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01-10-2007, 02:16 PM
I've seen a lot of the guys here using Saitek keyboards.

I want to know how comfortable they are to use, what the build quality it like on them, and how comfortable they are to use for long periods of time (typing, not gaming).

I've been looking at this one, which most of you are familiar with i think. (http://www.scan.co.uk/Products/ProductInfo.asp?WebProductID=265400)

Feedback and reccomendatios would be nice.


01-10-2007, 03:18 PM
I have only seem these keyboards in the shops. I have had the chance to bang on one and it _seems_ pretty durable. They keys have a responsive feel and the back lighting would make it a good choice for a low light environment. Not sure how it would rate in long term typing use. I almost bought that keyboard, but got the Z-board instead (for my gaming binges).

BTW, I PM'd you about the laptop buttons...

01-10-2007, 04:08 PM
coming out of lurk-dom to help out dave with my opinion on saitek.

i have an eclipse2 (so not exactly the one ur lookin at) use it on my main (read workhorse) rig, and love it. I thought nothing would get me to move off an old compaq keyboard that i swiped...er aquired from my last work.... it was like an old pair of shoes i had worn in..

but the saitek is good, weighty, real weighty and solid feeling, it's responsive when your typing and or gaming on it and......its a minor thing but important to me - not too "clicky-clacky", build quility is good, i could type on it for ever. have been using it daily for +5 hrs a day (on average) for approaching 4 months and 0 problems to date, not saying that like it's some sort of record but saying i had 0 problems with it only counts if i clarify how long i'd been using it right...

anyway enough tired rambling....hope that helps Dave

01-10-2007, 04:08 PM
Oh crap, sorry. I'll reply to that just now.


01-10-2007, 04:09 PM
Thanks Needsleep, anyone else got input?


01-10-2007, 05:29 PM
I have played on one, not that one The Eclipse II (http://www.scan.co.uk/Products/ProductInfo.asp?WebProductID=501657) Its the newer one its seems nice and apparently is better than the one youve looked at, plus you can have red,blue or purple!

01-10-2007, 06:08 PM
i am typing on a eclipse II right now and it really comfy lol i actually gave this to my sis and its on her pc right now im now using the g15 but its really nice to type with my only advice is to be careful not to pull the usb wire cuz its poorly heatshrinked and i had to reheat shrink it cuz the wires were out in the open and one is unshielded

01-10-2007, 08:02 PM
I have the same exact keyboard. Have had it for a year and 1 month (got Xmas before last), and is still in perfect shape. Very easy to take apart and clean under keys and whatnot. Only downside I found to this keyboard is the angle and position you need to be with the backlight on. If you are to low, some of the Number and F1,2,3.. ect. keys are kind of hard to see. Otherwise it is a wonderful keyboard.

01-11-2007, 07:54 AM
thanks guys, guess i'll add it to the shopping list.