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03-25-2006, 10:37 AM
A while ago i posted some pics of my comp on here with a bit of a description on what was done. I didnt get quite the feedback i wanted. well, now, ive up and finished the comp, and put my modding aside for a while. since those pics, ive put a window in the top of the case, rerouted wiring, new ultra x2 550 uv psu, ultra ramsinks, another 250 gb seagate hd, modded the cpu fan, 12" black light, redid intake and exhaust fans for better circ, removed 2 loud 80mm fans. (now my comp is half the noise and runs at 25C idle and no more than 30 full load after 4 hours) and added orange uv reactive wiring ramdomly in the case.

well.. let me know what you guys think of the new and complete case, and if there are things you think i shoudl improve before setting my "skills" (if i can say i have them) aside.

i would really apprecaite the feedback and constructive critiscism.

thanks.. here are some pics..






03-25-2006, 07:44 PM
well.. let me knwo what you think of all orange wires. took me about 30 minutes to sleeve them all. i kinda like the look.

oh.. and BTW Aero... there is not a fan behind that grill. i had one, but took it out. i kept the grill there because my nephew (2 years old) is always over and he likes to stick his fingers everywhere, and he could easily fit his hand in the whole and reek havoc on the goods...




03-26-2006, 12:37 PM
well. you wanted a pic of the front of thecase... here it is. still have to wire up the blue LCD screen to display sys temp, hdd status, time, and cpu usage. and i have to get around to stealthing my drives.. i know i know. all in due time.

till then, this is where its at.....


and a lit view of inside the case with no lights other than mobo power light on...


04-19-2006, 11:07 PM
well. here i sat tonight tryin to get some decent pictures of my comp. well.. i took picture after picture, and to no avail. the lighting in this house we live in is just garbage. so.. this is the only pic i have worth showing of my recently quickly completed cpu fan mod. all i did was take a peice of plastic chrome i had lying around, cut out some shapes, molded them into this shape, and glued them on the fan. nothing super fancy of anyything. but.. the chrome reflect the lights i have in the case, makin it look like i put light in it. kinda the look i was hoping for too. oh.. i did drill one hole in the side and installed a blue led. i only had one kickin around, so. i had no choice but to cheap out on that. let me knwo what you guys think.

complete cost of mod... $1.00. (old led)
time to complete mod... 2 hours (roughly)

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