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02-14-2008, 11:36 AM
I promised that i would show what i made earlier. So here it is my First fully modded case I did Fallout 2.0. Now you wonder Why 2.0 that is since its build I changed some things. What things you ask? since 1.0 (the original modded case which looked almost the same(sorry lost those pics) the case has got a new Water cooled system. (original one had a very early termaltake design) a zalman Cpu block combined with a laing DDC-1RT pump and 120 mm black ice radiator. The reservoir is from Coolplex.

Currently its a:

[CPU] 4000+ AMD athlon.
[RAM] 2 Gb Kingston.
[GFX] NV 7600 GT.
[HD] Maxtor 320 Gb S-ATA 7200rpm.
[MB] MSI K8n Neo2 platinum.

Some pictureshttp://farm3.static.flickr.com/2005/2265171622_3cac17e75c_b.jpg

Let me explain the cola bottle caps. Every one who played Fallout 1 knows that people pay each other with bottle caps. The car on top of the case is my interpretation of the Chrisalys Highwayman From Fallout 2.

Some Pictures of the carhttp://farm3.static.flickr.com/2305/2264380919_86fdf4f661.jpg?v=0

Now we go to the MB side of the case where I atached a original Fallout shelter sign.

And finally the front of the case.http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2135/2265173968_15d03040bd_b.jpg

To wrap it all up. There are somethings I would like to change.(as always never really done.)

Change the top of the case make it more "clean"
remove the trunk lid of the model car to make it even more the car from the game.
The switch that is hanging from the side needs to get a permanent place.
I want to make a cover plate in side the case (on the bottom) to hide some wires. and to give it a more of a Fallout atmosphere.
And maybe even change the the blue light to green in the fan controller.

Thats It I wish you all the best of luck With All your upcoming and current mods.
Greetz Cheron.