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08-22-2006, 08:34 PM
For your amusement, my first real mod.:)

I added a couple of yellow LEDs to an old Logitech cordless mouse I had lying around. Why yellow? Because that was one of the colors that came in the 20 pack of LEDs I picked up at Radio Shack and I was hoping through the blue plastic it would make green. No such luck. They don't list the volt or amp ratings so I burned a couple out before I figured out what I needed, and they're really dim LEDs (one in particular) but they served their purpose. I successfully managed to add LEDs to something and I got some practice soldering.

I would have changed the color of the sensor LED but it was encased and would have been more trouble than it was worth to change. Plus I don't think these are bright enough to work for a mouse.

Anyway, here's the incriminating evidence:

First try - tiny little LEDs and an awful soldering job. Eventually I broke these off trying to rearrange them to fit (this mouse has very little space inside) and decided to go with the two bigger yellow ones instead:

You can see the ghetto piece of cardboard I had to put in between the wires to keep them from shorting out. Lazy? Yeah. Works? Yeah.:)

One side.

The other side with the crappy dim LED.

Now I need to go get some decent LEDs (glad I didn't in the first place, I would have been pissed if I burned out a $5 LED instead of a 10 cent LED but then if I had had voltage information for them I probably wouldn't have burned them out either). I've always kind of wanted to paint that silver black too, but we'll see on that. I don't actually use this mouse anymore so there's not much point in putting a lot of time into it.;)

09-14-2006, 09:19 PM
Well, looks like it took about two weeks for the new LEDs to get here. Not super fast, but fine considering that they were coming from Hong Kong and shipping was free. I think the mouse looks sweet now (wasn't sure how it would look leaving the red one, but I like it), it's even bright enough to photograph in the dark:


Sides, which are even now:



The LEDs are great, especially considering the fact they cost 10 cents apiece. Noticeably brighter than my Radio Shack one, although not quite as deep a blue unfortunately. Still very happy though. Couldn't believe that they fit 100 LEDs in the little padded envelope they sent them in though.:)

LED Shoppe LED:

Radio Shack LED:

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