View Full Version : Quote requested - Powder coat / custom window

04-03-2009, 08:11 AM
Hello Everyone,

I am looking to mod my soon to arrive next week - Armorsuit PC-P80. I would like to Powder-Coat it and also create a custom window since the PC-P80 does not come with a window. I would like to do some sort of custom design on the window.

I am new here, however have 100% eBay feedback (over 40) and only positive Beerology, plus member of many known sites, such as ArsTechnica, OCN and XtremeSystems (Which for some reason is down for the past week?).

Assuming you are reputable, I will ship first with payment.
As I saw in another post here:
I will buy off the person with the best mixture of competence, price, style, design and time.

I am in Miami, FL, so if you are local, I wouldn't mind driving it to you.