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02-16-2010, 05:31 PM
Review: deviantART Calendars
by Charles Weeks [ChaksQ]

Reviewed Product:
shifuu sakurai: 2010 calendar by *bara-chan (http://bara-chan.deviantart.com/) from deviantART Print Shop

Product Description:
12 month wall calendar

Where to Buy:
deviantART Prints Shop: Calendars (http://shop.deviantart.com/gifts/calendars/)
shifuu sakurai: 2010 calendar (http://www.deviantart.com/print/8832349/?itemids=44)

Ok, this review isn't what you might typically expect on a computer forum but I know a large number of members here have various interests in arts. Personally I consider casemodding an art form. As I still hang a wall calander I wanted one that displayed a bit of my personality and interest, however typical calendars are purchased from a booth or bookstore or even are freebies the quality isn't particularly great and they are rather impersonal. So two years ago I decided to purchase a calendar from deviantART with artwork that spoke to my interests. Turns out it was an excellent decision.

The calendar came shipped in a simple but sturdy cardboard envelope that protected the calendar well. Inside the box the calendar itself was packaged in a large ziploc style bag, which protects the calendar from scratches. deviantART is all about the artwork and it shows in the care they put into shipping prints and gifts.

The calendar is exceedingly high quality. Much better than I had expected when I ordered the calendar. The pages are much sturdy than typical calendars, they appear to be printed on a high quality card stock. This is excellent because even after a year of use there was no curling of the corners of the pages as is typical. Also the artwork is printed in a high quality finish that serves to show off the art well. The pages are held together by spiral bound which again keep the calendar flat and the pages in great condition. I have had zero issues with the spiral binding, it again is excellent quality and designed to last.

I hung the calendar on the wall with a 3M metal wall hook which holds up excellent and is easily removable as I currently live in a rented apartment. I would recommend these hooks to anyone. The calendar definitely looks good on a wall and hangs well. My previous deviantART calendar I had hanging for an entire year and it lasted extremely well. As stated before no page curl. Also the holes for hanging from stood up very well unlike cheaper paper calendars I have had in the past.

Packaging *****
Print quality *****
Durability *****

Everything about this calendar is superior quality. I cannot recommend this enough. If the artwork of the particular calendar I purchased doesn't suit you there are numerous options for calendars with artwork from various deviants in the shop I linked above. As far as I can tell all calendars deviantART sells are of the same high quality. I have purchased two different calendars and will purchase more in the future.