View Full Version : Tutorial - Connect Watercooling Parts Using Tubing in SketchUp

06-29-2011, 12:21 PM
In my last tutorial I showed you how to make tubing for your watercooling system in SketchUp. You can read it here (http://www.thebestcasescenario.com/forum/showthread.php?t=26768).

Now using those basic skills from the tubing tutorial, I will show you how to connect a full watercooling system in SketchUp.

Using SketchUp 3d Warehouse (http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/), download the watercooling parts you want to use.

Open each of the parts you downloaded and copy them into a single blank SketchUp page. You can also add them to a case if you already have one in mind.

I am going to use the same technique from HowTo Create Tubing tutorial.

Find a barb that you want to start at. I will start at the bottom of the res to the pump.

Locate the center of the barb opening and create a circle that has a radius of 1/4". Then draw a line straight across that circle you just drew.

Use the Offset tool to create a 1/8" circle around the one you just created. Your tubing dimensions are now 1/2" ID x 3/4" OD.

Delete the filling of the inside circle. You should be able to see the inside the barb now.

Position your connecting watercooling component. I will be putting the pump directly below the res. (Keep your positions piratical. Think of how you might do it inside your case)

Draw a line across the barb that you want the tubing to connect to.

Now connect the two barbs by drawing a line from one barb to the other. Make sure this line connects to the exact center of the line across each barb opening. This will ensure your tubing lines up correctly.

Next use the Follow me tool and drag the flat face of the circle along the line you made until you reach the other barb.

Now use the Push/Pull tool and grab the flat end of the tubing and pull it to cover the barb.


Do the same to the opposite end of the tube to complete this section of tubing.

Now lets do a section that has a bend in it. I'll now connect the radiator to the resivour.

Follow steps 4-9 again for these two barbs. I created the circle on each piece to show that it can be done from either end.

Draw a line perpendicular to the line across the opening of the barbs. I moved my parts so the lines would intersect once for a 90 degree bend.

Use the Arc tool and draw a line from the center of one line until it is purple on the other line.

Once you click you must drag your cursor along one of the lines until it turns purple again and says "Tangent to Edge".

Delete all the extra lines.

Use the Follow Me tool again and pull your circle along the line until you reach the other barb.

Use the Push/Pull tool again and pull the ends of the tubing until they cover the barbs.

Don't forget to right click each piece of tubing and hit Hide. Then select the origional lines you created and delete them. Then hit Edit > Unhide > All.

Continue using these steps for each section of tubing you need to complete. Here is what I could look like once complete. I added a bit of coloring to make the tubing stand out.

And after some quick rendering in Kerkythea.

Hope this helps.