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08-30-2005, 10:04 PM
Closer I need some new ways to scare off the little ones that come to my house, plus get under the nerves of one of my Neighbors. I have been wanting to make an robot spider for a while. So this will be a full run to make sure I have everything I need, and to test the basic idea.


Time to get started ...

I have a few idea that will require fiberglass and all of the way up to Carbon Fiber. Right now I am getting the hang od using Fiber glass 1st so I don't make to many mistakes with the carbon fiber seeing that cost quite a bit more. Now for those that know me have seen the below picture, time to show all what the template is going to be used for.




The template was made from an old 18" ball light. I covered it will polyacrylic to harden the paper to with stand me pushing on it as I did the 1st layer of Fiber Glass. I then used Bondo to try and level out some of the bumps. Trust me they were a lot worse for where before the bondo. Then I did another layer of fiber glass. Once that dried, I put on my face mask and cut it into half, two get the pictures above.


I then got 8 right angle 1/2" PVC pipe and 5 10' 1/2" PVC pipe. Cutting 20 pieces out of 3 of those at 10x18" and 10x22" I got the start for the legs.

I need to make a smaller dome for the head, right now a cheap bowl is being used as a template for that. Might get some cheap sculpting clay or play-do and make the dome so I can use that as a template, then cover it with fiber Glass as well. back to the 1st picture to take a quick look at how things will somewhat piece together.


The work bench that it is sitting on above is a 2x4' bench, it is half the size of the work area is going to be once I finish that up.

Time for some indoor work

To try and get the legs looking as real as possible. I need to make them furry and stand out. Since my other half was doing some needle work and had fuzzy yarn. I decided to make a trip to the fabric store with her and pick up some of my own.


Wrapping the legs as I watch Stargate SG-1...

I really don't get much done. As it is a repeat of season 1. But I do try a couple of things out and realize that I will need to pain the PVC pipe 1st to get the back ground colors. Plus this also means I will need to make a trip to the local spider store (EEeewwww I really don't like live ones - ok I can stand them but dont really want to touch).


I did the short part with the white and black yarn, plus the knee joint. Chris crossing it as I went down. Then the long part I did with the all back yarn.


And the close up.


After a bit of painting as I reallize that the white PVC piping needs to go. So I get some rattle cans of paint and go to town.



and as I am never willing to wait very long .. I over do the painting with the 1st run of black. I get some spider webbing from applying to much paint on the tip of one of the legs, buts its small enough that it will either be covered up later on or that side will be placed in the right angle piece.



More parts to come and pieces come together...

EDIT: Corrected the spelling in the subject line

08-30-2005, 10:47 PM
Oh yeah some more pics off the camera.. Body Parts ...

This is about 4.oo worth of cheap bondo fiber glass and 4 oz of resin from Hobby Town (20 min finishing resin).



the cut in the back is because I was not able to just remove it off the mold. without breaking it, and I need it for a few other projects.

09-02-2005, 02:36 PM
ok a quick update of the small stuff i was able to do.

1) More work on the legs .. sexy legs..

other side..

hey wait ... get out of the way ..

Hey feed more or I will eat the spider's leg

after feeding the cat and doing a part of a day at work... I pick up some clay to start working on the head before I come home and log in for the rest of the days work (VPN is nice :P )

25lb of clay for me ... and the war starts to keep everyone else in the house out of it.


Over all size of the spider when done will be aprox 5' wide 3' tall and 3-4' long.

Plus I am getting a few things from http://www.smooth-on.com to see if it help with templates.

09-05-2005, 03:35 PM
OK time for a quick update ... things that have happened over the last few days..

More legs have gotten furry... with my sock covered toes in the pic's


the above work was done while watching bad Sci-fi "FrankenFish" I really would not waste your time on that movie unless its free and you have something else to do. You really want the Fish to each all of the actors.

Sunday not as productive but I did get a new fan installed, about 2 hours of work and another one getting the ladder.



After I returned the ladder to home Depo I found out my brother is going to new Orleans to help with some of the spotting of gas leaks under the ground. I am sure other things as well but that is all I am able to know. Nothing like High tech sensors.

today (labor day has been wasted with real life work **1 pager for sell and 2 co-works **). I have mocked up and template of a PSU and the equivalent size of a motherbard (at least the Dual Mobo I have to place into this machine at this time).


and with shadow man...


I have clear coated the wood so they maybe used again if ever needed.

Standard PSU is about 6"x6"X3.5" so using left over 2X4 worked out fine for that. The Mobo Mark up is 12"X10"X5" I really needed it more like 6" high but I know I will have some over lay as I contune to work things out with the body.

09-11-2005, 09:38 PM
Time for my weekly update ... Mostly because I am still waiting on the UPS guy to come on the 12 (and its 9/11 ) with my molding supplies I ordered over a week ago - I hate holiday weekends when I have things shipping to me. Good news is I did get my Aluminum T-track, hold down clamps and new featherboard. T-track is for my 2nd part to my work bench and I am wanting a good way to hold things down as I work on them (thanks mlcswoodworking).

Over view for this week.. Since last week I been trying to think on the mechanics of the legs as I get them to move. Built a Couple different version with the geek toys (LEGO's Technic) Some times I wish I had the cash for the robotic sets. As I was able to get most of the movement that I wanted. I just was missing a small but vital piece .. So I cheated and looked at how how Lynxmotion did there hexipods (http://www.lynxmotion.com/images/html/build080.htm) is the one I am liking the best)

Saturday night movie : Sarhara from the Red Box (McDonnals Rentals). Good Movie after a day on the alpine slides and go-carts. (http://www.heritagesquare.info/businesses/alpine.html)

I did this during the movie .. working on the body ideas and getting them out as. Sculpey is your friend. Bake and glue together (I need to find the E6000 that in the house)


Oh this gives me an idea ...


to big for an 80mm fan cover .. but with a little work I can get a 92mm out of it.. My have to take to bonzanego a bit more..




6 legged phreaks . no Just with better lighting.


Ouch Gimmie back my leg..


Ok all of the legs on .. waiting for the glue to dry...


I really should paint this guy.

but.. play time..




tastie ... Peaches n Spider Pie..


at this point I am getting yelled at and told to get my <BEEP> spider out of the kitchen. :D

Got a little bit of peaches on his bottom and the last leg glued on comes off while I am cleaning him up. I guess its back to waiting for my package .. or I could play with the granitex sculpey and make a twin spider .... ;)

09-15-2005, 11:08 AM
Quick Verbal update: started Making the back Pod part of the Spider in the Size that I will use for the final project. As I put on the 1st Layer of clay, I didnt give for shrinkage, and now it looks like a dessert floor, best guess it shrunk about 1-2%. :( As I have more clay to add, I will take it slower and make sure that it all doesn't just crack and fall off.

2nd small spider were I was working on getting the face added and eyes. Has met a very sad and painfull mistake (Never assume that your the last one to use the toaster Oven). Needless to say Sculpey backed on Toast and not 275 degrees makes for a house that smells of burnt Clay and a Burnt Spider. Pictures will be up by friday. As I am at work and I dont have a way to move them and edit the pics.

maybe working on a Mod with a Full on Migrain is not a good idea.

09-16-2005, 11:05 PM
here is my friday update that I said I would post...

Pre Cooking ... and I am proud dad with a Clay spider..
haha I see you there with the rolled up news paper.


No fair your taller than me ... MOM!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey .. why do I feel like hansel...


WAIT.. you need to be in the Taster over not me .... .HELP!!!!

Can I byte you now!!!

Look I can play dead ...


and thats it for now ....

Tribaloverkill: Sorry no S. Bob to save the day :D

10-01-2005, 11:18 PM
Ok I know its been more than 1 week and no updates ... No this project has not died .. I have started building the large version of the spider and 1st run at it was not what I wanted and looked like a big mess. No I am not going to take pics of my failed part right now.

Today is the 1st of the month and I am the poor sap that is on call, and the monthly load are taking forever. I still have over 11gigs of information to gather up and its not ready. So I twidly my thumbs and take pics of the top of my monitor (I know everyone was dieing to see this).


I think the Penguin is looking lust full at Red Robbin Hood :)

other images of my project are here ...




and from doing that the only words of wisdom I have for you are ... PoYo Putty 30 white paste is not as sticky as PoYo Putty 40.

About 2/3 away though I ran out of the PoYo 30 and I knew I would be running low so I went and picked up a couple boxes of the 40, before I started on this.

10-02-2005, 05:34 PM
OK time for some more pics ... and since I am still working today and should be off *GGRRRR* I have been doing some on this project. As I wanted to have at least some plastic poored by today .. Oh well...


after letting the Putty dry for a little bit I start to remove it and see some areas that I applied it a little thin. So I will have to fix that before the support shell is made.

But 1st, lets take a look at the size differance between Krispy Brother (or sister) Next to the butt and one with it on top of it..


Trying to get a snack gets me laught at and told get your own...Must be trying to be come a model.


after a few taking crackers from a baby and playing with plaster ... I am at this point.


I wish I had more of the plaster bandage strips that I used to make the main part .. it was a lot quicker :D But I did use some burlap cloth I had to help. I will finish that up later tonight and then should be able to mix the 1st batch of plastic tomorrow......or next weekend.

I did find out that Smooth-on is giving a demo on the plastic and some of the casting stuff in 2 weeks. I might go it, might help with some other ideas ....

10-02-2005, 10:41 PM
ok .. one last update and I am going to bed ...

before I finished up from the last part, I did get an offer for help..

Dad can I scoop some of this out of this thing.
and poor it in here for you?
NO, and what did you do with the Cheeze its?

later on ... after bed time...
Turn it up side done and pull out the original and this is what you get.

Pull out the mold and break the shell abit, I really should have dont the 2-piece shell like I was planning from the start ...


Mold on the floor. this shows why I need the shell.. even if it last for ever..


On my Look we almost have twins ...


and the under side of things ...


missing one box of cheeze it's that make little girls go "MMMmmmm"

Todo: clean the edges of the mold and expand it with at least a 1" lip. Will be needed to get the walls thick.

10-05-2005, 03:53 PM
did a little bit of work last night on the head..

as seen also in tribaloverkill's (At gruntville.com) work log (but more the the bench)

It is a burch wood with a chery Stain, and 3 coats of polyacrylic water based topcoat. You can have all 3 coats done in 3 hours and waiting 24 hours before you can start using it.

Once I get time to finish the 2nd bench, I will be adding some other hard ware to it, but that is once I get around to it.


I just need to make the grove for the track and put it together in reality but I need to finish up the spider 1st..

but that is for another day ...

I also added the extra molding for the other body part so it will be easy to do the side walls. I should be able to poor more plastic tonight, after work.

10-12-2005, 12:00 PM
Informational update.

1st Round of plastic for the back part of the body is done and hanging up as I get ready to paint it (once its warm enough). Body took about 32oz of plastic.

The template head is almost ready to build the mold. Need to work on some of the face for better detail and some of the muscle structure. Then I will want to add a clear coat on it so the mold doesn't stick to the plaster. At that point I should be able to build the mold and have it poored with in a couple of days.

that was the good news ... bad new is I have had issues with one of the computers in the house and been looking into it and its more than just a harddrive failure. Looking liek the motherboard has crapped out so I will be re-building the system during my spare time this weekend with the parts that were set aside for this project. :( As I need a single spot to pick up all of my e-mail and a machine I can tests some of my programs on.

Some of the time line that I laid out for me ...
10/16: Body and head done in plastic + painted.
10/23: Legs added, LED's for Eyes Done, and fur look added to body.
10/30: ready for Computer - Used for a couple of days to scare the kids (10/31)

10-13-2005, 10:15 PM
Ok here are the pics I told you I would post ...

The plastic version of the body just hanging around on the wall..

The face .. looks like the spider is sick and has snot running down its nose.

back part of the head/main body part.. Yellow stuff is glue.

some plaster over the glue to hide some of the glue and to make the mouth part blend in with the rest.

Yet another view .... Still has the glue all over, at least it is dry.

Head and body put together...

and with one leg .. others are down stars and my little one is waking up ..

Now its time to make the mold of the head ...

I really though I had more of the PoYo Putty.. I guess I need to pick some up tomorrow. At least this stuff is forgiving and will stick to itself, so I can pick up where I left off tomorrow ...

10-17-2005, 12:41 PM
Any ideas on how you're going to do the eyes?


This weekend was spend re-building my home network, replacing hardware in my mail server, playing Winter Assualt (Dawn of War add on 12 new missions and a new Weaker race to play :roll: ) and trying to get one of the versions of Linux to reconize my Gigabit nic out of the box (Ubuntu 5.10 couldnt even configure the Linksys NE100 - somethings is messed up with the tuplip driver or my nic was just hating Ubuntu). Plus I poored the plastic for the head and started painting it. In turn it all leads to the Eyes ... As I was letting the 1st coat of paint dry, I started using some of the extra styrofoam to make 1 eye and soaked it in PolyAcrylic to fill in the holes and make it so the mold stuff one stick to it. I will make t molds of this and poor Resin Dyed Red into the molds and also add 1-2 clear Red LEDs to them so they Glow Red. I might be able to get this poored tonight.. if not I will be at least starting on adding the fur to the spider body.

Pics will come later as I was again to lazy to move them off last night

EDIT: I might add a UV LED to the Eyes for the HDD light.

10-18-2005, 03:44 PM
OK .. did some looking at the eye I started off with and didn't like it so I burnt some more sculptity (sp) in the name of the mod ... OK so I really need to check the toaster oven 1st.

Eye molds and the template.

body parts painted ... ok so they are not the best of paint jobs, but that is because we need an undercoat color and want it to look random


Eyes poored in resin.. the red dye really doesn't look transparent.. hhmmm
Hope I didn't waste those 4 LED's


top LED is a UV led for HD activity and the bottom is Red for power.

(Better late than never)

10-27-2005, 12:48 AM
Yeah. \o/ Its an update. :)

Ok 1st of as you all know I am shooting for a some what working piece that I can show off to the kids on Holloween (10/31) today is 10/26 and it is very close to ending and I should be in bed getting ready for work.
But its always just let me finish this one thing...


Hey kid leave my eyes alone
Nice kitty
No that is a spider not a kitty

over at Gideontech everyone is showing off there dogs .. I will too but I am also going to do it here. :)

Already taught him how to play dead. He is a smart dog and doesn't leave any yard Bombs. \o/

Spider with the Dog on its head, At least they get along.
Got the Legs on for a trial run..
Still need some work on the legs.
again the main body part ...

during this trial run a three of the parts holding the legs onto the body fell off, guess I need to take a closer look at how I am attaching them and get that fixed. Eyes are lighing up but I need to add a molex to it so I am not just sticking the ends of the wires into the PSU.

next update I hope before Holloween.

10-30-2005, 01:07 AM
Got some more work done today,

1) adding in the 150W PSU
2) Added the CoolerMaster CCFL Kit received from winning the MadmodderForums for the butterfly Case of mine.
3) finished wiring the Eyes for Power (HDD activity still needs some work) again thanks linear1 for his LED app always makes things easier with that.
4) finished wrapping the Legs with the Black yarn.
5) added in a small switch that will be used to turn on and off the CCFL later on, but being used to power on the PSU now.
6) starting on the Mobo Tray.One side is weak and need to re-inforce it with more plastic.

things to do.
1) move DSL to CF card.
2) mount my CF to EIDE card to the case.
3) pull mobo out of old HP machine.
4) setup wireless (includes re-doing the bois on the wireless router Linksys version CDF5 :D )
5) add pics to update.

Looks like everything is ready for Holloween to scare the kids .. will check things out tomorrow if its not rainning. Since I dont want to be part of the light show, I will only use it if its dry.

If invited to see Rapter Island. Please dont go. its bad and I mean bad .. bullets hitting the rapters look like a paintball hitting a wall and then after a sec or two it becomes a bullet hole. :wtf:

:eek: I became a feature mod here ... Woohoo :eek: Thanks

10-30-2005, 05:08 PM
OK update time with Pictures..

1st before we put on the legs we need to make sure the PSU and the Light is setup inside.


Look at the mobo try before we demold and fix the weak side.


Light Check.


Things look good so far .. lets put him out side (Its over cast but not wet).


Feed the step son to the spiders.


All of the stuff setup in the front yard

Step son takes Sting the sword and shows the spiders why its not going to try and eat him.


What I made really quick last year ... Jack, Jack O-lantern (Name that because his head is one of the jack-o-lanterns candy buckets).


its time to get the Little one up from her nap.. I will get picks of it light up later tonight. I also need to get some spider webbing :)

10-31-2005, 11:47 PM
happy Halloween everyone ...



I was told that the I am breaking city ordance buy having the spider eat the baby by the Cop that Lives next Door. and he will have nightmares about it, But He doesn't like spiders.

and his daughter told me that is the best part of it. :D

All ready to go out..

and matching theam shoes ...

dad now that your eating my candy can I have some of this candy??

11-14-2005, 10:56 AM
So everyone knows this project has not died .. I been working on padding my resume and working on finishing up a few other projects as well that I started before this one. I have all of the pieces of the computer (or at least I think so), I will place them in a old case and get them working tonight after a little helper is in bed. Plus I need to pick up some more plastic before I can finish the Mobo Tray. I used the last little bit I had on building a fireplace for a model house.

things I need to get done this week
Test computer.
Load OS on Flash Chip (DSL - Damn Small Linux)
Replace NEC3500 in Game right with Pioneer 8x DVD burner
Add add NEC 3500 to Main Linux Rig.

all this should only take about 1-2 hours with running around doing other things as well.

11-28-2005, 02:26 PM
Small update:

Added a VGA plug to a PSone LCD screen. (Mod with in a Mod ???)
Loaded XP on a pII 400 Toshiba Mobo. (was going to use DSL but the Utils I need to get the PSone LCD screen to work is a windows program only) Working on getting this as the main screen.

Will add Pics later on.

11-28-2005, 03:02 PM
Since I was answer some questions about a PSone mod on another forum .. I figured I will add the few pics I have on line ...


Had a few extra screws behind the Speaker screen that were not mentoned in any of the guides I found.

This is the piece that you add the VGA port to, and thats the easy part.

Sorry the pics are a little Yellow as I am still waiting on my better Lamps for the Light Box (and I need to re-adjust the coloring to remove the yellow tint).

12-01-2005, 05:19 PM
ok working with 2 different video card I keep not being able to adjust the screen enough to have windows display correctly on it.

during boot up I do get the windows boot screen but it is not lining up correctly. Devide your screen into 4 grids and have the lower 2 with the windows Logo and the upper 2 with the status bar .

I am thinking it is an issue with the 2 video cards that I am using right now (intel 810 on Board or Diamond Stealth II S220) dont work with powerstrip.

So I am loading XP on a spare board that has a Nvidia 4000 Video card from XFX to see if a new card will give me more control over the screen.

12-14-2005, 12:04 PM
After a little more digging I found this site too. http://lagnarok.no-ip.com/index.html click on the LCD mod (bottom left nav bar!)

Looking at this one again at work (again been told no surfing at work .. pptthhh ) I am going to do the same think he did for the syncing tonight. If that doesn't work then I will make the other one and give that a try. I now have all of the parts in for both methods. That is unless I go and see the new Monkey movie tonight (King Kong)

12-15-2005, 12:20 AM
Ok tryed the other method tonight ... No Signal at all. So I guess I will be back to doing it the Bit-tech way tomorrow or this weekend.

I will build the TTL Sync from starfox web site and move the wires again back to where they were. :? If I knew I was going to be doing all of this I would have made a quick Change board until things were working. Maybe next time.

Kong :) :) :) Not quite 4 but it is good.

12-23-2005, 11:19 AM
Ok over the next couple of weekends (X-mas and New Years) I am going to try and mount the spider in my work area. Making Sure the KVM cable I have is going to work so I can use a Keyboard and mouse with it, Plus have a monitory at a level that I can look at.

I also got my noticed I am in the ACRyans Great Case worklog contest

01-04-2006, 12:39 PM
Actually i dont get this...

What are you having problems with ...

The fact that Billybob are using each others logs to say Happy Chrismas and Merry new year..

Or Why would someone want a Big Hairy Spider as a computer?

Name Shelob and Attercop (miss spelling in title here that doesnt get fix when you change it :( ), was taken from the Hobbit when Bilbo uses sting to chase off the spiders.

01-12-2006, 12:16 AM
Long over due update.

I been more trying to squeeze 5 mins here and 5 mins there working on one of my projects.

Tonight I had a total of about 20 mins (5 looking for things, 5 cleaning up an area to work and 10 mins working on the project).

I removed all of the wires off the LCD and started over. Since I switched the wiring trying to follow someone elses work and didnt get anything on the screen. So I am back to the old way. I ran 12 wires total tonight 6 on the LCD and 6 On the VGA Plug. I did not connect them just in case I need to add the Sync board in between the 2. Wonko @ GT has gotten this to work with a differant setting in powerstrip and On a ATI card. I am using an MX4000 Nvidia right now so I might be seeing something different than he is.

Tomorrow or friday I will pull the computer out again and test / play with it more.

03-07-2006, 12:32 PM
OK I started doing a little more work on this and right now everything I done with the LCD screen is not going to work for this project. AS I will be moving to linux and a mini-itx system. I build the body to small for the mobo's I have gotten and/or ones I have sitting in a pile. I need to build a monitor stand since I will be using a CRT now. I am not stoping the work on the LCD screen it just going to wait a while longer. I am going to keep the HP psu in the head to power the CCFL and fans.

what will be here on thrusday:
Phylon 627FWE Mini-ITX motherboard with TV-Out
and Power brick

I might pick up the CF & PCMICA bridge for it on my next payday so I can use my current WIFI card

03-10-2006, 11:36 AM
OK last night I got the new brains of the spider in.




Took this shot because I know what 9.5"X 9.5" but when I got it I still went damn thats small. I know more people have an idea what the boxes CPU come in are.

with all that is coming up this weekend I am hoping I will have a chance to try and get this in the spider or at least start on the mobo tray.

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