View Full Version : Personalizing IE Links

07-16-2006, 12:37 PM
I like to keep my links available at the top of my IE page. I also like to keep them personalized. You can do this too. First, unlock your Toolbar by right clicking where your Back, Forward and Home buttons are.


Then select to have your links available.


Then drag and release your Links bar where you want it. Assign all your most viewed sites into the Links folder. For each site shortcut, right click the individual buttons, and select properties.


Next click: Change Icon. The next viewer will probably just show the few options currently available for that file.

Select Browse, to see all system32 folders and files.


Then search for Shell32.dll. This is where most of windows icons are stored. Simply search for one you like, click it and hit OK.


Do this for each and you're set.

If you like an icon that's not here because it belongs to another program, find the program in the Start menu. I wanted the Ultrawipe Hard drive icon for my web page shortcut.


Right click and select properties.


In the shortcut tab click: Change Icon


Then select the pic location, right click and copy.


Later, return to your links bar and right click, paste into the icon address bar.


Press enter and now you have those icons at your disposal. There are programs that can do this too. Unless I really need something special, I'm not gonna install more programs that I have to figure out how to use.