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02-20-2007, 05:53 AM
I have a Sun Microsystems setup at work and I like the look of the different colour keys it has and wanted to do the same to my PC at home, so I went and bought another MS keyboard which was similar to mine and was going to change the keys over.
However that didn't work as my old keyboard had square holes for the keys and the new board had round ones....

Oh well.

So I was out this evening and found a black wireless keyboard that was identical in shape to the white wired board at home, so I took a punt and bought it.

Sure enough, other than the base were one is wireless and one isn't they are the same.

Here they are:


So I popped out all the keys and changed them over, then unscrewed the keyboard to change over the multimedia ones at the top.

So here's how they look now. I'm now typing on the black board with white querty keys. I'll keep the other for spares, or if I decide to paint it, white is a better starting colour.


So, not a hard mod, but I like the look better now.

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