View Full Version : Doom3 xbox case mod

04-11-2005, 03:23 AM
Ok well since the leader in the poll is doom3 I'm going to start designing it. If you still want to cast your vote it's still up in my other thred.
My idea so far is to have the top look like a wall, or door, and having a demon busting through, I'm only going to have his head come through with some of his hands aroung the edges. I'm also thinking about having the xbox jewl be inside his mouth glowing red or orange. The glowing depends on how much funding i have for the project.
I'm going to run a poll for what demon to use because I'm not sure which of the few i have picked I would like to do so that's where you come in. the ones I'm thinking of are as follows. (WARNING: if you havn't played through doom3 becarefull what you do with the name i'm giving you, they could lead to spoilers.) The Pinky Demon, Hell Knight, BOSS Guardian or BOSS Cyber Demon.
While you vote I'll work on some sketches and models of the basic idea and as soon as i run up to my dads house to grab my scanner and digital camera I'll post those. If you have any other ideas feel free to post them and I'll see what i can do.