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06-24-2009, 04:08 PM
Not entirely sure where to post this, so move it if you think it goes elsewhere.

I'm interested in getting a new motorcycle helmet soon, and I'm interested in a very specific model: the HJC IS-MAX, reviewed here (http://www.webbikeworld.com/r2/motorcycle-helmet/hjc/is-max/). You can also find it on the HJC website, but the URL just says HJC helmets all the time and you can't link to a specific product.

Would anyone be interested in doing any kind of airbrush or paint design on this helmet? If so, which of the available colors would be the best to get? I would imagine the white one would be best for most of you, but feel free to discuss it and give me an idea.

I don't have a design yet, and I won't be getting the helmet for a few months, so no worries on anything related to that. Just let me know which helmet would be best, what medium you think you would use, and what kind of price I'm looking at if I was to ask you to do it.


Drum Thumper
06-25-2009, 08:09 PM
If you paint a helmet, you can't legally use it for riding, it will become a show piece only. This is due (and I'm sure SgtM will correct me here) to the fact that the steps needed to remove the clear will damage the helmet. Uros (a type of airbrush paint) will also eat the resin used to make the helmet, if I remember correctly.

PM SgtM, he's got a contact that is a pro-level ABer. Commando would be another good one to ask regarding this.

06-26-2009, 04:16 AM
DT is right. Legally speaking, when you scuff the clear coat on a helmet, it not only voids the warranty, but makes it illegal to use for riding. I'm not saying that it shouldn't be done, or you can't find anyone to paint it for you, you'll (at the very least) have to sign a waiver stating that you're aware that it's a show piece only. (In my opinion, anyone that doesn't make you sign one, shouldn't be painting.) I see this question a lot at the airbrush forum. It's been discussed to some length. I've included a simple search for some food for thought.


If I were painting it, here's the steps I would take.
Remove stickers
Scuff with 400 grit
Basecoat (Auto Air (http://www.autoaircolors.com))
Art (Auto Air (http://www.autoaircolors.com))
Clear (with a good automotive 2 part clear coat)
Cut & buff