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12-15-2009, 07:01 PM
Being the guy who has to own the newest schwag, I felt it necessary to review my experiences.

I ended up buying one of the first generation models of handheld projectors when they first came out. After doing a huge amount of research on projectors, I ended up buying the aaxa P1 (http://www.aaxatech.com/products/kp190_p1_pico_projector.htm) because I HAD to have the first thing that came out. The P1 offered a lot more than the competition at the time. As far as brightness, most handheld projectors seem to be in the 8-12 lumen range like the aaxa P1

Jump to a month or so ago I kept seeing the aaxa p2 handheld projector (http://www.aaxatech.com/products/p2_pico_projector.htm) EVERYWHERE. I don't know if I actually needed this thing or not but decided to make the purchase if it was as good as everyone else was saying.

I have to admit that I am fairly impressed. I actually really like my aaxa P1 and it runs with almost all of the other 10-12 lumen units out there right now. The aaxa P2 has 33 lumens and visually stomps the P1 easily. I don't know how much it shows in the pictures but there is a notable difference if you're in the room.

I took this picture with pretty dim lighting. I was under the stairs next to the window....


The aaxa P1 handheld projector is definitely still usable in the dark but pretty much washes out with the lights on. I assume this is the same problem with the other 10-12 lumen handheld projectors out there.

The aaxa P2 handheld projector is dramatically difference when I turn the lights on. I'm fairly impressed with it, but I kinda wish I waited a few months to buy the P2.


12-15-2009, 07:22 PM
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01-05-2010, 02:08 PM
ugh. i kinda want to buy the new model they released..... .................................................. ... maybe next paycheck.