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02-05-2007, 07:05 AM
before i moved from Florida my boss/buddy asked me to build a system for his girlfriend.
so i started pretty simple, some decent hardware. gigabyte 965P s3 motherboard with a core 2 e6600, then i was talking to his girlfriend about a case, and she wanted pink, my interests arent really in painting and i hadnt the time so i just baught the only pink case i could find on newegg. Hideous thing, ech. then she wanted it to be fuzzy, so i ran down to Jo-Ann fabrics and picked up some one sided fuzzy fabric for the outsude of it, cut holes for the side vents and such, and just wrapped it around the outside of the case gluing it down. that ugly little case actually looks pretty cool now, but all i have is a shot of the inside, and 2 work in progress shots of the exterior. the finished product actually isnt much different then the work in progress shots, just better tucked the fabric into the front bezel of the case.

heres the 3 images i have.


and heres the interior (nothing special)


inside we have:

Intel Core 2 duo e6600 @ 2.993 ghz
Gigabyte P965-s3
2 GB Kingston Valueselect DDR2 667
Sapphire Radeon x1950xtx
2x sata WD raptor 76gb (raid0)
2x sata 500gb WD caviar
1x samsung +/- DVDRW (SATA)
Raidmax O2 Pink
Ultra 550watt x2-connector modular psu.

i am rather ashamed of my cabling job, i had like a day to throw this rig together before i moved. wish my buddy would have givin me earlier notice of this. usually my cabling is much more like this:

wich is also a system i built for another friend for battlefield2 a while back

i did have a local computer savvy friend redo my cabling in the fuzzy system.

02-14-2007, 02:22 AM
yeah "decent" i push it a little better, always have :P

and all the fans with fuzz around them are exhaust, so im not worried about ANYTHING getting sucked inside.

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