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06-28-2005, 01:32 AM
Started with a Kingwin-424 case and have dremeled into the back of the motherboard plate to send wires through the back. I have also layered the plate with sound proofing foam to give it a very clean look. Dremeled all the grills on the front and back to open the airflow up, which helped a lot. The case is now covered with sound retention foam. Custom mirror on the bottom of case. Modded the water kit pump/radiator/reservoir kit. Cut out the grill on the tops and grills surrounding it for better airflow to the radiator etc. Also pinched the second radiator inbetween two white 80mm led fans for maximum airflow through the second radiator. This has also helped improve airflow and cooling. Also the removal of top pump kit grill and stock 80mm fan makes it very quiet now to run the water kit at full speed.
Added custom blowhole to top of case that sits right above pump resevoir radiator to draw cool air up through the radiator, which cools the copper by extracting warm air through the top of the blowhole. Changed exsisting water tubing to crystal clear and added green UV reactive chemical (look of predators blood). Laser etched custom window. Rocker switch with green LED. Bulgin Vandal switch green LED. The pump/resevoir kit now sits behind 5.25" stock drive plate cover in order to hide the exsisting bulky look of the kit you see in earlier photos.
The theme was to stay predator throughout. Custom fan grills on the PSU and the back 80mm fan of the predator. Opened up the PSU to add two white 80mm LED fans, aswell as stripping uv reactive coating from psu wires. Had to do a lot of dremling to get things to fit in certain cases. Soldered some 3mm white LED's in place of the orange hard drive progress led. Also changed exsisting chipset fan out with new Asus model, one that is worth a damn :) Anyone who owns this board knows what i mean or shortly will. Also painted front bezel with a flat black primer, and then added a black glossy coat. There is one 12 inch cold cathode black light tube to enhance the glow of the water through the tube.
It is running a AMD +3500 socket 939 2.2Ghz overclocked to a very stable 2.4Ghz. I have maxed the cpu out at 2.7Ghz and it was stable with applications but not games :( OCZ Platinum Revision2 pc3200 DDR400 @ 2-2-2-5 1T, Western Digital Raptor 74gig HD, BFG 6800GT OC (Non SLI mode), Audigy 2zs, TDK 4x dvd burner, A8N-SLI Deluxe mobo, all powered by a 550W Ultra-X Connect PSU. Anyways just wanted to get these pic's out and about. This computer took me about 5months to build to a state where i said "enough is enough". Glad to see Defyant here, whats up mate.
^^All Mods complete^^
^^All mods complete^^

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