View Full Version : Wanted - Plain mid-tower case

07-19-2011, 06:54 PM
I'm looking for a simple mid-tower case. The only absolute requirement is that it hold four hard drives, but I would like it to be as low-key as possible, preferably black, with mounting for 120mm fan in the side and no top ventilation. Cheap manufacture is absolutely fine, as it will not be moved once it is in place.

A lot of us have that old black generic case in our attics or modding areas that we wonder what we're ever going to do with. That would be perfect. :)

Open to negiotiation, trade or cash, PM me with what you've got, thanks!

07-19-2011, 07:36 PM
I'll see what I've got floating around and let you know :D

07-20-2011, 10:56 AM
I've got an Ultra X-Blaster case just sitting around, brand new in an opened box. If you are interested, I can PM you with the details. Link to TigerDirect page: http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=2337810&CatId=32

08-07-2011, 08:16 AM
Thanks, DynamoNED!