View Full Version : Custom liquid bay with display (??!)

06-05-2009, 02:34 AM
Good morning/afternoon/evening fellas.

The purpose of this thread is simple see if I can get a custom bay.

As i pointed in my first post on the forums, my old and loyal PC is on its last legs. So Im looking to give it an heroic retirement ceremony, and later build a new rig, which I intend to watercool. Now, the problem is, for the bay reservoir, I can't realy find something enough appealing to me, and also theres the display factor.
A reservoir and display for separate would take space and wont be integrated pleasantly or fully practical.

So, my idea is to request from some of you, whom got the talent, to make a custom bay for me.

The idea-"prototype" I have in mind is this:

Overall look of CM aquagate max, but with the bubble window a lil more to the left contrasted on the right with a display ready to give me data on temperatures of CPU and GPUs, flow, fan speed, etc.
This bay could come in a triple slot size
as to accomodate the double aquareservoir and at the last and bottom all the components, plugs etc for the display to report data; the bubble window and display can be a lil bit protuding from the case if needed. And of course the controls for the display would be in the outer bottom, under the window and display.

Anybody interested on helping me with this, please write me.

Thanks in advance.