View Full Version : Reviewed: I/O Magic 12GB Gigabank

03-25-2007, 01:26 PM
Review: I/O Magic 12GB Gigabank (Retail: $139)


Length: 6cm; 8cm with plug extended
Width: 3.5cm
Depth: 1cm
Extension cord: 31cm long

The I/O Magic 12GB Gigabank has a rubber exterior that makes it easier to grasp and let’s me believe that it would be more resistant to damage if dropped. The plug rises out of the top and spins 90 degrees in both directions. It also feels very lightweight; even lighter and smaller than the previously reviewed Memorex Travel-drive.


The extension cord is shielded high-speed 2.0 and is 31cm in length. It connects to the Gigabank very snugly and almost feels as though it locks into place. When I plugged it in, the drive showed up in “My Computer” as only 11.1GB. I formatted the drive and the volume size remained the same. Obviously every company differs in what they consider 12GB. It should be measured 12 x 1024MB, but very often it’s 12 x 1000MB. Which you would still think should be more than 11.1GB.


Besides that, I had absolutely no problems during testing and here’s what I found:

I transferred my entire R2D2 picture work log (359 .jpg’s at 800x600 each) and it only took 34 seconds!!

Next, I copied 2.49GB of MP3’s in just shy of 7 minutes.

Lastly, I saved the entire season of Firefly (3.05GB) in M4V format. The transfer completed in 6min 32sec. These speeds just blew away the Memorex Travel-drive.


Very compact
Rubber exterior
90 degree rotating plug
Long extension cord
Very Fast!


No carry case

The above con hardly constitutes enough negativity to bring this great product down. I give it a very solid 5 out of 5 stars.:up: