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11-30-2009, 11:24 PM
Ok people, hope this thread gets the attention that, if not deserves, I require.
As the title implies I need serious, workshops-teams-whatever, PRO modders, for a possible project, STILL NOT CONFIRMED, but I want to have URLs, mails etc available for the very likely scenario that I finally go that route. Reasons? many. You might not need to hear the "little story" or plain & simply dont give a rats rear-end, but for whatever is worth, and to let you know the WHY of this thread & my quest, here we go....

A few months ago, I wanted to build a new powerful PC, to give his hard earner retirement to my old 1, living in México I dont get access to cool stuff like you guys, pretty much only the scrap stuff from the US market, so I tried to import pieces to build the new rig, finally I contacted a guy in baja california, near Tijuana, that tends to go to the other side of the border get stuff and send it to you, FINE AWESOME! I gave him instrusctions to build the damn thing; all I was supposed to do when the rig fully assembled arrived was "PLUG & PLAY" but as usual my bad luck couldn't allow such a thing, nonono. So the guy took a lot to complete my rig, while he was getting pieces, prices in many items varied...for the worst most, and again took to damn long to assemble my rig, finally it was completed & sent to me....damn it all it took 3 days to arrive to my place when it should have been only 1, but....nevermind; the case, a CM Cosmos S arrived in a "non optimal" shape, the grill of the side panel fan was completely unfixed-loose all around the box, and the fan itself half unatached. BAD BEGGINING INDEED.
Then I tried to "plug & play"....to no avail, the damn thing wouldn't even post, took away RAM et al & nothing cheking the cpu block and VGA block (was watercooled) I was trying to find what the hell was wrong when BANG a hose from the VGA waterblock got loose (the guy didn't use any clamps nor any secure method) "oh dear:mad:" I exclaimed to heavens, and turned off everything as fast as I could, still the damn floor got a wet pound and my reservoir/liquid went to waste.
I tried to calm myself while cleaning, allowed things to dry naturally for 2 days, then asked borrowed a hair dryer and applied to what was most likely to had been affected PSU, VGA & lower part of the MOBO, everything at no less than 10 cms from everything and without staying long on the same spot, more carefully I could. Let it dry naturally for another 3 days, and tried to see if I could get some help, contact the guy that made this thing. The computer stayed in the room as an "ornment" finally I got some extra help and saw that the MOBO gigabyte was wrong-deffective-SUCKS and sent it to the guy in BC to try to RMA the damn thing....by the way, Im still waiting for the substitute. As I couldn't get without machine for long, with doubts and some pain I ordered a MSI eclipse plus, that took long to arrive, but finally arrived, it is fine, works great........but, now it is the damn VGA what don't wanna work, the LED diagnostic freezes in "VGA ini" I got to check the thing with a borrowed card, to test the MOBO, install windows & that.
And you know what guys? I'm slightly annoyed (I'm glad I read the rules and that I am able to refrain from swearing on the forums!)
I have literally lost 4 months on this, with 1 problem after another and another and another. My bank account is on a heavy drought & Im bedazzled. That being said, if I do make the machine work, I will use it for a little while, just to get in order some stuff, but honestly I want to get rid of it, CALL IT WHATEVER YOU LIKE: bad vibe, bad luck, superstition, tantrum....WHATEVER, but it started bad, developed bad and is "concluding" bad, so with that in mind, when I get rid of it I plan to get a custom cool rig, GO a step further on its customization and try to be more careful, and hopefully avoid another sick crap like this one Im dealing with, so.....PLEASE GUYS PLEASE HELP ME OUT WITH THIS. Dont go around just browsing this thread without giving input, without providing webadresses, Dont come and just say "poor person, you are screwed" NO - PLZ direct me to some professional modders, guys wit lots of abilities, experience and that take pride and joy on making a cool mod, specially for a "fellow in disgrace".
What would prevent me/slow me from executing this project is, as I said my financial drought, (no PC=no work=no money) but if I can get enough cash I will proceed.
Just please guys help me with this, PLZ

Do it here or send me a PM, so I can get the info, the contacts, start giving my ideas for the customization, etc etc

Thanks in advance. :(

12-01-2009, 03:11 AM
I'm a little confused. Are you looking for the best way to repair and make work what you have now or buy a whole new rig?

12-01-2009, 11:59 AM
From what i understand he is looking for someone to build/fix him a rig and not have it totally fail on him.

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12-01-2009, 05:48 PM
Hell, if we are just throwing out custom builders..


Drum Thumper
12-01-2009, 09:59 PM

Hell, if we are just throwing out custom builders..


Meh. This guy (http://www.paulcapello.com/) pwns all. Good luck getting him out of 'retirement' though.