View Full Version : Sprints EVDO network and gaming

02-25-2007, 05:54 PM
Yeah, I'm one of the unlucky ones thats trapped in Dial-Up Hell. Theres no access to Cable or DSL in my area. However, I am within range of Sprints EVDO network. My Sister, who lives about 30 miles away brought their card over so I could test it out.

I seemed to get an alright connection. Webpages loaded quickly and video streamed off of youtube nicely as a test. However, the ping time wasnt to the standards of cable/dsl. I was getting around 250ping from www.speedtest.net from a server about 100 miles away.

While the EVDO network will certainly handle the bandwidth requirements for gaming, how will that latency stack up? Looking online it seems people average 180-280 ping on EVDO. Thats probably too high for FPS games like CS:Source and UT, but will it be low enough to handle games like Supreme Commander and the next Command and Conquer?

The main reason I ask, is that its a 2-year contract, at 60$ a month. Ouch, cable is noticeably cheaper and performs better, except its not available. I am sick to death of 56k, and not buying all the cool games because I cant play them online.

Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this network. I am gonna call Time Warner tomorrow and double-check with them that they still have no plans to give us broadband access.