View Full Version : 775 pci-e micro-atx board

08-22-2010, 12:14 PM
I'm looking for a decent micro atx board that's socket 775, DDR2 and has at least one pci-e slot. I want to build an HTPC, and all I've got is 775 boards that are regular ATX. I've got an Abit AW9D-MAX ATX board that's got dual PCI-E x16 slots I'd be willing to trade. I've got a 7600GT that will be going in it (as soon as I pick up a PCI-E riser or extender), along with a gig of DDR2 and my Pentium D 930. If it's got a decent on-board graphics with component or s-video output it won't need the PCI-e as I won't be using the card. If anyone's willing to trade (I'm VERY low on cash so this will be a low-budget project) I'm open. The Abit works perfectly, it's just a tad too big for what I want to do with it