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02-09-2007, 12:04 AM
Hey there yawl!!!!!
It's been a little bit since my last post here. I've been hard at work raising funds for mods and modding.
Theres a bunch of already finished goodies to come (including an Antec Sorona II case mod)but for know I have an MX500 and an MX518.
Knowing that i have a NEW mx518 and an OUT OF WARRANTY mx500.....So obviously im playing with the mx500. (mx500 specs) (http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/products/details/CA/EN,crid=835,contentid=4998,detail=2)
And of course the ritualistic *****IF you try this and break it, IT AINT MY FAULT*****

Finding an LED bulb...
This may not be as easy as as you may think. Especially if your not
interested in buying a bulk load.
You need to find a very large bulb. Sorry I cant remember what
specs you need. But i can say i found mine in a disposable butane
lighter wich has a Blue LED flashlight in the bottom.

The bulb has to be very bright and large.

Open the mouse by flipping the mouse, and CAREFULY remove the decals with say a razor
blade. (I point out -carefuly & razor)
Unscrew the 4 screws holding the mouse together.
*img with decals off*

Disconnect the cable which holds the top part of the mouse from the bottom part.

Carefully remove the little PCB with the LED soldiered to it from the
housing it's in and remove the LED. Afterwards cut the wire at the very end at the pcb. (just to be clear - the pcb with the led on it)

Take out a your blue led, hold it with a pair of pliers and soldier the led to the cable.
Test the LED.
Real simple, just plug the mouse in and see if it lights up.
Eureka!!!!! no? ok so if your light didn't light up no prob just desoldier the led and re do the soldiering job with the wire on opposite leads.

Worked???? Good! If not i dunno its up to you as I said at the top..... "IT AINT MY FAULT"

last but not least a little video in .mpg (http://hax-x.dnsalias.org/exterior_links/video show.MPG)

My next generation to this will be cosmetics and will come soon.

02-09-2007, 08:02 AM
Nice job!!


06-19-2007, 06:09 PM
Sorry about the droped images i have been offline for ages with financial probs and hope to have my server back up soon.

Aswell a few pieces of work which i am raising funds to finish

06-19-2007, 09:21 PM
rehost them on www.imageshack.us