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03-18-2006, 08:43 PM
well guys i have been reading the forums for ages the now while secretly trying to do my own mod and i am nearly finnished however i have come to a few boo boos but ill get to that later.
ok the main use for this case was too see what i could do and exspand on my lerning as its my first mod.

so i done a few things here firstly is cuting up thede pannl and the roof to what i would like. also i done on case engravingg. i also done some sanding and painting ( not gloss but matt finnish)








ok and heres one of my probs my mesh wont stick down.


03-19-2006, 01:15 AM
One quick observation before I throw in my unproffesional opinion. Your pics are pretty big. I would recomend resizing before posting. Granted you threw them up as links, which is ok, but if you resize, they load quick and are easier for people to run through.

As far as the mesh, I suppose it depends on how permanent you would like it to be. If it is something that is going on and you do not intend to take it off, then a lil JB Weld down each edge should do the trick. You can pick it up at almost any hardware store and it is fairly inexpensive. Less then $10US if I remember correctly. Make sure to place some weight on the mesh so it is good and flat, mix up the JB on a srap or waxed cardboard. Spread it on and let dry, hit it with some sandpaper to clean it up a bit and the mesh isn't going anywhere. If that is a bit more permanent then you would like you could always set up a brace system where the mesh is held in by another piece, but how that would be setup would depend on space inside the door, tools, and time you are willing to spend on it. Just my $0.02. Maybe some of the other guys can come up with something better though.

03-24-2006, 08:36 AM
Three words. "HOT - GLUE - GUN"

Then that pesky mesh will stick to what ever you tell it to stick to! ha!

03-24-2006, 03:11 PM
I agree with pure_rock_fury, could we have smaller pics or tumbnails posted here. Not everyone has broadband.

The mesh shot is kinda fuzzy so I'm not sure what I'm seeing.
Looks like you put in the plexi using U-Channel trim and you trimmed the holes for the mesh with it also. Why not cut the mesh to fit in the U-Channel rather than tape/glue it behind the opening. The U channel is forcing a gap between the case and the mesh the way you're doing it now. Foam tape might fill the gap but its still not a great hold.
If u-channel dowsn't work try H-Lock instead (See How To over at casemodgod.com) (http://www.casemodgod.com/Howto-story--47.html)