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01-20-2006, 11:50 AM
Ok all I'm posting some pics of one of my first case mods. Blue leader was made along time ago ....2000-2001,but is still used as my primary gaming rig LAN PARTIES BABY!! So keep in mind that allot of the neat parts we have now were not available!

AMD Athlon XP+ 2500 (OCed to 2700)
1Gig Corsair Mem w LEDs
EVGA Geforce FX5200 w 256Mb ram
Sound Blaster Audiology Platinum
80Gb Seagate 7200 HDD
120 Gb Seagate 7200rpm HDD
40Gb Maxtor 7200rpm Hdd
Plextor CDR burner
I/O magic DVD burner
Media one bay

http://www.fccmonline.com/LanImages/oldcase/thumbs/Side_flash_thm.JPG (http://www.fccmonline.com/LanImages/oldcase/Side_flash_big.JPG)

The Wires are a bit messy I know...I've been doing allot of HDD recovery for peeps lately and I'm to lazy to neat'n it all back up...but I will. The Window was cut out with a jig saw and edges cleaned up (very little) with a Dremel.

http://www.fccmonline.com/LanImages/oldcase/thumbs/Wind_noFlash_thm.JPG (http://www.fccmonline.com/LanImages/oldcase/Wind_noFlash_big.JPG)
There is also a white strobe light inside the case, but it didn't show here.

http://www.fccmonline.com/LanImages/oldcase/thumbs/Door_closed_thm.JPG (http://www.fccmonline.com/LanImages/oldcase/Door_closed_big.JPG)
The Logo is Vinyl hand cut by me!

http://www.fccmonline.com/LanImages/oldcase/thumbs/Door_open_thm.JPG (http://www.fccmonline.com/LanImages/oldcase/Door_open_big.JPG)

http://www.fccmonline.com/LanImages/oldcase/thumbs/Blow_hole_thm.JPG (http://www.fccmonline.com/LanImages/oldcase/Blow_hole_big.JPG)
The blow hole....Yea I drilled each one of them out by hand..(on a drill press)

http://www.fccmonline.com/LanImages/oldcase/thumbs/Light_Switch_thm.JPG (http://www.fccmonline.com/LanImages/oldcase/Light_Switch_big.JPG)

The bottom pci cover plate is my fan and light controls Right is on, left is off. They don't get bumped @ Lanparties here!

The one thing missing in these pics is the 3 foot tall boom that hooks to the back of the pc, it's topped with a blue runway light (yes a real one) it also has a strobe light in it. It's not on cause it's hard to fit under my desk with it on. I'll see if I can't get some pics of it up some time.

Just so you can see some of what I've done...

Thanks for stopping by!

For a bit Of Trivia.....

What is the Symbol that is cut out of the side of this case?....Post your best guesses!!

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