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07-13-2006, 09:47 AM
I actually built my own cube case. I ended up tearing apart a super cheapo case for the drive racks and mobo tray, but heres some pics

heres a pic from the very begining when it was pretty much just a frame still..

I also decided to go with dual power supplies, mostly because i could. these turn on and power off together thanks to a lil rewiring, well worht it though. also note the sweet fan grills, and imagine those fans lighting up to blue

heres a good side view pic while the case is empty, you can see the blue fans with scorption fan grils and the two PSUs with their car casings.

time for the good stuff, post production pics..









Sorry for all the pics, but i dont generally get a real good chance to show this thing off. I ended up sleeving all the wires with blue uv reactive sleeving. all ide cables are rounded and uv reactive.

theres 1 blue cathode and 2 uv cathodes along with 4x 120mm fans, 5x 80mm fans (and thats not counting PSU cand CPU fans).

To control all this stuff i put in 5 switches in the front that light up clue when lit.


If you wanna check this out some more, i have it posted on my site, http://fusionmods.net - you can rate cases there, so if you join then you can rate the case, or upload your own to have it rated.
<<sorry, selfless promo, lol>>

07-13-2006, 01:28 PM
this case is fully custom, it's made from aluminum sheets that i got already cut at the 1.5ft sheets. then theres square aluminum for the frame. if you all want i can post some more pre-finish pics later to show the construction a lil better.

also i did all the work on my own, cutting windows and some wiring for the switches and PSUs

07-14-2006, 01:08 AM
the mountain mods case is actually what inspired this one. i saw it and loved the idea of a cube case, but all the ones that i could find cost soooo much so i decided i could build it cheaper and cooler. lol. - but i guess thats just up to everyone else, haha

mines actually a bit different though, aside from the windows and number of fans, i added some kewl lil toggle switches, i have two PSU bays, my motherboard lays horizontally on the bottom of the case, and i have 6 cdrom bays, 2 specificly for floppy (or floppy sized stuff), and 7 slots for harddrives

07-14-2006, 01:15 AM
and heres those pre-finish pics...

those gaps you see around the drives were going to be fitted with a nice mesh then have small cathodes mounted behind them, but i never got around to that part, lol

lol and heres my work area, i just think it's hilarious, thats my pool table underneath all that junk

and heres me wiring up the switches, and an essential to any of my mods, the goldfish, lol

heres a few more shots of the frame

i hope you all enjoy these, lol i know i am

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