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05-07-2010, 05:28 AM

Well this time I bring another review of a mouse this time over a new brand in the gaming world as we all know has its own requirements!

The Mionix (www.Mionix.net) is a new brand and came galloping in the gaming market, having already some products very attractive for most demanding gamers! We will test the Mionix Naos 5000 kindly provided by the latest distributor FJMPC.

The mouse will be tested in three different mouse pads Q-Pad CE-R, Ozone Exposure and Q-Pad (Command & Conquer Edition)

The price of this mouse is around 70€ and 80€ in Europe


• Truly ergonomic design
Truly ergonomic design with support for all five fingers
• Maximum grip
The rubber coating ensures a maximum grip
• Balanced weight tuning system
A unique weight tuning system for an optimal weight distribution
• 5040 dpi laser sensor
Remarkable tracking performance built for gaming
• 128kb built-in memory
Bring your settings and recorded macros with you stored into one of the 5 profiles
• Customizable LED light system
Personalize your mouse with extensive color options
• S.Q.A.T - Surface Quality Analyzer Tool
Surface Quality Analyzer tool to measure the tracking quality on a certain surface
• 3 steps customizable dpi in-game adjustment
Set 3 dpi values and switch easily between them in-game
• 7 programmable buttons
The buttons can be assigned to any key, mouse command or macro
• In-game profile switch
Switch easy with a click between stored profiles in-game
• Adjustable polling rate
Tune it all the way up to 1000Hz through the software
• Plug n Play
Completely Plug n Play, software needed only for configuration


You can see a very attractive black box with some very simple specifications printed and quite easy to open!





After we opened the box we see something really simple without much "stuff" sometimes unnecessary! The mouse is accompanied by a metallic box with weights and a small booklet with some information! The only thing to point is the lack of CD with the software, but you can find it easily available on the website!






El Raton :banana:




We see a mouse with a very good design and we can not fail to notice the support for the fingers that i a nice point in this mouse!






The Base:

We can see a very wide base whith also proportional skates to the size of it! We also have the access to the place where the weights can be adjusted, which can take four weights on the right side and the other four on the left side, for providing a better balance without tending to one side!






The Razer is slightly higher than the Naos 5000! The plastic touch from the Razer Imperator leaves something to be desired, making this a good point for the Naos 5000, making it a very comfortable mouse an a nice touch, even after a few hours of use! It’s always nice test the options that you have before purchase if possible due to reasons already discussed several times that do not discuss personal tastes! However the doubt may arise.





As I mentioned there is no CD with the drivers to follow this mouse however is easy to download through the website of the brand, but take the opportunity to leave the link! HERE (http://www.mionix.net/page.php?al=naos5000_116)

The brand also recently launched the second update, version 1.16 was used for installation!

After installing the software and run it for the first time he proceed to the firmware update!

http://i989.photobucket.com/albums/af14/soul_train_photos/Firmware-Upgrade.png http://i989.photobucket.com/albums/af14/soul_train_photos/Firmware-Ready.png

Menu 1:

After this update will appear in the first menu that can configure each of the buttons on the best way to adapt and the speed!
This mouse has seven programmable buttons can also save up to a total of five profiles according to your needs!


Menu 2:

In this second menu we can change the dpi mouse thus improving the performance! May be up to a maximum of 5040 dpi.


Menu 3:

In this menu we can choose the color we like, and may also choose what we want the lights lit, but they may not set a different color for each one of them!





Macro menu can create the combinations as needed, you can record macros in five different profiles that can be created, because have 128kb of internal memory for storing.


Menu 5:

Support menu leads us directly to the correct section on the website to facilitate! If the latest version of firmware is avaible in your maouse he will let you know that don't need to be updated!


After presenting the software menus from the mouse that we see is something very simple, objective and easy to use! However the most attentive noticed that there is something for which the trademark flame SQAT - Surface Quality Analyzer Tool ... Nothing less than a small test to show us whether we are using the best surface for the Naos 5000, that is where we will use the mouse pads!

Mouse Pads:



This first test was conducted over a sheet of paper, can see that the surface will not be the best choice for sure! test shows that would have an acceptable quality!


Test 2:

The mouse pad in this test is the Q-Pad (Command & Conquer Edition) quite comfortable for its thickness and materials used in its construction but by testing it appears that the Naos not like him very much just giving it a less good!


Test 3:

We then proceeded to test the Ozone Exposure that is indeed well known to many of us and it has been a best seller for the quality and price, however has not been rutty the price and almost succeeded but was an excellent a little above the good!


Test 4:

Finally fot the last test with the pad Q-Pad EC-R proved to be the best carpet in this test achieving almost perfection at the best surface for this mouse!



Have a design quite appealing and a good contact between hand and surface!

The feet provide good slip of the mouse!

Pleasant and attractive packaging!

The possibility of changing the colors of the lights!

Creating profiles and macros as needed!

Simplicity software provides easy use and handling!


Would indicate that the location fits the little finger was slightly higher there would be the perfect mouse, at least for anyone who has a big hand!

The point of this mouse is very little i would say that the failure to bring the CD with the drivers is something that the brand should take into account and made in this package!

This mouse it will be a best seller that for sure!
The note would give to this mouse in a scale 0-10 would be 9 because it provides comfort in use also has a very user-friendly software which just help us!

I hope you enjoy :up:


06-04-2010, 12:14 AM
I think it looks more like Ozone Smog gaming mouse. Even it has same 5040 DPi max. Plus it looks like more nicely designed, but same mouse. For example the grip on right side is same as for Smog.