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03-04-2010, 03:05 PM
I've been meaning to share these with y'all, these are both originally Airsoft replicas...and yep, they both shoot. Well...I don't have a gas rig for the stormtrooper blaster so I can't shoot it right now, but I *could* if I had the co2 can, valve, regulator, hose, etc.

I bought a cheap plastic toy blaster to use as reference (top). Interesting tidbits: the real movie prop used a modified Mauser M712 as a starting point - it was convertible into a rifle, and had a substantially thicker barrel, which I wasn't able to replicate. It also used an old fire extinguisher nozzle on the front, something that just isn't made anymore. So I made my own, using plastic and an Ak-47 flash hider as a starting point.

The scope on mine is real - bought a couple 45 degree angled mounts, two flat mounts, and epoxy'd the flat ones on either side of the gun. So actually, the scope *could* be mounted on the other side. Unfortunately the only flaw is the blaster doesn't shoot straight - I had to cut down the barrel to keep it from being too long, and ever since then there's some tiny imperfection I can't see that puts a side spin on the bb's...but hey. at least it shoots.

This actually isn't the stormtrooper version. I included the photo to show the extended stock, something all Sterling SMGs have, but you never see it extended in the films. I made an alternate scope assembly out of scrap material, which is what you see in this pic, but I didn't really like it much and eventually tossed it.

The gun came with 2 mags, one of which I cut down to more closely resemble the movie prop. The real Sterling mags are about the size and curvature of a banana. And yes, those ARE windshield wiper blades and an old coiled headphone cord on there.

You can see the PVC pipe ring around the back end. If I unscrew the buttcap (where the gas hose goes in the back end), and I unscrew a forward screw on the scope assembly, the whole thing slides off the back. I can also pull out the wiper blades on the front, put the non-modified mag back in, and am thus back to the original Sterling SMG in about 5 minutes. The thing cost $400 imported from Japan, so I didn't want to permanently damage it.

Both blasters = HAPPY. :D

You can see the extendable stock in its folded position, under the front of the gun. For years I thought it was just a grip there, til I bought the replica. I put part of the cut-down magazine on the side of the scope assembly; the rest of the assembly is made from PVC pipe, wood stakes, funnel pieces, and a washer or two.