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12-14-2005, 11:47 PM
Here are pictures of my NES PC. I am going to explain a few things as I go along. I first saw a NES PC on the screensavers. The PC works great, I play UT2004 all the time. The only thing I don't have working right now is the controller ports to play my ROMs.

First, here are the specs:

1.8Ghz P4
512mb Ram
60Gb HD
ATI 9200 128mb graphics card
Zelda Cart. DVD drive

It happens to be a gaming NES PC. One of very few.
Okay, from the front you can see that when open it still looks convincingly like a normal NES. The only difference is that the cartridge isn't perfect and the case badge.

Okay, here is the back. You can see some of my ugly cuts from when I was debating using another graphics card. You can also see something very sneaky on the right if you happen to be looking.

Here is the sneaky thing I did. I cut out part of the side of the NES so that my PSU would fit more easily. I did not want to use a cheater (DC-DC) PSU, so I cheated in the case a bit. You can see the side is cracking a bit, I will fix it when I rebuild...

Alright, here is a really fuzzy (sorry) pic of the PC opened. You can see the that underneath the DVD drive is my Radeon 9200, beneath that is the Mobo. The HD is in the front and the processor is in the back. The processor is uncovered (unlike everything else) and the rear fan pushes out the hot air while new air gets sucked in through the top of the case. After about 3hrs of Unreal Tournament though it overheats and my computer shuts down automatically. It's okay I'm fixing the problem.

Lastly, is the whole setup. I have my monitor, keyboard, and gyro mouse. On the right you can see my six speaker headphones (which work surprisingly well).

Here are some pics from when I was at the beginning stages of the project. As you can see, I still had a monster cooler on my mobo.

Here is that pic with the case open,






That's it. Tell me what you think.

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