted a giant fan on the whole assembly.
Remember now, this will be a full TB if memory in RAID0! :)

Suddenly, by the pricking of his thumbs, father knew evil was afoot! He quickly scanned the basement, searching for the culprit. His eyes locked on our work tables, and then the counter. "Thats it!" he thought. "Clean, boy, clean!" He yelled maniacally. In other words, Dad was afraid of losing stuff in the mess that was now our basement, and had us clean it up before we got back to work. :)



(Yes, we blew up the counter so we didn't have to clen it. thats why we don't have a photo of it.)

Once that was done, my father and I got to do something actually interesting. If you are under 18, you must have parental permission to continue reading! We stripped our GTX to bear circuit board. :)
...Do not look further if you are an unnacompanied minor!

What a body, eh? ;)

However, we did have a reason to strip the card, it wasn't just impulse. :P We needed to mount our awesome plexi water block!
You are permitted to drool.

Now, enough of the peep shots, lets get to business! First off, we had to remove the giant fan cooler off of the GTX. This was particularly nerve-wracking because the thermal material used between the cooler and the card was uncooperative (my father was scared... *poop*less as he bent the card this way and that to break the seal.) Not only was that great fun, but he also had to search for missed screws twice before he got them all! Now, for a limited time only, *offer expires when TBCS closes,* you get to see the underside of the cooler!
Not much to look at, huh? Anyways, we cleaned the old thermal compound off the gfx card, purified its surface, and used Arctic Ceramique to bond it to our new water block, all of which went smoothly. What was less smooth was the ridiculously large number of screws that all had to be tightened equally to stop the card from warping!

Well, my father and I were very happy with the way it looked... until we mounted it...

The slot is wrong way up! No one will ever know of the work we went through to beautify it! :( Oh well... theres plenty lore pretty stuff we'll be putting in!

Mounting the card at all was no fun either. After 15 minutes of playing with it, we realized the screwless card holder wouldnt QUITE fit the GTX. :( We popped it off and used the huge thumbscrews that had originally held the doors to hold the cards (on the theory we could buy more, and because dad liked the way they looked.)


And finally, more sleeving. :\
When will this torture end!?

Whats that? You want a sneak preview of what is to come? You're dieing to see what the case looks like with a few random lights thrown in? It's your terminally ill grandmother's last wish to see it, and she won't live until next update? Well, we got to ogle it! We plugged a few random lights in, shut off the lights in the basement, and thoroughly enjoyed the beauty of the case. Even with only about 4 lights tossed in (out of about 30 XD) it looked awesome. You really wanna see? realllllly? Well, you better stick around 'til next update! i'm not posting it until then! :)

03-24-2008, 11:44 AM
The IRS has caught up with us! Thy just reposessed our house. :'( Luckily, my Aunt and Uncle had a pad they said we could live in until we got out of this money scrape. Check out the new lair, nice huh?

03-27-2008, 12:17 PM
Well, I got held up for the last update, so i'll combine it with this one, for a [loud ultra deep announcer's voice] SUUUUUPER UPDATE [/loud ultra deep announcer's voice]

First, my dad decided to show off his newfound metalworking skills by building a UV Puck mount to light our flow meter.

...unfortunately, he grossly miscalculated, it didnt work. XD

So anyways, we installed the card reader while I waited for dad to finish playing with his mount. :)

Next, we popped one of the exhaust fans into the case. It definately moves some air! :)

During the horrible neverending sleeving, there was an accident....
:O :'( One of our temperature probes! Nooooooooooooooooooo!

Good thing we bought a bunch of extras!

Once that was done, we moved on to painting the T joints for the probes. Like how they look?

Then, wonder of all wonders, are CPU finally got here!

After that, I installed our lightbus! We tested it out for quite a while, it works pretty well! One thing we wish though, was that it would use the different channels to cover the highs and lows, instead of each channel operting on one sensitivity. Oh well. :P

Welcome to the first national cable forest, located in scenic Josh's basement!

Were on to the second half of this update! You are about to see, ladies and gentlemen, the long loooong process of lapping, and several other miscellaneous tasks! :)

Note: If you can count the number of pictures of lapping in this update you will win: one lungful of air! :)


This is my lapping work area, complete with a laptop with several TiVoed episodes of Futurama and Family Guy. :)

While i worked at grinding away our CPU cooler, dad finally got his UV LED mount right (on the third try) :P Looks pretty slick though, eh?
I've gotta give the old man props for that, you kn ow he deserves some rep for it (he's never metalworked a day in his life as far as I know. :) )

Back to me! I finished the first grit of sandpaper, and already its starting to shine! Wow! :)

And, the next grit too!

Around this point we found that circular motion works best, one set clockwise, one set counterclockwise (or as our lightbus manual form New Zealand says, "withershins"). :)

And finally, last grit, you know its amazing, here it is!

Oooh! Ahhh!

Well, thats it for now, time to get back to work! :)

03-28-2008, 01:44 PM
Hey guys, another day of hard work to show for with this update! :)

First, we took our handy little heat sinks we bout off of PerformancePCs.com, our favorite parts store. :) hey were smaller then we originally anticipated, but they made up for it in number (10 per kit)! So, we cleaned up the power controller chips on the graphics card with our ArctiCleaner kit, and went online to get some instructions for our Arctic Silver Transfer material.

My dad is a butt. (he told me not to type that while I was writing this)

Anyways, the instructions for the Arctic Silver were laughable... we'd come to expect better from them. In short, the instructions told us all about the materials pot life, and workable time, and protogelwhatsit... or rather, it told us the DEFINITIONS of all those terms, it never gave us any actual numbers! What the heck? :o Ignoring that, we mixed the material and got to work.

A pea-sized amount wa more then adaquate. Then we spread it onto the two chips in question. (Seen here just to the right of the black cooling attatchment.)

...and here, with the material spread on.

Here it is with 4 of the heat sinks per chip.

While we waited for the thermal epoxy to dry, we went right to work on the lighting, WOOt!!!!! ;) We took all of our LED strips and stared at them for a while. Unfortunately, they were covered with a nasty gooey foam adhesive strip... certianly not preferable when we're using velcro to hold all the lights! Even better then that though, the adhesive had leaked out of the foam, covering most of the light strips. :/ Anyways, a lot of rubbing alcohol thermal material remover, and surface purifier later, the LED strips were merely sticky. We mounted our only white light strip on the crossbar that supports the PSU, and then mounted a UV strip on the top of the case. We also mounted two more UV strips along the bottom of the case.

We had already mounted our blue lights, so all we needed was our greens. Unfortunately, the green laser LEDs had only one molex connection per light, so they couldn't be daisy-chained without a ton of Y-splitters. Being the stickler that he is decided we would be building the Y-splitters ourselves, so we had to put that off.

Since we couldnt finish up the lights, we moved on to hosing!
Fther got this hideous pink anti-kink wrap, which i had to put on for him, but hell, this computer is gonna be worth it. :P

This is a piece of our coolant circuit, sans the CPU cooler.

Speak of the devil, it was time to load up our G0 stepping quad core!

Then apply thermal goo,

and finally, finish the circuit!

Now, I want you to look at the circuit, theres a silly error in it, which has to do with the placement of our temp probes (the silver T joints). If you can guess what it is, you will win 50 Attaboy credits to be used at any participating CKDD Retail store.

certain restrictions apply, must be 0 years of age or older to participate. Contest requires submittance of 1000 word essay or larger of the error in the coolant flow in triplicate, or entry is void. Must pay a fee of 5 dollars to participate, and must live in North Korea or Lorain, Ohio to recieve prize.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for, the lights! so, without further ado.

LIGHTS *flash*

CAMERA *beep* *whirrr*

ACTION *snap*





NOTE: the wiring is ONLY TEMPORARY, dont give us any gaff about it! XD

NOTE2: green light scheme hasnt been implemented

NOTE3: many light schemes will involve one or more color of lights, which you can't see jsut yet.

NOTE4: our LightBus enables us to change the lights brightness, as well as run them all according to patterns involving sound, HDD usage, CPU usage, and several other things, which looks friggin' sweet, if I do say so myself. Expect us to get some type of video recording device before this monster is done to show you. :P

Well, were off to the store to buy a funnel to put our awesome Feser One liquid into the system, which is solid black in visible light, transparent blue in UV! Until then, this has been CK, signing out. :)

Darth Dad
03-29-2008, 12:37 PM
Well it's 12:25 pm and the boy is still asleep. I tried to wake him at 11:00 am, but he just went back to sleep.:down: Oh well I didn't want to finish this mod anytime soon:(

As you will find if the boy ever enters yesterday's work. we are currently leak testing the loop. What fun...

First we had a leak at one of the plugs on the GPU cooler.:mad: It wouldn't tighten soo we had to empty the loop and put a second oring on the plug. (yes I know that's not the right way, but it worked.) We refilled the loop and restarted leak testing.

A few hours later we found the video card was wet.:dead: After a little soul searching we once again emptied the loop and then pulled the video card and removed the cooler. Was the liquid left over from the first leak? Who knows? Anyhow we cleaned and dried the cooler and card. We pulled apart the cooler to check the gig oring. (it was ok) We checked everything tight. Refilled the loop without installing the the cooler on the video card and restarted the pump.

No leaks when I checked this morning! :banana: I was really starting to worry.

03-29-2008, 01:20 PM
Woe is me! Somebody shoot me now! I ought to find a cliff to walk off of! Our Feser One is trash! Talk about false advertising, with a UV puck DIRECTLY against the tube, it only gets a slight bluish tinge right where the puck hits it! How rediculous is that!? Feser One gets the official CK thumbs down. :(

Well, back to our work yesterday, Before we started leak testing, we wanted to get the SATA cables in, so we didn't have to fight our way through a jungle of filled tubes. As you can see, its a bit of a tight fit. :P

Once that was done, we checked out our radiator, in specific, the fans.FOr some silly reason, ThermalTake gave them each a seperate 3-pin plug... We decided to ditch that silly idea and make our own single molex connector for 'em.



I don't know if dad had thought that through, but from my point of view the 3 seperate fans ought to lower the ~5 volts to something a little closer to tolerable by the fans motors, I assume they were only on 3.3 for noise's sake... I hope so anyway! Of course, we didnt realize which pins did what until i stumbled over a few pages of tables in the PSU manual, so dad didn't really know that we'd changed the voltage. Oh well, they still ran fine when we tested them, so I'll assume their ok until further developments. :P

Next, we had to cut the crazy thing apart and move our temp probes to the right places. :P
Now we were ready to "get'r done!" :)

Egor, it lives!

...and bleeds.... slap a band-aid on that Egor! As you can see, there was a small leak from one of the bolts in the gfx card cooler, and as you cant see, the bolt on the opposite side was leaking too... The top bolt had some sort of o-ring malfunction, the bottom, my dad never tightened. lol

Ayways, i'm gonna get to work before my dad has a heart attack, so CK out!

04-03-2008, 07:43 PM
Woot, TY to everybody who suffered through are dry humour and the long wait times between updates! +REP to J-Roc, not only a cool guy but an awesome artist! And of course, TY again to Drum Thumper :) might jsut sneak a REP in there for the handy stamp! :P I'd especially like to thank my mom, for understanding my long hours, working on the computer or on my laptop. :P The Mod is going to go through another extension (Spring Break is over i'm afraid) but i'll do my absolute best to keep working on it at any rate! :) Anyways, one update from Spring Break left from Sunday! XD

First, we cracked apart our GTX from its cooler, to be absolutely certain there was no liquid left trapped between it and the card. As you can see, our thermal material bonded well!

Then we popped it back into this here mess of cables (and BTW, those SATA cables were a real issue, kept popping out! XD

"In the end, it was the common Birthday party that killed the computer, for humanity had won its place on Earth through millions of years of festivities, and the computer died."

The computer retreated back to its home in the cold depth of the excersize room, never to be heard from again.

Until next time guys, give it a week or three, be patient, you havn't seen the last of MEEEEEE!

04-20-2008, 10:27 PM
Hey everyone! We stole some time today to work on the mod again! :) I was hoping to put the pictures off until tommorow (3 days of camping tires me out!) but after seeing the pictures, i've decided that would be a criminal act. Anyways, today we cleaned up a ton more wiring, permanently emplaced most o our lighting tracks, and tossed a couple of our fireflies into molex connectors, so without further ado:

This is Scott. Hear him roar. Thats right folks, i unhelmeted Darth Dad! :)

This is the Machine God. Hear it roar.

Black, cold blood flows through the monsters veins. Fires alight its inner flesh as sparks jump through its organs. Fireflies consume it from the inside out. In oher words, we sorted out the lights and added the fireflies. :)

Now, i'm not sure if any of you recall that we used a modular PSU. The issue was, 3 importanct cables coming out from it were NOT modular, so could not be sleeved. Originally, this was a weakpoint. We turned it into something to be flaunted. :) Of course, i have but to hands as I tried to wrap the gorgeous EL green wire around, so tie wrapping it was a nasty (tasting) process. :P


And, the computer without somebody standing right over it. :)

Now, the moment that you've been waiting so patiently to see, LIGHTS.






*drool* :)

Well, at any rate, i'm off to bed for tonight guys, hope you enjoyed those pictures as much as we did! :) i'll be back later with more when it comes, so don't forget about us just yet! )

04-25-2008, 08:24 PM
Back in black my friends! Well... flannel, but that doesn't have the same ring to it. :) Anyways, step by step, wire by wire, the cables are dissapearing from our case, and things are starting to work. :)

First off, we had to rework a couple of of the plugs on our UV light string, which we ran up along the drive housing. :) (note, in my favorite warm and comfy flannel. Our basement is always cold.)

However, we quickly found that there were problems with the silly FireFlies (the LEDs the fit into the molexes). After some expirimentation and guesstimation, we realized that was because of poor contact between the pins and FireFlies. The fix was easy though, i figured it out with a few of the homebrew sensors i work with in Mindstorms robotics: just wrap some loose wire around the connection. :)


Needless to say, it works like a champ now.

Anyways, my dad wasn't kidding when he said we had a lot of wires to hide. the picture below shows it MAYBE 50% complete, if i'm feeling generous.

And of course, we talked early on about making a skirt to hide the cut marks where our CrystalFontz CFA-635 LCD goes, so, here is the basic parts:

Of course, we're planning to buff it out and shine it up until its purdy and seemless first! :)

Anywas, thats all for tonight, if we get any work done on the weekend, i'll let you know! Until then,

Peace. -CK

05-02-2008, 10:03 PM
Hi again! I waited until you least expected me, and popped up with another update! :) Most of our work was dealing with cables again. In this episode, you will see the dashing duo: Cut apart one of their only 2 Molex modular PSU cables, build a homebrew SATA extension from an uber fancy kit, and hide more wires! :)

Episode 12: Cuttin' it Close
As our cheerful companions walk through the basement towards the computer, a thought strikes Darth. "How about we pull out one of those nifty new kits and build that SATA extension for our drive bays?"
"Thats a great idea!" Says the awesome and incredibly good looking CK.

However, as Darth rips open the packaging, CK is struck with an idea. "Shouldn't we use our second molex rail for this? It wouldn't do to overload it!" Darth agrees, and the second rail is fit!

As CK holds the slack from the excess wire in his hands, CK jokingly tells Darth to grab the wire cutters. To his great surprise, Darth dad does so! They cut off all the extra wire on the string, leaving only enough to strip and fit a new connector to. Have they made a terrible mistake!?

They try the connection and...

...failure! It works :( Oh... wait, no thats a good thing! Success! :)

Now, the partners set to work measuring out locations on the long length of wire that comes with the kit. "Slack is for squares!" They think. They snap on the 90 degree slide-on SATA connectors and admire their work.

They snap it on, only to find that its a perfect fit! Woe is anyone who hasn't done this! :)

The handsome handimen walk off into the setting sun, eyes bright with hope for the future ahead. Stay tuned for the next episode of Saving Ryan's Privates--- umm, no I apologize, that was my last narrating job. [TAKE 2] Stay tuned for the next episode of sackwars. CUT! [TAKE 3] Stay tuned for the next episode of Dude, Wheres My Balls? Mmm... wow, pretty pisspoor jobs i've had (and horrible sexual innuendo laden puns too!). Is it too late to snap violently and go on a killing spree? Well, so long as I have a good reason I suppose.

For a sneak peak at the next episode, and the narrators excuse for killing the production team, visit this link! vvv

05-14-2008, 09:49 PM
*BOOOOM!*... *BANG! WOOOOOOOSH* With a cataclysmic explosion, half the bulkhead of the space station ripped away and the air quickly vented, leaving our heroes exposed to the cold and silent death that is space. However, rather then dieing, Josh woke up, shook the muzziness of sleep from his head, and went back to writing this update. :)

First off, as dad said before, we were rather angry at our bulky PSU cables, so we decided to cut another cable up, as before, in order to use the kit pieces again and save space.

We did learn a snazzy trick though... there was a collar meant to hold the sleeving on the PSU port side of the wire! Needless to say, couple that with our experience with sleeving, and the finished result is nearly professional, if I do say so myself!

Next, the molex string we chopped that wire up for in the first place. :)

Note the lack of focus in this image. Finally, an example of my father NOT being excellent w/ a camera! :)

And of course, a decent pic.

This is a fine pic of myself turning one of the full PSU molex wires into a single plug, as above. Of course, any pic with me involved is going to turn out well. :P

Meanwhile, back in the Bat Cav- I mean, Computer, Dad was installing our spot cooler!

Finally, e mounted our molex strip and called it a night!

Thats all for now! :)

05-19-2008, 09:44 PM
This is Modder Joshua Cole, reporting LIVE on FROZEN SUN!!! *Loud cheers from imaginary crowds* We have her up and running! :)

Now, lets take you through the events that lead to this ground-shaking moment in history. XD First, we knew we would need to get online to download appropriate drivers and patches, so before we fired it up (though my trigger finger was mighty itchy!) we installed our brand new wireless card (its temporary, and will be replaced by a brand new cable modem later on when Frozen Sun moves to the office).

Then. we started the computer up, and built our RAID 0 array (two 500GBs) Note the name for the volume name. :)

Once that was done, we loaded Windows Vista 64 bit, which went smoothly, no RAID drivers needed.

We started Vista w/ two 1 gig sticks of RAM, and once it was working, placed our other two in.


However, our CPU was a real drrraaaaggggg, running at only factory speed.

So we sped it up.

And sped it up some more. :)

Now thats what i'm talkin about! :) We also changed our memory speed from 800 to 1066, but that was in BIOs, so no flashy pictures there. :P

Sometime soon I'll take some pictures of this bad boy crunching S.T.A.L.K.E.R. so you can see what it can do! :) Anyways, thats enough for now, i'll fill you in as more fancy subsystems come available! :)

05-23-2008, 06:44 PM
We used the program *flinch* DON'T HURT ME, I'M JUST THE MESSENGER! =D I know we can squeeze more out of it with finesse and keep the voltage lower for cooling, but that comes later, when everything else is done. As is, i'm pretty surprised it could jump as high as it did using just the AIBoost! :)

Anyways, sorry it took so long to update, I was rockin' out with my band! Check out our HOT base guitar player!
(Thats my baby cousin Adrianna, with her Hannah Montana guitar). :P

Next, more news on our upcoming Hard Drive failure. Its kinda creepy really.... (My Computer can see the future!)
0.o At any rate, We ascertained that the issue was most likely just the SMART program that comes with new HDDs warning us that the drive simply isn't up to snuff. As Dad said, we RMA'ed it and will be swapping them as soon as it arrives.

We're considering emptying the water cooling loop during the down time so we can do some resleeving of the temp probes as well.

Since I don't believe I've showed you guys pictures of our 4 1gig Crucial Ballistics Tracers in action:
You're welcome. :P

Finally, we've been banging our heads together over our CF-635 LCD display, or more specifically, how to program it. While WInTest worked, nothing else seemed to. After roughly a day and a half of work (punctuated by loud screeches of frustration of course) We finally got LCD Smartie running.

We can't seem to extract Crystal Control 2 on Frozen Sun, and can't seem to even run the extractor on my 32 bit Vista laptop or our 32 bit XP. :'( If anyone has any experience with this, we'd much appreciate some help!

06-09-2008, 11:25 AM
Hey guys, sorry about the wait... between the ending of school, a 2 day stay at Kalahari, and a 3 day canoe trip, its been kinda hard. :) Anyways, some more updates. :P

This is what will keep our RAID array cool (like me).

Then, our LED fan, which I finally got around to programming.


(I realize some of them are a little hard to read, the messages tend to drift slightly which screws with the picture).

Then, our CrystalFontz, running off of Crystal Control 2,

Of course, our rig couldn't be deemed "working" without some serious game testing! :)


Our Post LED.

And finally, just a case shot.

Well, were starting to reach the end, some cleaning, some more uploading, and we;ll be good to go I believe! :)
Until then, Peace!

Link To Original Worklog (http://www.thebestcasescenario.com/forum/showthread.php?t=11412&highlight=Project%3A+Frozen+Sun)