View Full Version : Monster Beats By Dr Dre Headphones Review

02-13-2009, 06:00 PM

Ok first off the packaging Is really good I havenít seen a company put so much into packaging on opening I was like wow they actually took allot of effort in to packing them.. They give you 2 headphone cables 1 has a mic for you phone so you can talk to people if you are using a music phone. Works well. They are noise canceling and do a good job. I plugged it into my stereo receiver and turned it up and I must say they are loud for headphones and still sound good. Good base good highs and lows... it takes 2 AAA battreys has a 1 touch mute button so if you want to talk to someone... One thing I noticed is that sound bleeds out when you listen to them and everyone can hear what your listening too. They look cool and sit nicely on my head donít normally find headphones that are comfortable

The price is the only real con is the price tag at 399 they are expensive on staff I managed to pick them up for 200 after tax and thatís at cost plus 10 percent. Good overall headphones bit pricy have heard better for cheaper but they rant noise cancelling so it really depends on what you want you use them. They are corded but thatís not always a problem and they get dirty easily but they give you a cloth to clean them