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05-06-2006, 05:28 AM
OK, at first here you see my first noob modding

PS. sorry for that bad english, this is not my thing (i am form germany).

Pictures before that.


05-07-2006, 04:57 AM
damn, nice work dude, is it you're first mod 8)

yes, this is my first case mod.
I participated even, in the German Casemod championship and I was under the first 10.

Why did I take the American Flage? I am America fan and my stepmother am American. She lives with my father in Cherry Hill (New Jersey)
The German Flage has the colors black red gold. Black one cannot explain with LEDs.

is it just me or is the flag backwards usually when its shown in a picture they show it with the blue on the left side...???

anyway sweet mod i like the front a lot.

That was my error. There I did not watch out.

my next project is a HTPC. I will copy a Harman Kardon amplifier.

@all thanks


06-03-2006, 04:56 PM
Ok, Translate with Google. Sorry³

Xanadu the cause of this Casemods was actually only one air cleaner, since this with the original front realizing do not read yourself, wanted I the front of the Case Komplet new Gestallten. Since this Case was originally a so-called Kaufmod and disturbed me personally some at this Case, it was the lacquer finish, the dust problem, the cable management, the ornaments of the Windows or also organization and of the ventilation holes, I began with the Modden. In order to explain this Casemod as briefly as possible, consider I it meaningfully this in short points to specify. Entire Case: - New paints the front with Hammerite hammer blow silver-grey: - Original exhaust lattice ripped out. - Aluminum serrated sheet suitably sawn out and in form - installed onto the aluminum serrated sheet, aluminum channel all around - into the channel a blue neon stringer inserted - unpolished plexiglass glued on - per a blue LED (in a mounting plate) on the channel, brought on the left and on the right of the 5.25 “drive assemblies installs - an air cleaner for the front made of aluminum screen and aluminum channel - made of aluminum screen, which front lining curved, low-cut and the CD/DVD/Diskettenlaufwerk with aluminum L-section set in - 2 mirrors, from aluminum L-section made and before the blue LEDs adhesive (interiorlaterally, on aluminum L-section), so that the light radiates downward - USB Anschlussplatine by aluminum L-section, into which front intrigues - one even temperature indication painted into the Font assigned and with aluminum L-section set in (hammer blow paints silver-grey with Hammerite) - for the corners of the front, from luggage corners, a corner protection made and bonded - the front aussenrum with flat aluminum profile set in - all DVD/CD of drive assemblies and the floppy disk drive with making, brushing even and with matte clear lacquer, painted aluminum disguised - the screen of the middle CD drive assembly electro-chemical with the Logo: „XANADU “provide (with budgetary appropriation) - the plastic lattice of the HDD quick change picture frame against aluminum screens replaced - which quick change picture frame from aluminum makes a replication to front part of the HDD - the cable of the temperature indication gesleevet the right side part: - Out of aluminum sheet metal a plate made, brushed and with matte clear lacquer painted - for this aluminum plate suitably Plexi sawn out, chamfered and unpolished - Plexi with a blue LED lights up - the sheet metal, electro-chemical with the text: „AN/AUS RESET “provided - into this plate Vandalismustaster lit up 2 assigned (An/Aus & RESETs) - plate on the right side part installs the left side part: - Original ornaments ripped out - to original Plexi by 3 Plexi (2mm) layer replaced - 3 Layer engraving made - for each Layer 20 LED begun and soldered - the Stromkabel for the LEDs gesleevet the cover: - Original ornaments ripped out (before the Plexi) - original ornaments, laser CUTs ripped out and by aluminum screens replaced - at in the Case the side showing exhausts plastics removes - with aluminum flat profile the Plexi framed and bolted with castellated nuts - the lateral slots at the cover with unpolished Plexi closed and with a neon stringer lights up the tail: - Original exhaust lattice ripped out - for the tail an aluminum sheet metal made - the aluminum sheet metal brushed and with matte clear lacquer paints - the louvers (down right) covered with 9Alustreiden ever 4.3 cm x 2 cm - bonded into the exhaust holes aluminum screens the interior: - The HDD frameworks ripped out and around 90° turned and again assigned/bolted (the cables to the rear show that in such a way) - the HDD frameworks in front with aluminum screen and aluminum L-section disguised - the HDD frameworks by foam rubber decoupled - the 5.25 “drive assemblies with aluminum screen and aluminum channel disguised - the quick change picture frames with aluminum screen, aluminum L-section and aluminum flat profile disguised - soil with serrated sheet foil laid out the base - the base is of 3 clamping plates made 2 x 13mm and 1 x 19mm - an aluminum channel was let in by 19mm x 10mm, at the sides - the corners approximately were filed - bonded into aluminum channel 2 neon stringers - it 4 furniture roles into the clamping plates were let in (more deeply put) - a recess, sunk with the help of a Forstnerbohrers, bored and the inverter in it - 127cm Plexi unpolishes and with the help of iron curved, so that the Plexi lies close around the base - the Plexi firmly bolted with the base - the Plexi concisely to the base filed - aluminum flat profile suitably the Plexi curved and on the Plexi at the upper edge and lower edge glued on other I has from an old C 64 mouse and a defective transmitting hitting a corner box, a C 64 radio mouse to in and switches off PC manufactured. The reason for the defect of the transmitting hitting a corner box was found fast, the relay got too little tension, in order to be able to switch. In order to be able to use this transmitting hitting a corner box in the PC, I had to change some in the plate. On the one hand the basic tension of 24V on 12V lower (it is there some resistances rausgeflogen) and on the other hand guarantee that the relay also switches (an LED was there into row to the relay switched flew also raus). After the thorough modification this radio switch was now ready for use. It a separate 12V power pack necessarily however that is no problem. More problems had I again times with my notorious lack of space. I needed for this circuit a housing which am quite small, therefore I went me on the search and I looked for etc. sometime was I then in my garage concerned and there much me the mouse of my old C64 into the fingers. Only do I have looked whether it would fit and then I came, am into grübeln I that real to make? Briefly said, because C64 I did not use, ALL THE SAME the last 10 years MODDEN. After the entkernen me thought, the original cable is nevertheless still well and in such a way can I the mouse as a time witness in the Case set in the middle. Thus fast by the old person plate the counterpart down-soldered and on those again glued on, then still here and there a few soldered connections and the whole was settled. Now I can constitute with a remote maintenance now with me in the living room 3 lamps on and and with this remote maintenance now also a mine PC.

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