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12-27-2013, 02:38 AM
So I got a little money for Christmas and am considering some audio upgrades. Let me start by saying that I am by no means an audiophile. So I'm not particularly interested in top of the line. What I'm looking for is recommendations for either some sound editing software and/or a sound card with a good software package. I'd want it for digitizing all of my old school audio vinyl and cassette.

01-03-2014, 12:39 PM
Anyone?? Bueller,?

01-03-2014, 02:30 PM
I bought a USB turntable from Fry's that came with an audio package that works quite well for normalizing the audio and removing pops and clicks. In some cases it almost removes too much, but it is adjustable. I like some of the LP sounds.

I think it was one of the ION models, but I would have to check. It actually knows when one side of the LP is done and pauses the recording software so you can turn it over.

BTW: The software works with any audio file, not just the turntable it comes with.

I also have some audio processing software that was free (a long time ago) I will see if I can dig up the name on my old gaming system.