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12-01-2005, 05:26 PM
Ok I am starting to look getting yet another project going. Tonight I started with some of the design stuff and making sure that I am wanting to do is do able with the tools I have.


My next project is going to have flames on it .. and not painted on.

Looking at MNPCTECH and there paint guide for flames. I came up with the idea of doing it with some of the acrylic that I own.

quick look at what went on tonight.





Some things I have to do before the next cuts:

Change blades in my band saw (had the metal blade in it not the scroll saw blade)

make the edges a little thicker so I can sand them down.

12-01-2005, 11:53 PM
New updated logs on my site at: http://www.malatorymods.com/flame2.htm

Little teaser ...

new piece cut with the old non-touched red one.


same thing but the Red one been update and sanded down a bit.


whoa, like crazy tim burton sytle flames, lol. are you going to layer the clear over the red?

No, the Clear and the red were just test cuts and most likely just tossed off to the side one the project takes off.

Nice cut work. A few of your edges look a little bit... abrupt.. You may want to sand them a bit to get smoother curves.

Well the Edges were a little on the hard side seeing that no sanding was done and it was done with a metal cutting blade and not a scroll blade. Fixed that problem with the ones that will be used in the project (posted above) Also sanded the red one down a bit to show all what it looks like smooth.

12-22-2005, 12:35 AM
Ok new update ... its taken to long to get here, but I have been waiting for cash and supplies to come in so it is moving slow.

More information on the project: Fire and Ice.

Right now I am working on cutting out the pieces I will need to make the case that is going to be holding 2-3 HDD. The 2 that will for sure going into the case will be SATA drives. The other HDD may get bumped for a 65W PSU (same type used in RAID external Enclosers).



as alway with this one .. malatorymods (http://www.malatorymods.com/flame3.htm) link

12-23-2005, 02:40 PM
Been thinking on how I was going to mount the hard drives and wanted to start building the acrylic stands. So I needed to get a better look as to what I had already, 5 out of 6 out side walls 2 flames for the inside clear walls.

So I got out the masking tape and taped up the case.


added the test flame to the side where it would go.


Now I also have a visual as to how much left over space I will have left over. As well as what type of space the flames are going to be taking up.

something that I will have to think about is:
1) how am I going to permamently attach the sides together (screws or IPS Weld On 3).
2) hard drive cage, does it lift out ,top piece unscrewed and lifts out. Or back piece unscrews and slides out.

12-30-2005, 12:48 AM
as life is subject to changes and so are the time lines of getting things done. So here it is another day and a little bit closer to getting done.


Darth Tater: RoboRator get our of my way you fool. I am the Master in this room.

RoboRaptor:<Sniff> <Sniff>


DarthTater: Look into my Eyes you mechanical slave. Chase down the little one in this house, get the cabbage patch doll and bring it to me.


RoboRaptor: Ding fries are done! (http://www.americanangst.com/dingfries.html) Ding, Fries are done. <ROAR!>

Dath Tater: Augh! STOP that!

Ok back to work..


as you can see from the above pic, the flame lights up under the UV leds I have, But the UV Blue is not doing anything. That is the clear piece of acrylic that is infront of the flames.


I even had the quick chance to try out the light rod but it looks like it would be better for another color like blue :)


Little more detail can be found at malatorymods (http://malatorymods.com/flame-4.htm)

01-05-2006, 11:28 PM
Ok I finally got to play with my new toy.. I need to work on cutting circles...

1st two are images of the fan cut out and the 2 sata ports w/molex power port. Still need to drill the holes for the screw to hold the SATA plugs in.



Closer look at the ports ... Not bad, sandable mistakes.


My helper today while I was working.
Future linux user with a robo rapture peeking over the edge of the rack.



They have not had a battle yet.

01-13-2006, 12:59 AM
OK update time ..

spent some time drilling holes and getting a few things lined up.

1st set should take any wondering out of the port issue.

Other side.

added some screws to the box. They will be used to hold everything together while welding the acrylic and If I have time I will replace them with clear acrylic screws.

The 50' of wire for the LED's (wont need all 50' but if ordering something always make sure you have enough .. Might have enought for 2-3 projects : ) )

Worked on the HDD cage part as well tonight.
start of drilling the holes
got the size for the HDD facing both ways .. Now I need to make them slide rails.
This is a sunbeam PCI Slot anyware add on. Will be used in the Spider case but right now I am using the HDD part to make sure the holes line up on the acrylic
Yet another image of it.

I have also sanded down the flames edges once again seeing I need to weld them to the clear acrylic and then polish them up. This should keep it from crazing.

01-20-2006, 02:37 PM
ok more work done. Not all today but with whats been going on, today is really the 1st time I had to get the pics taken and off the camera.

1st off this last weekend I welded the flames to the clear acrylic (thinking I went a little light on the weldon).



Next I also cut out the rails for the HD cage and used some old HDD to make sure things squared up.




I also added in a 120MM fan and fan gril that I have to make sure things are lining up right.



01-22-2006, 01:17 AM
OK here is the update with pics.

I reassimbled the box today and did a test fitting of all of the peices together. I realized that I am very tight in the case. I also make the screw holes from the back & front pannel, as well as the ones to hole the HDD cage. Removed some of the protective covering to see how it looks.




So more pics of the fan that matches the flames that I have as well as the fan grill.



In the next few days I will be taking the HDD thats in the Laureate (http://www.gideontech.com/content/articles/299/1) HDD drive cage. As it is my spare SATA drive. Used for reveiws and testing projects not.

Starting the like the way things are unfolding on this, as I would say I am close to 90% done if not more.

01-28-2006, 11:21 PM
OK yet another weekend and another update .. FINISHED !!!! Yeah!!!! Time to enter it into a few contest (TGS Case give away for one).

Front of the case


Side View:


Top: UV Only


What I did today:
Wired all of the UV led's (minus the fans), shorttened and converted the Molex plugs to SATA
Added Power port for the Fan & LED's
Drilled out the Air hole on the Back port for air flow.

replaced the test drives with a real SATA drive.

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