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Logic Zero
09-01-2006, 06:32 PM
Hi guys, I just thought I’d show you the pics of my PC! I started thinking about modding about a month ago, since then I hadn’t even had a look inside my pc, and I didn’t know what sizes system fans came in! :p

I was gonna post pics after I fixed my “hot cpu” problem but it turns out its running fine so here we go!

PC as stock:

Busting out the dremel

First cut, thank god everything went smoothly! (Remember iv never done this before!)

All filed down and relatively smooth

Popped it back on the case to take a look at what I’d be able to see through it.

Got my first batch of parts and some Perspex

Everything from that batch installed (upped the ram to corsair 2gb ddr2 whilst at it)


About a week after doing this I decided the view inside was pretty much crap, so I took out the cage on the right hand side and made a Perspex HDD mount and hid it in a spare drive bay, runs lovely and cool and much much neater. Then I flipped the Perspex window sheet over so the fan was on the other side, this made the internals of the case a lot cooler as the airflow was better (before this the intake was throwing air in but then the exhuast would suck it right back out again leaving no chance for the rest of the case to cool)

Logic Zero
09-01-2006, 06:33 PM
Unfortunately I was so engrossed I forgot to take pics along the way but my dad managed to get one of me tootling around. I put some vantec cable braiding in, a vantec UV cold cathode (hopefully my blue cathodes are coming tomorrow, but everyone knows what they look like so I thought id post pics today xD), some fan vibration dampers (Perspex was giving off an annoying buzz) and some new IDE and SATA cables. After much worrying I decided to take the plunge and change the heatsink over to my Tt golden orb II, and to my surprise it was so much easier than I first thought!!!

Lit up (only UV cathode installed atm)

Outside of case

One last shot

Just a bit more cable management (hiding them etc) and ill be happy with that, im very happy with the way the braiding came out. If anyone is struggling with this I came up with a way of getting it on quickly and easily. Fold a small piece of paper into a smooth cone shape and cello-tape it together. Cut the big end off to the size you need so that you can just about fit the end of the connector into it, and then slide your braiding up and over the connector all the way down!

Well that’s it for now. Any comments good/bad appreciated! These were the big steps forward into computer modding for me, I don’t think I will stop modding now! I would just like to thank all of you on this forum for the content on here, I would never have been able to attempt this at all without the wealth of knowledge and support that I read and received!

Thank you once again


Logic Zero
09-02-2006, 06:38 PM
Got bored sitting around, decided to get an old microsoft inernet keyboard down from the loft (attic) and see what i can do with it.

The paint is from a spray can, i sanded down the keyboard and cleaned it thoroughly, then painted it with flourescent orange, white and grey, whilst doing dust coats of metallic gold in between each layer of paint and watching the x-factor. Finally gave it a good coat of laquer. Sitting ontop of the boiler right now, gonna leave it for a week or so to let the paint cure properly.

Picture of the keyboard from the microsoft website

Probably not to most of your tastes but hey, its a bit mad.....i like mad things:D


(And no its not orange peel, the picture is very grainy because of the low light :) )

Also did the wrist guard with "logic" on it as thats what im known as online (god i need to get out more :rolleyes: )


Logic Zero
09-06-2006, 11:25 AM
Thanks, the yellow stuff is there to do exactly what you said, i originally wanted it to stop vibrations, after some annoying buzzing noises i wanted to dampen it as much as i could so i put it in there aswell as some fan dampers from vantec. I suppose it looks nice too :p

Its much more quiet now :)

If you are wondering what it is its just some fuel tubing from a hobby shop used on nitro rc trucks/cars/planes, i used to be into them so i decided to use that. Just split it down the middle with some scissors (easy to do, just make a small split and pull the tubing over the blade and it makes a perfect slit)

PC looks a lot better now than it does in the first post, i did a lot of tidying up the cables :)



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